IS THIS LOVE????? (Epi- 9) ( kkb, yhm,Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)


Hey hai dears. Sorry for post it late. A bit of work. And again thank u all fr ur lovely comments….. Reena, Karthu, My sweet choti tanvee, karthika(sure dear there will be scenes as per ur wish) and karthika i know u didnt comment previous epi. Actually i was bit angry missing ur comment. Thn paru, reshma, durga, ankita, shalini, dhruva, shruthi, neelam, tharu, sumaiya sumi, bakyashir, reeshu. And reeshu for sure i will continue it after ten yrs leap too dear. Missing comments of frnds like julina, akshaya, fatarajo and so. Guys thank u fr ur support. Now all pls tell me are u bored with this school story?? Should i make a leap soon? Comment me guys. I assure u that even in story line also there will be sum romance. So tell me ur opinion.

Few days passed. They are in the verge of their final exams. Then came the ECA day. So that week school was very busy. All students were making arrangement for their ECA stalls. ( ECA- Extra Curricular Activity)

Our girls belong to Embroidery class. While boys belonged to Art and Craft section. Raman is in Karathe. Its two days before. Ishitha was busy in her speech activities. So mam made Pragya incharge while Ishaani was absent. Actually their Embroidery mam is none other than Purab’s mom. So girls often used to tease Ishitha with her name too. Other side Abhi took responsibilities for his stall. That day the main Cultural coordinator mam called all incharges of all classes and gave instructions. But 9B incharges missed it. So they were called later separately. Abhi and Pragya went. Pragya dont know the location. But she hesitated to ask Abhi. While Abhi noticed that Pragya dont know the location. So he himself told her that it is in third floor. They both went and met mam. Mam gave them all instructions. While returning pragya was marching forward. She didnt notice the water in the steps. She is about to step but then Abhi dragged her. She fell on Abhi and her specks got stuck in his pocket. Abhi slowly released her. Pragya was not able to control her emotions. Tears rolled of her eyes. Abhi noticed it and felt bad. He said to himself that I was helpless. Pragya quickly came to her place and cried hard. Only swadeentha was there and she tried to console her but she couldnt.

Pragya asked swadeentha not to tell anything to Ishaani or ishitha as they will feel bad.

Next day Ishaani came and shared work with Pragya. Mean while pragya and Abhi was again called by mam. They went. Ishaani noticed the withered face of Pragya and asked swadeentha about it. Initially swadeentha tried to hide but she couldnt as ishaani stressed her to tell. Swadeentha told her everything. Ishaani felt very bad and thought of sharing it with Ishitha as only she could handle pragya well. She went in search of her. In the way she saw Bulbul. While passing bulbul friends wantedly bad mouthed Ishaani stating that this girl is wandering behind Ranveer even he had no interest on her. Ishaani heard this and stared back at them and walked with rage. Then there crossed Ranveer. He was standing in the corridor talking with his friends and blocking the way. Ishaani went there and stood. He didnt notice. Suddenly she started shouting at him stating that dont u hav eyes. How will others pass. Always thinking about urself. Selfish. He was stunned and moved leaving way to Ishaani. He thought what had i did? Why is she so violent. Ishaani then angrily reached the place where Ishitha was.

Ishitha noticed her rage and asked what happened? Ishaani didnt reply. Ishitha cooled her and asked her to tell. Ishaani started pragya… Mean while ishitha asked her first to tell her problem. Then ishaani told everything about her and pragya. Ishitha heard all and kept quiet. Ishaani urged her to talk. Ishitha told that it was all because of me. I only started everything. I should not have spoken either to Ranveer about ur friendship or to Abhi about pragya’s love. For the first time Ishaani watched Ishitha so helpless. She cried. Ishitha too broken. But then she managed herself and promised Ishaani that she will make everything fine. Ishaani said not only u will fight even i will always be there with u. They both smiled.

Ishitha and Ishaani after finishing their work came to Pragya. She was very determined not to show her pain infront of them. But they both came and sat on either side of Pragya. Ishitha just held pragya’s hands. The very moment pragya shattered. She hugged her and cried. She told them that she cannot forget Abhi and it gives her immense pain. Everything thing, a song, all are making me to remember Abhi. I cannot live without him. Better i should die rather than hurting u all. Pragya stated. Other side even Ishaani got tears listening to her words and went from there thinking that her tears would make Pragya more weak. Ishitha noticed it. She controlled herself and started explaining Pragya the importance of life. She said that i can understand ur pain pragu. But dont be so weak. Life has many more challenges to face. This is nothing. If u r strong u can even win a war. But not u will not be able to lift even a flower. So stay strong. Atleast for us. Ok lets make some decision. So far only we expressed ur love to Abhi. This time u go and tell it to him directly. May be he could accept. Before Ishitha finished pragya firmly said no. She said already my respect was ruined. Iam not ready lose it anymore and she left. Ishitha went into thinking. Then Ishaani came and said i think u r correct. They both convinced Pragya hard to talk to Abhi once. Having no other option pragya said ok. Lunch break came. Ishitha, ishaani and swadeentha remained in class itself while they sent pragya alone to the ground. Ishitha thought that pragya should face problem herself this time so that she will learn. Pragya came back after 15 mins. All asked what happened?

Pragya calmly said he again rejected me. Ishaani and swadeentha got worried. But ishitha went into thoughts. She then asked pragya did she really talked to abhi. Pragya nodded. But ishitha was not sure. Then ishaani told that lets better ask abhi itself. She called Purab and asked did Pragya talked to Abhi. Purab blinked. Mean while Abhi who was sitting inside pushed purab and said yes she talked to me. But still ishitha had doubt. So she thought of asking what had pragya talked. She is about to call him just then pragya closed her mouth and said she didnt talk. All were shocked. Ishaani asked then y did Abhi lied. Pragya told that she met Abhi and just asked him to say yes if my friends ask u whether i had talked to u. Ishaani got raged and slapped pragya hard. She then told her that we are doing all this for ur goodness but u r cheating us. Ishitha consoled ishaani and asked her to keep quiet. Ishitha then asked pragya why did u do this. Pragya said that she was scared that Abhi would refuse her again and she said i had no strength to listen that again. Then ishitha asked pragya a promise. She said then u should be quiet until correct time comes and should not make any stupid decision. She also asked her that hereafter her concentration should be only on studies and should not think about this hereafter as next year they are proceeding for 10th. Pragya promised so. Then she hugged ishitha while ishitha pulled even ishaani and swadeentha into the hug.

Ishitha thought to herself that its her duty to make pragya’s life better and she thought she would definitely make everything normal. Its then ishitha left all there and told them that she is going to meet mam regarding her speech work. They said ok. Ishitha then went to ground to meet Bulbul and her friends. She went there and softly spoke to them. She explained them that it was Ishaani’s mistake and told everything. She asked them not to bad mouth about her friend Ishaani. They understood that it was Ranveer who is playing double game and asked sorry.

Other side Ishaani and Pragya decided to sort out the differences between Aadarsh and swadeentha. Though she refused they both called Aadarsh and talked to him.They asked sorry on behalf of swadeentha. Aadarsh said its ok and said it was even his mistake and they didnt do anything. Then aadarsh went in personal and met swadeentha who was arranging her stall alone. He tapped her from back suddenly and she shouted. He then closed her mouth. They had an eyelock. He then apologised to her. Again their relationship bloomed.

All friends met at evening and shared everything. Ishaani shouted at ishitha whats the need to explain all those things to bulbul’s friends. Ishitha said its about her friend ishaani’s respect and she said i dont want anybody to badmouth about her. Its then all realised that they all became so close that now their friendship has became integral part of life. They all then promised that they all would preserve this friendship at any cost. Ishitha promised all that she would always be there to solve all their problems. They all shared an emotional hug…….

Precap: One phone call shattered all.

Credit to: Shree

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  17. jasmine Rahul

    pragya falling on Abhi n her specs stuck to his shirt n losing control n crying making abhi sad was emotional.Ishita n ishaani r so sad 4 her.they asked pragya 2 confess her feelings 2 abhi directly.she didnt do it due 2 fear of rejection but she lied to thats y ishita slapped a way its better 2 concentrate on studies now.Baulbul saying ishaani is after cheap.Ishaani bursting on ranveer was nice.loved ishita making them d truth that its ranveer who is after both bulbul n ishaani.Adarsh Swadeentha patch up scene was sweet

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