IS THIS LOVE????? (Epi- 8) ( kkb, yhm,Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)


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Now story……..
Assembly came. Girls performed really well. Boys too did well. Their class got very good appreciation. Ishitha was very happy. Teacher praised Ishitha for managing everything well. She thanked all her classmates who helped her in this assembly. Its her duty to thank even Purab. While returning from ground to class after finishing assembly she called Purab and appreciated him. Other side all her friends giggled. She stared at them. They all went. Purab felt happy as his rival herself appreciated him. They went to class. All their subject teachers praised Ishitha and co for their beautiful assembly. Mean while Purab told Abhi that Ishitha praised him. Abhi widened his eyes and asked is it?? He then suggested him to appreciate her as only bcoz of her our class got appreciation in prayer. Purab nodded. Its lunch.

Other side Raman’s friend while gossiping about all classes told Raman about Ishitha and Purab. Raman got tensed but still he said to him that Ishitha is not that kind of girl. She is very studious and will not fall in such things. But his friends insisted that something is there between Ishitha and Purab and asked him then y the whole class would be teasing them. Raman said i dont know and went from there angrily.

In ground during Lunch break girls were chatting and wandering in the ground. Suddenly some one called Ishitha. Its Purab. Just then Raman entered ground along with his friends and looked at them. Ishitha asked what. Purab told her that even she did assembly very well and congratulated her. Ishitha smiled a bit and said thank u and went. Just then she moved Aadarsh and Aakash cheered Purab and teased him hard. Purab smilingly said nothing like that and they went. Raman noticed all this and was shocked and raged. Mean while Ishitha saw Raman and thought that he would congratulae her for prayer. She wantedly passed by his way. Raman noticed her but he didnt even spoke a word and went. Ishitha got upset.

Its first period after lunch. A teacher came and she called out aome names and asked those students to stand up. She called Ishitha, Ishaani, Pragya, Abhi, Purab, Mihir, and two more students. She asked them to accompany her. She took them to Maths lab and told them that they are gonna pose as models for their school magazine photoshoot. She also gave each one one science model and gave a script about it and asked them to learn it now. She told that the shoot will be after two periods and asked them get ready. They all said ok. Teacher separately called Ishitha and asked her to supervise everything and take incharge. She said ok mam. She gave all her classmates the instructions to behave properly and asked them to save their class respect. Mean while purab giggled. Ishitha got irritated and told him to listen to her r else get away from there. She asked him not to act oversmart in a harsh tone. Purab’s face changed and he kept quiet.

Boys without taking the models straight away went to the venue, Ranga hall where the shoot is gonna happen. Ishitha and Ishaani went some where and returned and saw the boys gone. They fumed thinking that now they should take all the models for them. First time they took the models and placed them in the venue. Though boys noticed it they pretended as if they didnt notice. Ishaani asked pragya to stsy there itself and look after the models. Ishitha and Ishaani went to bring the models for the second trip. While returning Ishitha came first while Ishaani was coming slowly at the back. Ranveer just then is coming and saw Ishaani struggling with the models. While Ishaani didnt notice Ranveer. While passing the corridor Ishaani collided with Ranveer and models fell down. She asked sorry instantly and then noticed that it was Ranveer. She stared at him. While Ranveer took one model in his hand and told her that he will place it in venue. Before Ishaani could refuse his help he just grabbed one model and went. Ishaani gave a bland look and took other model and followed him. Ranveer placed the model and turned to leave. While Ishaani without even calling his name just told Thanks. Ranveer turned and smiled at Ishaani. While she stared. All models were brought and they started arranging it. Just then other class students also reached there.

While arranging a project science sir suddenly came and asked Pragya to explain about it. She got scared and mumbled. He told her not to get scared and asked her to practice well. Pragya nodded yes. She asked for water thinking that Ishaani is standing behind. Somebody gave her water bottle while she missed it and water bottle fell down. She turned and bent down to pich it up. Mean while the one who gave her water also bent. Its Abhi. She then looked at him. He also looked her. She said sorry and quickly left from that place. Her eyes has traces of tears. Ishitha noticed it and asked what happened. She tried to hide but ishitha and ishaani found that she has been crying. Pragya then told the incident and said that i was not able to control myself afterall i loved him. Ishitha said that she can understand and advised her to stay cool and control herself. She also told that already we faced so many problems and now its not time to think about all these. Pragya nodded yes and went back to her work.

Ishitha then seeked a chance to talk to Raman. After arranging all models on account of looking at the models she wantedly went near Raman. She herself said hai and asked him how r u. He just replied fine. Ishitha then thought of saying all those things happened in her class. She just started. By then her one old friend came there. Its Mikha. Ishitha greeted her. Suddenly Raman too greeted Mikha and talked to her closely. Ishitha got confused. After Mikha went she asked Raman that how would u know her. He told her that they got friends in that college competition which Ishitha refused to participate. Ishitha said ok and left. She thought that now Raman got many new friends. He has time to talk to Mikha himself but in my case always i should goand talk first. Even then he will not reply properly. Ishitha got hurt and thought that next time unless he comes and talks first she will not talk. Other side Raman thought now a days Ishitha has changed a lot. First and all she would never talk to any boys other than me but now she is talking to all boys of her class. He smrinked looking at Ishitha who was helping Purab with his model……

Other side in class since many students were not there teacher asked students to do their work silently and sat without taking any class. Swadeentha and Aadarsh who didnt go for photoshoot used this situation and started chatting. Initially they spoke well but as time passed Ishitha’s matter entered into their topic. Swadeentha supported Ishitha and Pragya while Aadarsh took the side of Abhi and purab. They started fighting. Aakash enjoyed watching this.

Precap: Ishaani and Ishitha tried consoling Pragya.

Credit to: Shree

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