Its love (episode 1)


Hello guys this is megha I know not many are watching this show but still someone is there I just want to share my story with them and plz comment and tell me wheather I should continue or not……….

Well guys all characters are same and I will introduce a new character known as varun played by gur meet chaudary its not a grey shaded character but coz of love it turns out to be a great villain of my story and please tell me where to improve……..

Scene 1
We can see a girl laughing and sitting with a bunch of guys in college She is ria and her BFF is varun …
Suddenly ria sees a guy coming towards her and that’s karan ..
Varun-what happened ria
But ria runs towards her class…..
Varun gets karans collar and asks – what did u do with ria y was she crying tumne jaroor much kiya hoga and starts beating him …..
Karen – I just want to talk to her

Karen shouts ria…
Someone goes and tells ria that varun is beating Karen …..
Ria rushes to stop him but during the fight varun pushes her and she gets hurt ….
Karen sees this and beats varun ria asks both of them to stop they stops….
Ria says to Karen meet me tom at cafe world at 4 o clock…
Ria takes both of them to the class and bandages their wound and she asks Karen to leave He leaves ..,……
She scolds varun for overreacting… varun says sorry..

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