IS THIS LOVE?????? (Epi-6) (Kkb, Matsh, Yhm, Dehleez)


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Girls planned to take revenge. First step was taken by Ishitha. She wantedly reported to Maria mam that boys are teasing them. Maria mam called Purab and scolded him in front of class. He cried. Though girls felt bad they r not ready to give up. In next Midterm test first eight ranks were only girls. This made boys feel ashamed. Girls showed off on open day. Even their class teacher insulted Abhi and co stating that now a days boys concentration are on different things and not on studies. They felt bad.

Girls anger got somewhat low. One day H.M. called Ishitha and told her about a science project competion which is to be held in a college. They need to stay there for two days. Ishitha refused to participate stating that her parents wont allow and simultaneously she dont want to miss her classes and friends. She herself suggested her arch rival Shagun as the next good contender for all such competitions will be Shagun after Ishitha. Then by a chain reaction Raman also participated in it. Its only then Ishitha felt bad and thought that she should have participated. Days passed.

After few days. Ishitha, Shagun and some other girls participated in a English oratorical competition. It was at that time Ishitha heard a shocking news from a boy who was Abhi’s friend. He told her that Abhi cried as Pragya attempted suicide. He cried to us in Extra curricular activity class. He didnt make any mistake. Ishitha felt very bad on hearing this.
She then went and told this to Pragya and Ishaani. They too felt bad. So all four decided to stop their Revenge activities. Pragya stated that she will apologise to Abhi. All girls agreed and they were waiting for a correct situation.

The time came. Its the day when all topper students of their classs were taken to a college science expo visit. So they all had to go. Its an engineering college. They saw an situation in bus but it was not suitable. While in the bus all four girls adjusted themselves in a three seater. Ishaani seated at last. Bulbul and her friends were seated in a seat before them. Then boys entered. Ranveer’s eyes searched Bulbul. Mean while bulbul’s friends teased her. Ishaani got irritated watching all this. But she didnt showed it. Boys seats were behind girls seats. While crossing Ranveer wantedly stepped on Ishaani’s feet. Ishaani shouted of pain while he told sorry. Ishitha noticed it and got iriked. They discussed that he loves Bulbul then why he is disturbing Ishaani too?? They had no answer. Then they reached college. Got down and visited the expo. Its Lunch time. Boys and Girls have separate lunch stalls. They finished their lunch. Then teacher told them that their seniors have one more session so till that u ppl can enjoy and went. Girls got excited. The saw this was the time. They followed boys while boys noticed it and wantedly made them wander behind them. Atlast Pragya spotted Abhi and asked him sorry. He said its ok. Mean while abhi’s friends teased pragya. This iriked her. Though Abhi tried to stop them from teasing her they didnt. In the bus when pragya enterd they shouted sorry. This raged girls. At last all were settled. They all played Anthakshari.(song game). Mean while Ranveer sang songs teasing Ishaani. Finally the day was over.

Few days passed. Half yearly exams are approaching. All were busy with their studies. At that time Aadarsh and Swadeentha have started talking. They had some sign of friendship. Ishitha, ishaani and Pragya used to tease her. One day their ECA classes got cancelled. So all were sitting in class and chatting. Suddenly Purab and Aadarsh who will be sitting in one corner of class came to middle row. ( Actually in their class there will b 3 rows. Right side near door is girls. Left and middle row will be boys)

Our girls didnt notice it and were busy in talking. Suddenly a voice called Pragya’s name. Its Purab. She was puzzled and asked what??

Precap: Nothing. Its a suspense guys. Just guess y would have purab called Pragya.

Sorry for short epi. Its just a suspense episode. Tats y. Next one will be long enough.

Credit to: Shree

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  1. nice shree di…loved it.. waiting for ur next epi…

  2. amazing epi… luv it <3 <3

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow….Its Nice……Eagerly waiting for your next Episode……..

  4. nyc shree..i think purab might have called pragya to talk somethng abut abhi…perhaps abhi wants to confess his luv via purab…update ur nxt epi fast

  5. well done sree… mind blowong… I just read all the ch.. today only … u r a fabulous writer dear… amd can I be included in yr… Tu friend group…..
    intro… my real name is Hamna jameel
    I m a student of class 7th …. younger thn u all I suppose… but friendship is not based on age….

    keep smiling

    1. Oh sara!!! even me too of ur same age………i am too 7th…..

      1. U r right……frndship is not based on age

      2. hmmm…. so from which … city do u belong dear….

  6. Nice epi. Plz make ranveer jealousy.

  7. … Its very nice yarr.. I like it… This uff is really near to my heart .. Because all these incidence discribed in this uff is sometimes happen to Me or in my skl dayss…. I really happy while reading ur uff.. Pls dont take a leap suddenly…
    I want to share my incident happen in my 9 th std… When i study in 9 .. There is lots of new admission… From that one of the girl become my friend… Bt we are gang like in this story.. Bt boys also there .. Bt all other gang members are not like this friend ship .. Bt i never show that difference to that girl… Bt one day muje yea patha chala … The girl like one of boy in my gang.. She is very serious.. So i told to boy.. Bt he never like her.. He reject her .. Immediatelyy.. Because he is in another relation ship…. When i said this to that girl.. She cried for a while.. Bt later get i next day find that she tri to suiside.. Her wrist is tied by clothes.. And when i tri to speak her . she behave like very anger . she tri to attempt harm to herslf in front of me.. I feared so.. I think to talk to that boy again .. At this time he said that he will talk to her.. I arranged tym for that.. Atlast she cried and go from there without saying a word.. When mein ne use pucha .. Wo bathaya he convince her that he canot love her . its only infactuation.. So dont over expect… And concentrate in ur study… Ee sunkar mein ne kuch nahi bathaya.. Because i always think that he is right.. After 9 th she go from our skl… I never see her later …
    When i read ur uff muje uski yaad aya …
    I miss her very much…

    1. I want to tell u one more thing dont take a sudden leap… Skl days are wounderful… Pls add some arts n sports days in this… .
      In my skl this will creat very spl to lovers .. Because these days are out of control of teachers .and also there is tym to spend tym with other clss students .. Because in my skl for arts there is 4/5 house(group) … From one cls they divide students equally into grups ..with the basis of roll no… It creat more fun… In arts n spprtsss.. Pls do something lile that it is a request

      1. kathu… dear… yr … incident….I don’t know why…before doing sucide … people m.. don’t think abt their parents and frnds… family and all……

  8. Superb episode yaar really awesome thn it’s really shocking y purab called pragya… I hope tat now the condition will never happen lk ishveer scenes yaar… I hope so… Thn 2day’s episode s awesome n nice yaar

  9. Wow interesting I love suspended I think is something related to Abhi

  10. Wow its mind blowing shree…………….. I am………… Eagerly…………….waiting for……………. Next epi…………

  11. jasmine Rahul

    girls started revenge.but knowing how much abhi cried hearing abt pragya’s suicide attwmpt they stopped a tripcool.y is ranveer stamping his feet on ishaani’s n singing 2 tease ishaani?i dont understand ranveer’s pov.what is purab going 2 tell pragya?

  12. sree its just awesome dr…if u dont mind could u plz tell ur school name…

  13. plz tdy itslf update ur nxt episode… m waiting … i cnt …

  14. Nice episode Shree.. I liked it! But I am also waiting for some ishveer parts..

  15. Sooooo sry dear for late cmt…. but u r mind blowing…. yeah we too done that competite with boys over studies etc… same incident has happened in my life… one day boys challenge us like we can’t beat them in studies… but we did it and got them scolded…. I loved today epi…. though ranveer doing wrong… I like him… it describe his naughtiness.. it’s suuuperb…. ur ff is fantabulous… no words dear…. I’m just stunned… siuuuperb job….

  16. Shree is was really awesome episode. When I read this story only I think about my school how we tease boys with girls name and girls with boys name thank you ya and your ff is really superb

  17. Really it is a superb ff shree if u r near me I could definitely give u a tight hug

  18. Nice episode waiting for next

  19. Sorry for late comment dear because I was busy. The episode was good can’t wait for the suspense

  20. sana (abhigya)

    Wooooooow awesome very interesting eagerly waiting for ur next episode

  21. Kartik(ff writer)

    Make leap

  22. kumkum bhagya serial is becoming a big bore – it is high time Pragya tells Abhi about Tanu and not bore the serial. we will stop watching it.

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