Love-Once Again (Episode 1)


My fanfiction starts after Ragini gets to know about Laksh marrying Kavya.
Scene 1: Meshwari Mansion
Everyone was she’ll shocked after seeing that Laksh married Kavya (whom they were thinking to be Ragini). Dadi moves towards Laksh and is about to slap him when Kavya hold her hand. Dadi looks at her.
Kavya: “Don’t you dare!”

Dadi to Annapurna and Durgaprasad: “Why are you all standing still? This boy and girl have ruined my Lado’s life…
Ragini is crying continuously.
Laksh (interrupting her): “She did the same to me.”
Ragini look at him, she still has tears in her eyes.
Dadi: “Shut up!”
Kavya: “Excuse me, you shut up!”

Laksh smiles.
Sujata: “Ae larki! (Excuse me Girl!) at first you do something wrong and then you are asking us to shut up? Batameez Larki!”
Kavya: “What? You think we did something wrong? What about her? (she says this pointing towards Ragini). Even she did the same thing. Did you forget? Laksh has told everything about her to me.
Swara and Sanskaar try to interrupt but Kavya stops them saying “Let me tell them once again.” She continues “She ruined 3 lives. Firstly Laksh, then Swara and then Sanskaar and you are blaming us for ruining her life?”
Ragini is still crying.
Kavya: “Anyways, Lets go to our room Baby. I don’t want my wedding night to be destroyed.”
Laksh: “Yeah sure!”
While going towards their room Laksh passes by Ragini. Ragini looks at him going, but after him Kavya comes and she stares at Ragini and says, “Bye Ragini!” She smiles and goes after Laksh to their room.

Ragini is still standing on the stairs. She starts stepping down the stairs. As she is stepping down she feels dizzy. Swara and Sanskaar see this and they both shout “RAGINI!” Ragini rolls down the stairs. Everyone gets worried. Swara and Sankaar try to wake her up but she doesn’t. Swara holds Ragini and asks her to get up. When she removes her hand from the back of Ragini’s head she sees blood. She looks at Sanskaar shockingly while Sanskaar is already looking at her. By this time all have gathered around Ragini. Dadi, Sumi and Shekher are worried among them the most. They take her to the hospital.
Scene 2: Outside the house
Sanskaar is carrying Ragini and Swara is behind him. Sanskaar lays Ragini in the back seat of the car. Swara sits with her and hold her. Sanskaar sits in the front and starts the car. Sumi and Dadi insist to go but Swara asks to them to stay there and handle Kavya. She says, “She doesn’t want her to create another drama.”
Scene 3: Sanskaar’s car

Swara is in the back seat with Ragini and is constantly telling her that she wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Sankaar is driving the car as fast as possible.
Scene: 4 Meshwari Mansion
Dadi: “Today because of Laksh my Ragini is in this stage.”
Annapurna: “I am sorry Sumi ji and Shekh…
Shekher (interrupting her): “Enough of this drama now. Every time I cannot forgive you people and make you play with my daughter’s emotion. She is a human being not a robot.”
Durgaprasad (folds his hand infront of Shekher): “I am sorry Shekher ji! Extremely sorry.”
Shekher: “I don’t need your apologies, I need my Ragini. No one knows whether she would be alive or not.”
Dadi and Sumi shout at him: “SHEKHER!”
Shekher (shouts): “I am telling them the truth, please let me speak.”
He continues, “Even if she comes back to life do you think she would be able to live her life like before? Do you?”
No one replies.
He shouts, “Why are you all standing like this? I need an answer. Can you guarantee me?”
He has tears in his eyes.

Scene 5: Hospital
Swara and Sanskaar reach hospital. Sanskaar is carrying Ragini he tells a nurse that it’s an emergency. They put Ragini on a stretcher. Swara is crying vigorously and she is still repeating the same words. Doctors asks Swara and Sanskaar to stay out and takes Ragini inside. Swara is still crying. Sanskaar make her sit there and tells her that nothing will happen to Ragini.
Sanskaar: “Swara calm down, nothing will happen to Ragini.”
Swara keeps on crying.
Sanskaar cups her face and makes her understand.
Sanskaar: “Don’t worry, Ragini is fine. She is totally fine. Stay strong! If you will not stay strong then how will you manage Maa and Baba.
Swara (she says while it while crying, with a shiver in her voice): “Sans… Kaar… Ragini… Are you … sure nothin…g… will happen…. to her?
Sanskaar: “Yes! Atlast she is a sister of a such a strong girl.”
Swara hugs Sanskaar. Sanskaar hugs her back and pats her head. Swara is still crying but not as much as before.
Scene 6: Meshwari Mansion

Shekhar: “Tell me who is going to give me a guarantee? Huh?”
Still no one speaks up.
Shekhar: “I am telling you people that if anything happens to Ragini I am not going to leave Laksh.”
Durgaprasad: “I promise you Shekher ji, if something like that happens then I,myself will hand over Laksh to police.”
“Oh! Really?” A voice comes. Everyone see in that direction. They see Laksh in a drunk state. He is not in his senses. He has a bottle to wine in his hand. He steps down and stumbles but no one moves forward to help him. He comes down and says,” Do you really think you can do that. You would handover me to police? Haha… I am Laksh Meshwari, the owner of this house and this business. You will hand over me to the police. Huh? Fools!”
He comes to Shekher and says, “Yup, what were you talking about? Yeah! Your daughter. What’s her name? Ragini? She is going to die? Hahaha…. Another drama! A new conspiracy but this time I am not gonna believe anyone.”

Shekher is about to slap him when Kavya stops him. She says, “You have no right to slap him. He is my husband and I am his wife, Kavya Maheswari.”
Shekher fumes in anger.
Everyone looks on.
Promo: Doctor tells Swara and Sanskaar that Ragini’s condition is critical and now only God can save her. Swara cries and thinks how is she going to tell this to Sumi and Shekher. Ragini disappears from her ward.
Hi guys! I am Alisha and I am a silent reader. I have read many fanfiction on this website but this time I am writing my own fanfiction. I am super excited how you guys are going to respond. Please feel free to criticize (Hehe…). I shall try my best to reply you guys. My exams are ending this Monday and after that I would try my best to write atleast 3 or 2 episodes per week as I am studying in 8th standard. After my final exams (that are ending this Monday), I shall be free for about 2 weeks but I have to go on a vacation till then enjoy this episode and please vote which actor you want to see with Ragini so that I add him in my fanfiction.
The last thing I would like to mention is that, this fanfiction is inspired by another fanfiction called “Ragini- A Story” whose writer is ck1234. I do recommend you to read her fanfic, it’s totally awesome.

There are many fanfic writers here and I have read almost half of the fanfictions written by them. I am not a professional writer as I am only 13. Many of the things might be similar to serial in the first episode or maybe in the upcoming episodes too as I told you that I am not a professional writers.

Love you guys! Please do comment. Silent readers thanks to you too for reading my fanfiction.

Credit to: Alisha

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  1. Hi I am also alisha and am also in 8 just yesterday my finals finishes now inshallah moving to 9 standard I r writting very good keep writting?

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  7. Nice don’t make kavya negative becoz wat ragini has done to laksh is same wat laksh has done so don’t make laksh suffer more ..make kavya positive.

    1. I am glad you liked it Tia. Yeah, Kavya isn’t negative in my fanfic. She is just supporting Laksh (being her wife) and talking about Laksh suffering, don’t worry Laksh would definitely suffer. Thanks for the advise! Please do vote that which actor do you want to see with Ragini.
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