Is this a love? ( episode 1 )

Is this love episosde 1

Hii guyzzzz I’m Jannat…. Here we go for first one …
A girl is shown doing aarti in front of god Ganesh idol. She is wearing anarkali suit of baby pink color , her hair are wet in below her waist. After doing aarti she start praying” God, give him strength , success and full fill all wishes of him, and for me….” Before she could complete her sentence someone come from behind and hug her. She just closes her eyes even more tightly.
Man: and what babe, and what for you? … Girl doesn’t reply
Man: tell me na what you want, I will bring that for you
Girl: (in low voice that are not clearly audible ) your time.
Man: what??? Say it clearly.
Girl: YOU.
Man: n I just want you my love…. I love you taani, you are the only reason for I’m alive. So my jerry loves her cherry Na???? (So the girl is taani n man is abhi) (So tani used to call abhi as cherry n abhi is used to tani as jerry…. Reason behind that will reveal soon.)
Tani nods yes n abhi tighten his hug n they stood there for some time. Then after some time tani leaves but abhi hold her hand n look at her n she just simply reply, “ you must be hungry na, I will make your favorite dish.” Saying this she leaves.
Abhi: (in his mind): I knw you are going to make something of paneer coz it’s my favorite. But I still didn’t get how she get to knw that I’m hungry.
Tani (from kitchen): don’t uses your mind for understanding me, just go n get freshen up bf will be ready till then.
Abhi: thnkz god for giving me tani she is simply great n innocent too, my Mrs. perfect, but… but I’m ….
Just then tani come out n look at abhi angrily n abhi rush to washroom immediately.
After having dinner, abhi goes to bed as he is to tired n tani goes to kitchen to arrange the all stuff. After some time she comes in room n looking at abhi as he is sleeping peacefully , she goes near abhi n caresses his hairs n suddenly abhi open his eye n pull her closer n both sleep in each other’s arm peacefully.

@ 5:30 (Indian time)
A girl is shown praising herself in front of mirror. She was wearing hot red backless s*xy dress which was above her knees. Her hair was short n highlighted in blue color. Suddenly she think of something n dial a no. named as baby.
Man: yes,
Girl: yes what baby? I’m missing you a lot you are missing your shanaya? (So the girl is shanaya) I just call u to remind that we are meeting after sometime at café. OK chal bye, have to get ready. Bye baby…

@ Abhishka’s home.
Tani wakes up n sees abhi is missing. She starts sweating n breathing heavily. But then she listen some noise n goes to kitchen
abhi : ohh jaan, you woke up, good I was making coffee for both of us its almost done go and sit outside I’m coming in min, saying this he comes closer hold her by her waist n kiss on her forehead n goes to make coffee. Tani goes outside. After sometime they enjoy coffee with each other n talk.

Precap: shanaya n tani come face to face

Their r so many questions r still unrevealed, who is baby with shanaya is talking, why tani start sweating badly. N many more surprises r waiting for u guys
So plzz stay tuned


Hiii guyzzz this is my first epi . hope you guyzz like it n plzz do comment . I need ur suggestions n support to continue it till then bye n take care all of you.

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