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Hai all my sweet friends…. Sorrry for making u all wait so long. But my condition is so. I will surely try to be more regular. And I am really excited. Because its my 20th epi. Guys its all because of ur support. And there is a small game. All must participate.

And a big thank u to my lovely sweet cute beautiful friends Paru, neelam, duvaraksha, Mukund raj, durga, sana, Maya shelly, Nirmal, reeshu, Rufina, Ishan, myna, divya, Reshma pradeep, ude, Harisha39, nandana, nisa.

Rufina dear tq for commenting. Here on comment regularly. And yes mukund and reeshu leap will be there. But before that their love blooms in high. Sec only. So some scenes there then all way college spl. Paru my lovely frnd tq for such beautiful comment. sana ranvi in bio group only. And tq others too for cute friendship day wishes. Love u all so much. And angry on ppl who didnt wish me….


Its 11th now. No more high school or seniors. Because now they all had become Super seniors in Higher secondary. It’s a long and testing holiday for our gang. They didn’t meet each other for past 2 months. A break from all fights and taunts but still missing each other. Pragya, Ishaani, swadeentha, kushi all were happy about returning to school except our poor Ishitha. After all she is not school first, whom the whole school expected to be. She felt very bad and humiliated. But cant help out. She should go to school.

In the mean time during holidays, a lot of things happened! Raman went to his native place for holidaying. He there fell in love with his neighbour girl. Actually they were in love for past two years. But she actually used him and broke his heart. Its maiden love failure for Raman. Even before knowing the true meaning of love, a love failure…. But now he on another level. School first. New hero of school. Over night sensation. All Raman waited is just to go to school and receive all attentions. But more than that he just wanted to see Ishitha’s face, who according to him was all proud being a school topper but no more.

And yes finally the day has come. Its reopening day. All girls arrived early. All hugging and wishing each other. And yes now a new empire is formed. Its ‘11E’. Empire of biology girls. Strength is almost 53. But the lioness is missing. Yes Ishitha didn’t arrive yet. Ishaani and Pragya were all tensed. As they knew why Ishitha has not yet arrived. Actually Ishitha’s dad had a plan to change her school. After all Ishitha’s foremost dream is to become a doctor and they need a best school for it to happen. And her dad strongly believed that this school is not capable to do it. Even Ishitha in yesterday night’s phone call didn’t confirm that she will be arriving tomorrow. She has actually got an admission in another school.

And here latest sensation arrived. Why not a sensation, a boy who didn’t even been in class top 5, has never ever grabbed top 3 positions in over rankings so far is now the school topper. All praises and wishes all over. He reached the class. Whole boys shouted heyyy heyyy…. Y not he actually made all boys proud breaking girls pride. And then a warm welcome from Purab, Abhi, Ranveer, Aadarsh, Aakash etc…. Just then Abhi and Aadarsh stood up and headed to leave to their class. Yes they both are part of Computer science class ‘11 B’ while others were proud biologyians ’11 A’. Just then entered their Class teacher, Mrs. Shwetlana, only zoology mam of higher secondary. Point to be noted is that she is favorite teacher of Ishitha and Ishitha is her favorite too. Here for girls Ms. Pavitra became class mam, handling physics. Interesting thing is that both 11A and 11E has same botany, zoology and Physics mam. First bell rang. Second bell. Prayer started. Assembly got over. Even first period passed. Ishitha has not yet come. And now tears dropped from pragya’s eyes. They confirmed that Ishitha has changed her school. Kushi and Swadeentha enquired and were completely shocked. Lunch came. Now even Ishaani was broken. Their beautiful friendship has got an end now. Their main strength is missing. Actually she is gone. The first day seemed to be like a hell for them. The next period after lunch is maths. Interesting thing is that its same maths sir who is going to handle maths for them, who handled in 9th. Yes same sir, same class where they all lived most beautiful part of their life. Their actual friendship bloomed. First question he asked after general introductory session was to our girls gang. Where is your friend? Has she left u all and gone? Our girls had no answer. He then turned to board and started with class. Just then a bold voice came from the door… with a bit of less confidence but of same intensity asked “Excuse me Sir” whole class turned to the power of her voice. Except Ishaani and Pragya. Because they knew who could it be. The voice which can pull the attention of entire class. Happy tears from Ishaani and Pragya. Sir turned. Its Ishitha….. He asked her to come in. Then questioned her, didn’t you left this school? She nodded in negative. And only then the soul returned back to our girls. She them immediately turned to fill her eyes the most wonderful sight of her friends. She smiled at them with a bit of tears. And then searched for place to sit. But our girls is now in anger. So rejected. Ishitha then made herself comfortable in front row. The period got over. Ishitha thought to speak to her souls. But no before that Chemistry sir arrived. So she should wait again for one more hour. And yeah finally wait is over. Ishitha stood from her place and went to them. First welcome given to her was from Ishaani with a tight slap. Ishitha knew it. She smiled with tears. Then a hug from Pragya, swadhu and kushi. Yeah now the gang is complete. Then they had all formal talks. And first day is finally over.

Days passed. Its been 2 weeks. Things were pretty good. Ishitha finally got back to her old form. And again she became pet for all teachers. Our girls Ishaani, Ishitha and Pragya seated in last bench. Kushi in before bench. Swadeentha in next row last bench along with Mikha. By these two weeks all could sense a change in Swadeentha’s behaviour. She is trying to distant herself from Ishitha and co. As if she don’t want them to find out her secret. Because she knows very well that they could easily sense the change in her. The most worried one was Pragya as swadeentha is more close to her than others.
Its one fine day. In the first period a circular came from HM’s office. Their class mam read out some names and asked all to stand. She then informed all to go to the link room present in their floor in the afternoon lunch break. The names included Ishitha, Ishaani, Pragya, Swadeentha, Kushi, Mikha, and some others. The same thing happened in all classes of 11th. Our girls had no idea about it. Also they didn’t care. The lunch bell rang. All girls stood up. They need to go to the link room which is actually in boys block linking it to girls block. And yeah girls block had stair cases by the side of boys classes and if u want to reach third floor of girls block u have to take steps which is by the side of boys class particularly 11A. But so far our girls used the stair cases at the other end instead of it. And they had no work in third floor too. Both boys and girls had no idea for what they are called for. Firstly girls reached the room and all greeted each others. Because all came there were companions of 10F. Ishitha and gang spoke to all and were happily discussing their past. Now each one is in different stream some in bio. Sone in comp. Sci, some in commerce group. Ishaani and gang seated in middle row of benches with ishitha in secind bench along with her other friends. While they all were happily chatting then came of a series of boots sound as if sudden rain falling on asbestos sheet. At once girls turned. Yes its our boys. First to proceed was Ranveer along with purab, Abhi, Aadarsh and others. Last one to enter was Raman. Without searching so much instantly Ranveer’s eyes met Ishaani. They had an eyelock in motion condition till Ranveer got seated opposite to her in next row. Pragya just saw a glimpse of Abhi and immediately she bent down avoiding to see him. Abhi then seated in next bench opposite to Ishitha. Aadarsh was all smiling seeing Swadeentha but Swadeentha pretended as if she didn’t notice. And yeah Raman came and Ishitha was happy seeing him and she actually wanted to congratulate him. But he didn’t give a damn and behaved as if he don’t know who she is. This hurted her. He sat opposite to Pragya beside Ranveer.

Then principal entered. He started to speak. Hearty congratulations to all winners of 10th board exams. A special congrats to our school topper Raman. While he said this all boys cheered him while he turned and gave a proud look to Ishitha. Principal continued. I called u all here to inform that u all have selected for our school scholarship program. We will be honouring u all with a certificate and concession in your fees amount. It will be held as a grand ceremony next Saturday evening. U all should assemble in the class next to chemistry lab at 1.00 pm sharp. Now all of u write ur name, marks scored and sign beside it in tis sheet. Saying this he left while his asst. Stood there to receive the sheet. All started writing names. The one who finished it in girls side was Ishitha. She then called Raman to pass the sheet but he didn’t respond. Then she gave it to Abhi. Abhi took it and now Raman got the sheet from Abhi. While Raman wrote his name all his friends cheered. Purab said, u write slowly dude. Afterall u r real topper unlike duplicate toppers!!! He said this laughing at Ishitha while whole boys gang laughed. Ishitha felt so bad. She immediately stood and left the place without even waiting for her friends. She had tears in her eyes. Ishaani,pragya and kushi unaware of it were confused with her behaviour. Then they too left the place.

In class Ishitha was sitting and crying. Ishaani rushed and asked about the reason. Ishitha told everything. All got tempered. Pragya stated, how dare that purab is! His own marks cant even come near u. But that stupid is saying these words. All our fate. Then they all consoled Ishitha and asked her to ignore it. The real thing which hurted ishitha is that Raman didn’t object purab’s words.

Days passed. Saturday has come. Neither girls nor boys were excited or eager to meet each other. It has become boring now to see those faces again and again for them. All got ready and reached the venue……

Precap: A shocking news for our girls.

So yes guys comment. And I am sorry. I know this epi is boring. But from next epi it will be interesting. And yes i have completed 20 epis finally. All becoz of ur love.

So there is a small game. Which couple do u like the most in my Ff. Is it cute pragya-abhi or lovely Ishaani-Ranveer, sweet Aadarsh- Swadeentha, Beautiful Ishitha- Raman.
Comment it below. Lets see who has won the heart.

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  4. Deepika bhaasker

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