IS THIS LOVE?????? (Epi-5) (Kkb, Matsh, Yhm, Dehleez)

Hai all my dear friends. I am really enjoying a lot by all ur comments dr. Thank u so so so much. Luv u all julina, ankita, durga, karthika, karthu, akshaya, shalini, ude, Neelam, dhruva, Reshma, sadhika, Reena, naina, sumaiya sumi. Thnk u guys. Even iam missing my school so much. But ur company gives me grt support. And durga tat incident oh my god. Sema action. Fight btwn two clsses grt. And karthu tumari incident bahuth funny hein. Windows se bhaagh gaya….hahaha.Thats so adventurous. Thnk u so much fr sharing guys. Really it means a lot. Even julina and karthika i miss my school guys. I could understand ur feelings. But karthika u enjoy ur 12th dr.

Moving into the story guys……

Days passed. Ishaani is hurt. Ranveer still following Bulbul. But she is not even giving a damn about him. At same time he is also following Ishaani. This irritated her. Ishitha and Pragya doubted that Ranveer and boys gang are doing it wantedly to provoke Ishaani. Even Ishaani felt the same. So she started ignoring Ranveer. This confused boys. Purab told Ranveer that now a days these girls are doing over. Even Ranveer noticed it. So he wantedly did some tricks so that Ishaani will notice him.
This made Ishaani happy. As Ranveer is still seeking her attention but at same time angry bcoz he is trying two girls at a time.

Other side Pragya’s behaviour started changing slightly. Ishitha noticed it. One day when they are playing some pranks on Pragya with Abhi’s name in library class. Suddenly Pragya started crying. All were shocked. Next day Ishitha, Ishaani and Swadeentha confronted Pragya. Pragya told them that she dont know but she is feeling different. She is confused. And she had some feelings for Abhi. Ishitha was shocked. Then they found that Pragya started loving Abhi. Ishitha told Pragya that she is in love. Pragya said may be. They all screamed. But suddenly Ishitha went low. Ishaani noticed it and asked what happened? Ishitha told her that it was only their mistake. They only started teasing Pragya and that is the root cause of all this. Ishaani said yes and asked wats next. They both tried to convince Pragya but pragya was strong in her feelings. Ishitha and Ishaani were tensed. They thought we are just in 9th std and how can we make lifes big decision in this age. They are also worried that this might affect Pragya’s studies. And Quarterly exam is also fast approaching. So they decided to finish this matter within that.

They thought that if Abhi would directly speak to her may she will be convinced. All four decided to confess this to boys. Mean while boys noticed a change in girls behaviour. Purab and Aadarsh discussed that now a days girls are quiet and Even class leader Ishitha is not troubling us. Abhi too noticed it. By then Abhi and Pragya would look at each other after every period is over. Girls thought that even Abhi is interested in Pragya. So they were seeking a good time to talk to boys.

And time came. Its a lunch period. Boys went to ground. Ishitha and Ishaani followed them. After so much struggle Ishitha draw her valour and called Purab’s name in ground. Mean while swadeentha who came with her suddenly got escaped being scared. Ishaani got angry on her but still controlled and stood with Ishitha. They both started explaining Purab that Pragya loves Abhi but its not the correct age to do it and so on. They gave a lecture for about 10 mins. At last they pleaded purab to explain it to Abhi and asked him to make abhi talk to pragya and refuse her love carefully.
Purab said ok. He then went to Abhi and just told that Pragya loves u and all cheered him. He too blushed. Ishitha and Ishaani watched it. Ishaani got tensed and told that we explained him so long but he just told it simply in 10 secs. They fumed and returned to class. Ate their lunch mean while Pragya was eagerly waiting fr reply. By then Aakash called them from boys gang. Aakash is also Abhi, purab and Aadarsh’s friend. They said just no. Pragya was upset. 2 days passed. Girls were very upset in class. Ishitha and Ishaani discussed that we thought matter would solve but it grew up. That day suddenly aakash called Ishaani and told her to bring Pragya to the ground in lunch as Abhi wants to talk to her. Girls got happy. Actually Pragya doesnt know that Ishitha and Ishaani asked Abhi to refuse her love.

But seriously Abhi has no feelings for Pragya then. So girls worried. In lunch Pragya met Abhi. There Purab and Aakash is also present. Pragya looked into Abhi’s eyes. Abhi is speechless. He asked what. Pragya told him that u only called me. Abhi mumbled. After he just told Not Interested. On hearing this Pragya’s heart broke. But friends consoled her. A day passed. All were seriously discussing about love etc. Suddenly Pragya broke the glass bangle she was wearing and cut her vessels in hand. Girls were dazed. Ishaani started crying. Ishitha took her to H.m. room for first aid as it is bangle the cut was not so deep. Mean while class teacher enquired Ishitha wat happened? Past few days u ppl were so dull. Ishitha managed that it just by accident. She went. Ishitha and Ishaani were really scared. Boys were totally dazed. Abhi felt very bad. Mean while Purab tried to convince Abhi but he objected. Some how Ishaani and Ishitha made Pragya understand that her life is more important than love. They asked her to think of her parents and friends. They all love her. Pragya made herself strong andd somewhat got normal. Those days were really a hell for girls. Worst days of their lives. By then this matter reached all the other classes and all were bad mouthing about Pragya. This hurted her a lot.

Other side Raman thought Ishitha had no other job. She always tries to interfere in others life. Pragya thanked Ishitha a lot as she was the one who brought her out of such idiotic intentions and their friendship became even stronger. Days passed. Quarterly exam came. Pragya’s only aim is to get atleast one mark ahead of Abhi. After exam holidays came. Girls missed each other. Even boys missed girls and they realised that thay need girls atleast for fighting. School reopened. Results came. Asusual Ishitha was School topper. In class Pragya got 4th rank while Abhi got 6th rank. She was happy about her success. Things began to settle. But still Abhi will look at Pragya asusuall and girls didnt care about it. Bcoz they know when asked boys say its just coincidence. So they left it. Other side Raman’s marks went so low. So Ishitha thought of asking it to Raman.

But next problem started. This time its Ishaani’s. Ranveer followed Ishaani badly that one day he even reached her house. Ishaani was hell shocked and frightened. But he left. Daily he started standing on the way to her house and would comment something when she passes by. This irr Ishaani. Other side Raman got beatings from a boy as he thought that Raman loves his girlfriend. Ishitha heard this news and was worried. Finally girls decided to take revenge as they thought Boys only made their lives hell.

Precap: Pragya apologised to Abhi.

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  1. Vow… Really amazing yarrr…. I totally love ur uff very much….. Love prblm and miss understanding… All thing that u said in this uff is really nice yarr…

  2. wow shree superb episode. the whole episode is awesome.

  3. Oh my god soooooo sad 4 pragya thn I thk u r writing last para in just hurry coz it’s lk some precap I mean like a summary wat going to b NXT lk tat it feel yaar… Anyway soooo sad pragya thn abhi doesn’t have any feeling 4 pragya ah r he too loves pragya ah 4 d sake of her frds he just said lk tat ah???

  4. akshaya kannan

    Awesome yaar please continue soon and please don’t seprate any pair hope you will take a leap soon

  5. Oh the girls seems very angry oops

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Interesting…… Superbbbbbbbb…….

  7. Superb episode Shree!! I liked it! Cant wait for next episode!

  8. nyc and perfect episode….sree…it’s simply superb..i lyk the way write ur story…actually i already told ur ff is closely connected with my life…when we r studying 8th a classmate of mine done the same as pragya done…as she luved one guy but the boy didn’t luv her..she tried to hurt herself by her bangle…as usual ur ff is awesome…i just luv it frnd…

  9. Hey its superb yaar, really if frnd teases u with any boy name & that boy also hav feeling towards u then the life will be hell.but it will be also fun.
    Actually I’m a silent reader ,I like it ff very much.remains me of 1st & 2nd year days .

  10. No words to explain ur ff…. it’s awsom…. u nailed it… I don’t understand what’s going on in ranveer mind…. I loved this epi…. eagerly waiting for next epi….

  11. jasmine Rahul

    Ranveer is still after Bulbul,but at d same time he wants Ishaani’s attention n 4 that he does everything which is enjoyed by her secretly but when he reached near her house she lost her cool.Why does Ranveer want Ishaani 2 notice him when he luvs Bulbul?i’m confused.Pragya in luv with abhi.Knowing that abhi blushes.But Ishita ishaani wanted pragya 2 focus on studies as they r only in 9th so as per they told abhi rejected pragya n shocking is that she tried 2 commit suicide.;uckily nothing happened.never expected this from she understands her blunder n is competing with abhi in scoring marks.Raman got slapped by someone due 2 mu,but ishita mu all girls in a revengeful moo against boys.what will they do?
    I’ve commented on pt 4 too.plz check

    1. Yes dr. I saw. Thnk u so much. Actually this is teenage. Ranveer himself doesnt know what he wants. But later he realizes what true love is. All are experiencing the fluctuations of teenage.

  12. Sumaiya Sumi

    It was an awesome episode. I never felt these kinds of incidents bcs I’m studying in girls school. But I enjoy it and feel the situation
    Great job shree

  13. Fantastic epi

  14. It was really really awesome Shree you explained the feelings and situation of teenage very well keep it up

  15. Good epi

  16. Shree say me what should I tell u dr…………u ar marvelous…………… This story is really heart touching my dr………..and u know what I don’t want to miss reading ur ff even for an one day dala……….


    Superb yaar… know I always became speechless or numb superb amazing yaar….!!!!!

  18. Awsomeeee, amazing, adorable!!! Just love it <3 <3 Love you too sis

    1. btw I love reading ishveer’s part <3

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