IS THIS LOVE?????? (Epi-3) (Kkb, Matsh, Yhm, Dehleez)


Thank u all so much guys for ur lovely support. I am Really glad. And hai to all my new friends juliana, karthika, Neelam, lola, ankita, karthu, durga, anjali, reshma pradeep…. Sorry if i had missed anyone. Big haaaaaaiiiiii to all.

Lets get into the story……

Next day morning all girls assembled in class. All were very quiet. They just did their work and were talking about some studies. Periods passed. After lunch first period is English. Their English mam is Maria. Actually she was their first class teacher and later only physics mam became their class teacher. Ishitha got ready with her English text because usually she is the one who will read in the classs when a new lesson starts.
Mam entered. All greeted her. After a minute of silence she suddenly called out Pragya’s name. Pragya was puzzled. She stood up. Maria mam with a stern face asked her whats happening in this class. Pragya dont know about what she is asking. She thought that she is asking is she talking in the class as then she was busy talking with swadhu without even taking her books. She said nothing mam.

Mam again shouted. Yesterday what rubbish was going on here. All four girls shocked. Pragya was scared. Her words mumbled. Mam asked will u tell or shall i tell.
Pr: mam tat…….at……yesterday……in free period……period…….playing…….
Mam: who wrote rubbish in that paper?

Ishitha was hell shocked. She stood up herself and told her that its her and Ishaani. All the three were standing and whole class is watching them. Suddenly mam started scolding at them badly. She insulted their character. Ishitha and Ishaani tried a lot to convince her that it was all just a game. But she thought that Pragya proposed Abhi and shouted badly. Pragya started crying. Mam asked Abhi to stand up and told that he is a Gentleman and didnt even complain about this. But u girls are so cheap. Whats the use of studying well when ur character is not good??? These taunts insulted Ishitha to the core. As she wantedly took all the blame on her. Mam warned them that if it repeats she would inform H.M. She also told that she had spies in the class so dont do rubbish. Period got over and she left.

Entire class looked at them crying. Boys giggled including Purab and Aadarsh. They got so insulted. And high at their anger that who gave wrong information as they proposed Abhi. One good thing is that Swadeentha got escaped. Ishitha and Ishaani hiding their tears consoled Pragya to the core. Ishitha advised her to forget everything and b normal and asked her not inform anything to her parents as they will be worried.
Pragya nodded yes. Ishaani and Ishitha then consoled one another and started suspecting who would be that spy. They thought that it would be first bench girls bcoz always frst and last benches will hav some cold war in their class. Ishitha suspected a girl and thought of asking her someday.

All went home. Its next day morning. All came with withered faces. Girls felt that everybody were laughing at them. They felt humiliated. But still they faced. Pragya was devastated. She was unable to see anyone directly. Its lunch break. Ishitha tried to cheer up all. They started to talk. Next period is English. All were feeling as if they were sitting on thorns. Somehow period passed. Talk by talk Pragya told Ishaani that she told everything to her parents. They got shocked. Ishitha asked what ur mom told. Pragya tauntingly told that she told to stay away from u all. Ishitha got angry. She said so now u made us villians in front of ur mom. Ishaani joined with her. A small argument grown into a big fight. Pragya blamed just Ishitha as the reason for all things. Ishitha started crying and told that i took all blame on me but still u r blaming me. Ishaani and swadeentha supported ishitha. Finally Ishitha told so ur mom told na so stay away from me. She angrily grabbed her bag and left. Ishaani and Swadeentha followed her.

Its been two days. Since they talked to Pragya. She was all alone. Ishitha felt bad for her. By then Swadeentha stated that she is gonna talk to Pragya as it was no mans mistake. A day after even Ishaani spoke to Pragya. Now its been five days since Ishitha and Pragya spoke. Ishaani and Swadeentha planned to make them patch up. But failed. Atlast Ishitha herself thought that atleast she should leave her ego. One fine morning Ishitha slapped Pragya hard and then asked sorry. Pragya got teary eyed and apologised to Ishitha. They all patched up. But this time their relation became even stronger. Mean while boys who are enjoying their fight widened their eye as they were puzzled how did these girls patched up?
Girls next move is to find out which witch spied on them. They started working on it.

Precap: Ranveer proposed to Bulbul and Ishaani was upset.

Credit to: Shree

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  1. wow superb episode shree. u r doing a great job. love ur ff so much. waititng for the next episode

  2. First of all…hiiiii shree. … tnks for considering as my frnd…. and moving on to epi…. wowwww. … really suuuperb job… I can imagine evry scene…. ur ff is fantabulous…eagerly waiting for precap and the truth who spied…. I hav no guess….pls update soon…. ❤❤❤❤

  3. Awesome episode! You rock Shree! Love your ff!

  4. I felt bad for girls! But amazing episode loveddd itt !aww my cute pragya and plz shree now it’s time from boy’s side! Let’s watch out Abhi’s crush for Anyone! Coz ur ff is more realistic and these things do happen! Please update next one sooon

  5. awesome shree…i just laughed when the teacher said abhi as a gentleman….atlast finally girls patched up…ur story just makes me to feel the frndship and bondage amid frnds…reveal the girl who filled english teacher’s ears….precap rv proposes bulbul..i feel bad for ishani…waiting for next epi

  6. Shrew today only I started to read ur ff and I read ur all three episodes its……..its really awesome as it is a real story……….. Sometimes we friends do the same thing…….I mean we make fun of our friends by pairing them with guys……..its really interesting to read this real story…….

  7. It’s fantastic! Day by day it’s damn interesting.. ????


    Hiii Shree…….I’m sorry actually I just read your ff not comment on it…..but from today’s episode I’m damm affected…….its superb storyline sissy…..keep it up…..eagerly waiting for next episode…..

  9. Nice frdship yaar really 2day episode s awesome thn precap s shocking yaar…

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome……….

  11. Hi Shree thanks for being my friend and the episode was good I can imagine the scenes waiting for the next

  12. Nooooooooooooo pls rv don’t propose bulbul. Only ishani is urs……
    By the way episode was fantastic

  13. Fantastic epi. Oh no ranveer is only for ishani, don’t propose bulbul

  14. Loved ur ff OMG why Ranveer proposed bulbul poor ishani and I also feel bad for pragya

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