IS THIS LOVE?????? (Epi-2) (Kkb, Matsh, Yhm, Dehleez)

Haai…… Thank u so much for all ur support guys. I am really very happy. Pls keep commenting and supporting. Luv u all. Lets gear up……

Its August….. Everybody got their new friends and began to settle in their new classes. Studies, sports, extra curriculars….. Our heroines are busy. Its monday that day. Class leader Mani is very irresponsible. So teacher announced Ishitha as new Class Leader and Mihir became Asst. Cls leader. Pragya, Ishaani and Swadeentha were glad about it. They thought now they can rule the class. Lunch bell rang. All the girls started chatting and they are going to canteen. There Ranveer, Purab, Abhi nd some more boys were standing and chit chatting. Ranveer noticed Ishaani formally. Ishitha and Swadhu saw this and started teasing Ishaani. When they crossed the boys they wantedly shouted Ishaani walk carefully…… Ishaani smirnked.

Its Maths period then. The one class which batters u out. Sir is gonna check Home work. But our girls forgot to do it. So they should copy it somehow. Ishaani and Ishitha urged Pragya to ask notebook from Abhi. Pragya agreed with hesitation. Pragya tried calling him.

Pr: Abhi….. Abhi…..
Ishitha: no no call slowly r else he will listen to u…. (sarcastically)
Ishaani: Stupid call loudly. Ur voice is not even audible to us.

Atlast Pragya got the notes and everybody copied. While returning Swadhu teased Pragya and all giggled. Purab noticed it and wishpered something in Abhi and Aadarsh’s ears. They too laughed.

Things were passing for few days like this. Where boys even formally they notice them girls thought that they were looking at them. And same continued with them. On other hand Ishitha always wantedly goes to Raman’s class but he will ignore her as if he didnt notice.

Now attrocities grew up. Ishitha, Ishaani and Swadhu started teasing Pragya too much with Abhi’s name. When ever Abhi passes by them they will shout her name. Same happened with Ishaani and Swadhu too.

Mid Term tests got over. Its Open day. All girls were staying along with teacher to help her with Report cards. That day Ishitha decided to talk to Ranveer to renew his old friendship with Ishaani. She along with Swadeentha wandered whole building to spot Ranveer. But he is either in clss with his teacher r busy with gang of boys. They both went near him but returned with out talking. Finally they went to him and told that they need to talk to him alone. But he replied pointing Purab that he is like brother to him so pls tell in front of him.

Ishitha spoke abt his friendship with Ishaani. He told that even now its same. If she talks he will also talk. Otherside Purab giggled.
Ishitha and swadhu then ran from there and told this to Ishaani. Ishaani shouted at them and told them that he is always egoistic.

Next day onwards Ranveer started following Ishaani. Here Purab too whenever Ishaani crossed he shouted Ranveer. This irritated Ishaani. Other side Aadarsh and Swadeentha after each period is over they will look at each other atleast once.

Days passed. Ishitha thought that Raman is showing attitude. So y not me!!! She started ignoring Raman.One day on a free period girls were playing FLAMES. ( It is a compatibility game played with a girl and a boy name.) For Abhi nd Pragya the ans came is LOVE. Pragya blushed. For Ishaani and Ranveer its AFFECTION. For Aadarsh and Swadhu its MARRIAGE. Finally they started doing it for Ishitha. Though she refused stating that he is just friend they didnt listen. For Raman and Ishitha its LOVE. They teased her. Ishitha pretended to b angry but inside she too blushed. While all are playing Ishitha and Ishaani teased Pragya too much. Pragya got angry(cutely) and crushed the paper in which her and Abhi’s name was written and tried to throw it on Ishitha. But unfortunately it went and fell under Abhi’s bench. All girls got shocked. Purab noticed the paper and took it. He saw smthng written on it but Pragya already in anger striked the names on it. But still its partly visible. Before Purab could show it to abhi, Pragya called him and asked the paper. She then teared it thoroughly and kept it inside her bag. Girls r relieved. But entire class noticed this commotion and suspected that smthng is going on…….

Girls blamed one other and finally decided that we should stop all these non sense and start concentrating on studies. Ishitha told that we r lucky today r else matter would hav reached Mam. Lets b quiet from tomorrow. All agreed and left for home.

Precap: English mam Maria called Pragya. All are shocked.

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  1. Wow…. All happening here is natural things in teenage girls life…. Everyone must experience these things…. U remained me my school days…. Thank u so much…. We also done everything u written in this ff… I think u also experienced it…. But at last FANTABULOUS ff….. Superb job…. Precap also happened in my life…. Eagerly waiting…. Love ur ff….nd u toooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️….. Shree…. R u from Tamilnadu…

    1. Yes Julina iam frm Tamil Nadu, chennai.

      1. I’m doing dentistry in SRM dental collge.. Chennai…. I’m a 1st year student…. I think u also miss skl days like me as we just got up from skl. … unaku native Chennai ah shree….

    2. I’m from trichy… but studying in Chennai…. what r u studying…

      1. Iam 1st year dr in MIT. wat abt u??

  2. oooh wat happens in all the girls life shouting names happen now and then

  3. Awsomeeee shree… ur ff is damn superb!! I’m speechless ??

  4. Oooo nice yarrr.. I have no words to express my hapiness… While reading the uff i remembered about my skl dayssss. My 10 std.. All these thing happen in my skl dayss.. So im so exited to read next episodeeee

  5. Superb Shree I can imagine your episode it was so good you described it very gracefully

  6. Oh god oh god oh god oh god it’s really awesome n amazing ur just making me to remember sweet memories in my life…really superb episode yaar

  7. wow shree ur story is awesome.. i got bit emtional and smiled while reading ur ff….becoz ur portrayal of story reminds me my class.i miss my class frnds so muchh…..we would do the same that someone will do maths homework…we vl urge them to to give the note and our whole class will copy it in hurry…..we vl also tease our frnds as same as u portrayed….and we vl also play FLAMES…everything just reminds my class to me…..curiously waiting for ur next epi

    1. Thank u all soo much guys. Seriously school life is the best. Iam too missing it. And all of u pls introduce urself. Lets all b friends. Pls….

      1. hi shree.i’m from TN dindigul…..i’m hav finished 10th std…..

      2. Hi Shree I am from Lucknow U.P and I am just going to be graduated so you can say that I am in graduation III year

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwww………. Its Awesome……

  9. Hai shree superb story. This story remembered my school life. We also played flames & copying hw in class. I am missing my school life very much. My name is subha, I am from Tamil nadu. My native place madurai. Now I am living in tirunelveli

  10. I loved it especially the dehleez and MATSH part and I used to be a big fan of YHM n KKB loved them here too

  11. Its Awesome shree
    Eagerly waiting for ur next ff

  12. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    ho its just like my school , quiet very natural . i love it. and matsh part , no words to xpress

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