IS THIS LOVE?????? (Epi-7) (Kkb, Matsh, Yhm, Dehleez)


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Purab called Pragya. Initially she didnt notice. So Aadarsh called Swadeentha and asked her to call pragya. Pragya turned. Ishitha and ishaani behaved as if they didnt notice it and sat facing each other and were talking. But their ears were sharp enough to hear their conversation. Initially purab mumbled. Pragya got tensed thinking what bomb he is gonna throw now. Suddenly he asked do Ishaani love Ranveer? All were hell shocked. Ishitha and Ishaani blinked at each other. Pragya was dumbstruck. She then asked him who told u so? He said Ishaani’s activities are like that only. Ishaani and Ishitha got to the top of their anger. Pragya struggled to counteract his question. So she called Ishaani to answer. Ishaani stared at her. It was then Ishitha went to back bench and asked Purab what was his problem now?? She started arguing. She asked u ppl will never allow us to be happy and silent. Always pulling our legs. Irritating us. Whats wrong with u. And how dare to ask such a question about my friend. She bursted like crackers.
Purab and Aadarsh also countered her and said only Ishaani is disturbing Ranveer even after knowing that he loves Bulbul. Ishitha got tensed and shouted at them. She stated that only Ranveer followed Ishaani, teased her, did everything but u will blame Ishaani. How stupid. This argument grew into a big fight. Slowly Ishaani too entered argument. Both Ishitha and Ishaani teared the boys. They told when Abhi is not interested in Pragya then why he is always looking and smiling at her. U boys will always b like this only. This fight lasted for nearly one hour and entire class is watching them. Atlast boys were not able to withstand girls questions and so they ran away to their places. Final period is Maths. Girls thought that after school they should hold the boys and clear the matter. Mean while when such a commotion is going on Aadarsh and swadeentha alone are sharing their eyelock in a side track.Bell rang. Ishitha asked Purab and Abhi to wait in ground. But they pretended as if they didnt hear anything and ran away. Girls laughed hard and told that they r not even ready to face us but behaving like big heroes. Mean while boys said that if we would hav got stuck between those ghosts then they would have smashed us.

It was from that these two gangs were marked as rivals in 9B. From next day all the girls stopped talking to the boys even for the sake of notes, doubts etc. Girls made boys jealous by talking to all other boys of class ignoring Abhi, purab, Aadarsh and Aakash. Boys got irritated. Even Ishitha being a clss leader ignored them harshly. Even during collecting notes for signing, or giving any informations also she used to give directly to all boys. But for them alone she would ask the Asst. Leader Mihir to convey news. For boys it seemed that the entire class were on girls side and they felt deserted. Half Yearly exams passed. This time Abhi alone got 4th rank in class, surpassing Pragya back. He is only boy in top 10 of class. But still boys showed of. Ishitha scolded Pragya for going back and Pragya assured her that next time she would do better.

Two months passed. Its The week of assembly for 9th std students. Actually in that school each day each class starting from 6th should conduct prayer assembly in rotation manner. They should read news, thought, amazing facts and a story in morning prayer in mike. Its going to be their class turn after 5 days. Mam gave all the responsibilities to Ishitha and co. Ishitha said that she will do compiring the leading role. Teacher asked even boys to participate. But Abhi refused this time. Last time Abhi read thought and Pragya did compiring. Each time when she used to call his name during rehearsals Ishaani and others used to tease her so badly and even she would blush. But now time has changed. Abhi informed teacher that he is not gonna participate this time. But purab and Aadarsh participated just to show their superiority. Even Mihir was there. They started preparing for assembly. Purab is gonna read thought this time.

Two days more for assembly. All other 9th classes are getting appreciation for doing good assembly. That day even Shagun’s class got appreciation from Principal. So Ishitha was determined that even her class should get appreciation from Principal. So she carefully corrected all others scripts and trained them. It was geography period. Their geography mam is Khatheeja mam. She started conducting a small class test. She made only three people to sit in a bench and asked rest of them to go out and sit in corridor. Purab went out from his bench. At the middle of the class itself Ishitha finished her test. She was the first to finish. Mam corrected her paper before her and she got full marks. Mean while Ishaani, Pragya and swadeentha too finished their tests. Mam asked Ishitha to collect all test papers those who had finished. She told her that she had some work in staff room so she asked Ishitha to supervise the class until test gets completed and told her to hand over all test papers to her in lunch break. Ishitha nodded yes mam. Mam went out. Ishitha went to the front and started supervising the class. One by one finished the test and handed over the paper to ishitha. Mihir was absent on that day. Ishitha announced 10 mins more for the test to complete. Mean while she thought of asking purab his sur name (Initial) as she has to announce his name properly in assembly. But mean while she hesitated. It was then purab finished his test and entered the class to hand over the paper to her. She told him sit outside itself until the test gets completed. She thought this was the chance and called him purab. Nearly after 3 months she called him by herself. At the very moment the entire boys side ruptured and shouted Purab teasing Ishitha. Ishitha was at top of her anger. But she managed to ask him his Sur name(intial). The class continued their gesture and shouted waa wooo purab. Ishitha was red hot and shouted SILENCE.She stared at purab. Mean while he blushed. Ishaani noticed it bursted into laughter. Ishaani conveyed this to Pragya and Swadeentha and they too laughed. Ishitha angrily collected all papers and came to her place angrily. Bell rang. Its lunch break. All boys went out. Ishitha shouted at Ishaani and co. But they were laughing hardly and said that so far u were happily teasing us and enjoying. But now its ur turn. U urself got fussed in boys web. Enjoy my girl. Its all just fun. Ishitha stared at them angrily while they continued laughing.

That side Abhi asked Purab why people shouted like that. Aadarsh and aakash answered in chorus that just to make fun of purab. So far Ishitha never talked to Purab. But today she talked ryt. Thats why. Abhi asked Purab is the matter is only this are something else in a naughty tone. Purab hit him in stomach and told that do u think that anybody could survive with that Miss. Hitler. Its al lfor fun only and thats all i know.

This continued. All class started teasing Purab with Ishitha’s name. While girls made fun of Ishitha with his name. Ishitha got really annoyed. Being school topper this news got spread to all classes of 9th. Ishitha got tired of explaining all her old friends from other classes that there is nothing like that and its just for fun. Mean while this matter reached Raman’s ears……

Precap: Ishitha tried to speak to Raman while he ignored her. Ishaani hitted Ranveer.

Credit to: Shree

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  1. Hey Shree! I loved this episode! It was cute with everyone making fun of Ishita..I am waiting for the next episode!

  2. nice one dear…. awesome…. reminds me of my class…. we also do like this…. but I must u r a mind blowing writer…. are u on facebook dear….
    keep smiling..

  3. Oh god!!!!!! It was totally a fabulous episode……!! Enjoyed to the core…..
    Even in our school they used to conduct rotating assemblies…. We being the higher class used to start the assembly first…. We wouldn’t have any plans… But other classes would copy from us and improve…. That would be really irritating….

    Reading ur ff reminded me of the silly fights between boys and girls in our class… These boys always wanted to fight with girls… So they use cheap tricks… If girls get problem between themselves, those girls would go and plan with boys…
    Due to our fights we often go to principal room… He won’t call us, but we will go by ourselves to complain about others….

  4. Vow nice yarrr…. You are a amazing writer … Your way of writing is superb… I enjoyed a lot.. . waiting for next episode…ur uff rockzzzz

  5. Hey shree. … soooo sry… actually yesterday I strucked with my studies… thtas why couldn’t cmt earlier…. but today is suuuperb…. what an epi…. each and every scenes are awsm…. exactly same as my childhood….. u r an amazing writing…. u write it precisely but easily understandable…. i just waiting for ur ff since mrng….I’ve been checking this website many times…. atlast u updated… ur ff is just fantastic….

    Actually… every girls including me is like ishaani and ishitha…. showing others like we don’t know nothing about whats happening… but listening it keenly….

    And evry gang has one character like aadarsh and swadeentha…. just seeking for the chance to look at each other….

    Why purab is blushing…. is something going on in his mind…. just confused about these boys….

    In my school also…. we attend the prayer like incident in my school…. I had stage fear prob…. during our turn… my frnds prepared it perfectly… they had many rehersals…. but one day before prayer… the girl who selected for thirukural just became sick….. so…. during that day… suddenly mam asked me to tell that as I’m good in academics… but I was very bad in stage performance…. though I know it well and I rehersed that many times….. when I got to stage…. due to fear I just blabbered…. but I somewhat managed it…. ur ff remain me of that crazy incident…. when we look back our childhood days… many crazy things are there…. Im just laughing while writing this….but tnk god… now I’m devoid of that fear. …

    In my school day….. many of my frnds don’t talk to each other for simple chocolate for more than 8 months…..

    Today epi… i missed RANVÈER very much….

    But apart from all…. i lovvvvvvvvvvved this epi…. pls update soon….. eagerly waiting for next epi…..

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!! As usual u rocked it………

  7. Nice one yaar thn tat 1st scene tat purab ask pragya ishani has interest on ranveer actually in my class too same incident happened actually a boy has interest on a girl so he want to know whether she has interest on him he talk 2 her 4 nearly 3 times to grab her attention bt she just give ans 4 his question n cut tat conversation one day he ask his frds to tell her tat she has interest on her n he loves her nu I mean lk a intermediator bcoz he dont HV tat guts to propose directly bt thr frd changed totally actually thy converted lk hey u love him she thought tat she s disturbing him n he s not interested lk tat nu thn not giving a 2nd chance to his frds he just scolded n teared thn into pieces not only tat she just goes directly to tat boy burst out lk cracker ever not giving a chance to talk actually 4 more than 1 hr she just keep on scolding thn her frds came n console her after tat she just went 4m thr with anger thn after 2-3 days latter he called her n explained everything thn she SD sry n not interested n just rejected his love tat too in sweet manner which doesn’t hurt him tat much thn thy bcum frds

  8. Hey dear… I m a silent reader of ur ff… First of all I must say that u hv a very good writing skills. I must say hatts off to u. School life is the most amazing phase of one’s life. & I m sure u r very well inspired by ur school life. Great work. Keep it up. Take care. 🙂

  9. Mind blowing epi.waiting for ishveer scenes. Plz update next asap

  10. Hey dear Shree so sorry for yesterday dear iwas too busyso that’s why I was unable to read the ff so lets talk about the episode you are very talented in explaining the situations and thinking of teenage you have explained it very gracefully

    That movement when all girls gang was laughing at Ishita and purab teased by the boys gang this scene was fabulous it was really really awesome just keep it up

  11. I just loved this epi…. thank you so much! for bringing such a beautiful and awsome memories! ?

  12. hey its really nice dr…i think all school days r similar like this even it is goverment r private is not matter….even i am studied in goverment aided school name is dasar’s higher secondary school-thiruninravur…even 6-10 i am also in B section…..really i feel happy 2day dr….thank u for give a wonderful ff….i really miss my school days…bt in my class we dont fight like boys vs girls…..i really really miss my school days…..Once again thankyou dr……..

  13. Superb sis… I just love the episode…I’m a silent reader of ur fanfiction…fantabulous sissy…I’m in 12 but I too miss my days…bcoz nowadays I’m frustrated in studies…

  14. Hi Didi I am silent reader of your ff actually I am just in six class so I don’t know much about these all but my sissy is in 12th she also reads ur ff oh god she is all time on net and will be waiting for your ff after reading your ff she starts telling her school life and Didi what a writing skills supere

  15. OMG wat an episode. Mind blowing.
    Seriously ur writing skills r superb…….
    Every time I read ur ff I got relaxed n happy
    Congratulations for ur great success

  16. jasmine Rahul

    oh purab just wants 2 ask if ishaani luvs Ranveer n says that she is after Ranveer tho he luvs Bulbul.Like girls said its ranveer who is after Ishaani.gld that ishaani finally hir Ranveer in precap.Assembly n test paper reminded me of my school days.Purab defeated pragya in marks n lets see if pragya can defeat him next time as she promised 2 ishita.All r teasing purab in Ishita’s name.Does he have feelings 4 Ishita?

  17. Shree it was really a awesome episode whenever I read your ff I just remember my school days thank u shree and I also remember how we tease boys and girls and I am eagerly waiting for your next ff

  18. Hi Shree .you are a awesome writer. And I have a ques that is this ff will be only of teenage or adult ? I excited to read your ff .

  19. Shree shree shree now will Raman get jealous with ishu? Wt will happen dr………I’m eagerly waiting for the next part……….. Post soon……..

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