IS THIS LOVE???? ( Epi-19) (Kkb, yhm, Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)


Hai dears. I know u all will be on top of ur anger on me. After reading this u all will be ready to throw chapels on me. Firstly iam extremely sorry. SORRY. SORRY. SORRY. SORRY.SORRY. Pls forgive ur friend. I didn’t upload the epi for past 5 days. That’s very bad. I am so sorry. Actually guys the reason is my classes in college started. U know now its too much work load. I leave at morning 6.00 and reaching at evening 7.00. That’s y guys. I am very sorry. And from now I will for sure try to be regular. But I cant post on all days. I will try on alternative days and weekends. Pls forgive me and support me.

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Now story……

A mild crack has occurred. Ishitha and swadeentha were not in good terms. Ishaani and pragya worried. Two days passed. There even boys felt bad seeing state of girls. For the first time purab was angry on Abhi. He told abhi that he should not have done that. Pragya even stopped turning to boys side. Even for passing papers she asked kushi to do it. Raman and Ranveer insisted abhi to say a sorry to pragya. Even abhi thought it was right but he didn’t find a gap. Other side Ishitha thought I myself should not set a bad example for my friends. So I should stay away from Raman. Aadarsh found that it was not a correct time to patch up with swadeentha. So they stayed away. Even Ishitha stopped talking with Raman.

Its social exam that day. All were busy in writing it as its gonna be their last Revision before exams. And the world knows swadeentha was terribly weak in history. This time some how she should make it up before exams so as her confidence will get boosted up. She read whole night that day. The exam started. All wrote exam well except swadeentha as she didn’t find time to finish her map work. After submitting paper she started crying hardly. Ishitha could not see it. She forgot that they were fighting and started consoling her. After that swadeentha felt better. Its then remembered that they were fighting. Now a silence. Suddenly Swadeentha hugged ishitha and said sorry. Ishitha melted and she too apologised. Finally patched up. Swadeentha said I should not hav let pragya meet abhi. This hurted her more. Ishitha compiled saying even I should not have taunted u dear. Ok now lets forget it. Its only 3 weeks more for exams. And lets all promise that we will never fight anymore because of boys. All agreed.

Just then Abhi came. He tried to ask sorry but could not. Ishitha and Ishaani thought that they should not let anything affect pragya as exams are nearing. So they were always with her. Now its last day in their layer classes. And also after one more day in their respective classes for capturing group photo their study holidays begin. Abhi finally gathered courage to say sorry. Ishitha and swadeentha went for some work while ishaani was with pragya in class. Ranveer suddenly called Ishaani saying he has some doubts in maths and asked her to clear it. Ishaani was puzzled. Because entire school knows how sincere is ranveer towards studies. He would misspell the word mathematics. He worked hard to get into layer 1 just because bulbul will be there to be very honest ishaani will be there. But still ishaani said ok to clear his doubts. Pragya was all alone. Its perfect time now. Abhi seated opposite to pragya. Pragya didn’t notice it as she was busy reading. Abhi with much hesitation called pragya. Pragya heard it. She was a bit shaken. After all it’s the voice whim she thought to be her soul. She turned. Before Abhi could say anything pragya told I don’t want to listen anything. Pls don’t disturb me. Saying this she had little bit tears in her eyes. Abhi saw it. For the first time Pragya has refused to listen to him. This pierced his heart. But abhi was not ready to go. He continued, look pragya I know I had hurted u. I am here just to apologise u. I am very sorry pragya. I know a single sorry is not enough but I cant do anything more. U pls don’t be like this moody type. It doesn’t suit u. Always be smiling. And all the best for ur exams. Saying this Abhi went.
There Ishaani asked what doubt. Ranveer blabbered. Ishaani said Pragya will be alone I should go. Ranveer doesn’t know how to stop her. He suddenly held her hand. Ishaani shocked. Ranveer then said ur bangles were beautiful. Ishaani stared at him and said that’s my watch. Just then Abhi signaled Ranveer. He too left her hand. Before Ishaani leave again Ranveer stopped her. Then he told Ishaani its our last day here. So far if I hav hurted u then iam sorry. And all the best for ur exams. Do well. Ishaani had traces of tears in her eyes. She too then said All the best and left. After she left Ranveer thought why did I said sorry to her. Why should I miss her? But he has no answer except questions. Otherside Ishaani was on cloud nine as Ranveer spoke such comforting words until she saw Pragya crying in class. She rushed to her. By then Ishitha and Swadeentha also came. Everybody asked what happened. Pragya told what Abhi said. Ishaani and swadeentha was surprised. But Ishitha was angered. She told now again this pragya will get disturbed. Whats the need for him to come and talk. All agreed with her. Because every time the same thing happens. They hurt and then will say sorry. Is girls heart a toy for them. And pragya again got weakened now. Our girls fumed. Just then all boys came back to class. The Principal came along to give final instructions. Its evening. Every thing is over now. All are packing bags to go to homes. All the other girls left. Our girls stayed. Boys started moving. Just then Ishitha asked Purab to stay back. Boys were puzzled. Raman headed to move but Ranveer pulled him to stay back as now he too has become a part of their gang. Class got empty. Only our girls and boys were there. Pragya seated silently in last row. Swadeentha was with her. Boys all were seated. Then came forward as the personification of anger Ishitha and Ishaani. Ishitha started, Abhi y did you spoke to Pragya today. Abhi stammered, I just apologised. What is the need to apologise? U told right, u don’t love her. U don’t want her to be behind u. Then why?. Ishaani continued, if u want u will speak sweetly or else u will speak cheaply. How mean. Since when we met its only problems because of u ppl. Not only for pragya but also for swadeentha, me and even Ishitha. Because of u ppl we had so much of disrespect and heard taunts. And ranveer I thought u spoke to me today just respecting our friendship but u used me so that abhi could speak to pragya. How cheap. This angered boys. Their argument started, girls bashed boys and so with them. All fought. Finally, Ishitha said enough is enough. Here on there is nothing left between us. Lets finish it here. U ppl go in your way and we in our way. Listen pragya, Ishaani and swadeentha do u have any objection with this, all nodded no. Same said the boys. Raman angrily bashed Ishitha, as she even forgot their friendship because of her new friends. Now there is only hatred left. Girls and boys packed their bags and moved out in opposite directions.

Days passed. Study holidays started. No body is ready to think about others. All were busy studying. And yes its EXAMS now. Their first public exam. All nervousness and tension surrounded environment. Boys and girls had separate classrooms. Whole school gathered together for prayer. Exam began. All wrote well. Its maths exam, Ranveer wrote well and while writing exam he had a glance of Ishaani because she was the one who thought him that sum but soon it vanished in exam stress.
Its Final Social exam that day. All is over now officially. Their 10th std. Their layer classes. Their friendship with boys. Their sweet classes in High school. All went back to their classes to feel it one last time. Now all came to ground. There were huggings, shaking hands and wishing happy holidays all around. And yes girls and boys came down. Their social mam called all layer 1 students to ask about their performance. Girls came and followed by boys. Boys were happy but soon their smile vanished seeing girls. So as with them. And finally all bid goodbye. No words left between girls and boys. With bland look, Raman saw Ishitha, Ranveer saw Ishaani, Abhi saw Pragya and Aadarsh saw Swadeentha. They all moved in opposite directions leaving behind all their memories there…………

Its really long holidays. When time permits our girls stayed in touch through mobiles. Same with boys. The result date announced. Its exactly a week before their reopening for 11th. Whole school believed that Ishitha would be the school 1st. Its result day. Our whole girls and boys gang had a heart breaking shock. School first is not Ishitha neither any girl. Its Raman. Its like the moon had turned red not even blue. Ishitha was only fifth in school. Some other boys and girls occupied in-between places. She was heart broken. Difficult to believe. All other girls got more marks than their respective partners. Pragya got nearly 10 marks more than Abhi. Its heavy for Ishitha who topped the school the whole year but in finals she could not. But she consoled herself. Afterall she is happy as Raman got it. Whatever happens he is still her childhood friend. So now 10th std is over. All our girls chose Bio- mat group. There Raman, Purab and Abhi chose bio-mat while Abhi and Aadarsh chose Computer sci-mat group…….

Precap: A new tale in 11std.

So dears iam so sorry for delay. And yeah now our sweet boys and girls story is gonna take a step ahead. Are u excited???? Pls comment. And I will try to upload my next as soon as possible. Bye…….

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