IS THIS LOVE???? ( Epi-18) (Kkb, yhm, Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)

Good morning guys. Firstly iam very sorry that i was not able to post my epi yesterday. So sorry dears. So today iam uploading.

And how can i start without thanking my sweet friends….. TQ dear tharu, lovely paru, divya, Neelam, sana, ishan, Durga, dhruva, duva, shriti, Maya shelly, sneha, dr Jasmine, ankita, my dear myna, yashu, ude, nirmal, lekha…. Love u all so much. And welcome dr ude. I missed ur comment. Yes yashu i live with beautiful firends like u. and nirmal tq dear. And die hard fan of swadarsh tell ur name dr. There will be swadarsh scenes fr sure.Reeshu tq darling. Paru ur comment as lovely as u. Sorry if i had forgot anybody’s name. Jasmine dr tq for cute comment.

Now story…..

Days passed. Senario got changed after that incident. Girls and boys stopped talking in class as there were strict rules updated. They were scared even to look at each other. But purab and bulbul chatting continued at home. For the first time purab wanted to hide his chatting from Ranveer. All were busy in studies. Their practical exams schedule has come. Its time to write and submit records. Aadarsh has finished his records because swadeentha has written it for him. But now he has only her memories. She has stopped talking to him. Her parents even took her phone. While turning the pages of his record he caressed his pages, her handwriting. A drop of tears fell on it. It was a different feeling for him. First time he missed her. He was not able to explain it. May be its love. He thought and smiled with tears. But he has no way of expressing it rather staring at her from a distance. There Swadeentha was very angry on him. But even in her anger she missed him but didnt tell.

Ishaani and Ranveer enjoyed silent eyelocks. While Ishitha was upset as after a long time she revived her friendship with Raman but couldnt talk to him.Raman felt same. At kushi’s home she tried a lot to talk with arnav but he was not ready. That day it was power cut. Kushi decided to somehow make up with arnav. As its power cut they all went to terrace for sleeping. All made their places for sleeping. Arnav came with his book and sat at a corner. Kushi was not able to go to him because all their parents was there. So she silently signalled arnav to come to stairs but he didnt get her. Its then arnav’s dad asked him to get his phone from house. Arnav climbed down the stairs. Suddenly a hand pulled him. Its kushi. Arnav was about to shout but she closed his mouth with hands. Then she started. What do u think of urself? So long i am trying to patch up with u but u r not at all listening. I said sorry na. U know right i cant be without talking to u. Arnav was dumbstruck as her hands was still on his mouth. He then signalled her hands. Then kushi took out her hands.

Arnav looked at her eyes there were traces of tears. He melted. He said even i was upset but u scolded me so badly. She asked sorry again holding her ears. He smiled. Then took her hands from ears. They were close to each other. For the first time they both felt something else and a bit uneasy. Kushi immediately moved. She then came up with the satisfaction of patch up. There Arnav’s heart was racing fast. Its a different feeling. Then they both came up and slept in opposite to each other with a smile.

It was pre practical examinations that day. Added to it Pragya’s birthday. Everybody wished her. She was happy except for one thing. Abhi didnt wish her. He didnt even come because for him its evening session practicals. For girls its afternoon session. But all girls bought lunch as they r going to stay there but in their old class with friends. Raman came early that day without even knowing that his practical is in Evening session. Ishitha and co finished their practicals. They came out. All went to their classes. Then Ishitha alone came to lab to get some papers. She noticed Raman. He was in full hunger.

He didnt even bought lunch. Ishitha noticed it. She then hurried to her class. Took her lunch, plucked two parathas wrapped some aloo inside it. Teared a paper from notes, placed parathas inside folded and took it to lab. Under pretext of giving back the papers she went some what close to him and hurriedly placed it on his book before anybody could notice it and came back. Raman opened the paper and had a broad smile on his face. IShitha too smiled back while leaving.

But pragya was still upset. Ishaani and swadeentha noticed it. They dont want bday girl to be upset. So they took her to lab secretly. But Abhi didnt remember her bday. He was busy in preparing for practicals. But purab wished pragya. She gave Rs.5 chocolate to all. Its then Abhi finally wished her. Pragya had a million dollar smile. She forwarded Rs.20 chocolate to him. All boys smiled teasingly towards Abhi. This irritated him. So he denied it and went inside. Pragya got upset. But then swadeentha gave the idea of dropping chocolate in Abhi’s bag. They silently dropped it and went back. After practicals Abhi came back and found chocolate inside his bag. Aadarsh and Ranveer teased him saying before us he denied chocolate and later he took it. What a love story. Abhi got to top rage mode.

Next day all came back. Mam has not yet come. Pragya was discussing some notes with Ishitha. All our gang alone has come. Other boys and girls were not there. Just then Abhi entered. Pragya smiled seeing him. Abhi angrily came to his seat opened his bag and took out the chocolate. He threw it onto the table of pragya. She was shocked. He then started shouting. Dont u hav sense. I denied ur chocolate right. Then also u put it in my bag. Dont u have any shy. Y r u always behind me. Hav some respect atleast for urself. I said it already i dont love u. So dont be afterme like this shamelessly. Be careful. Saying this he went out. Our all girls were dumbstruck. For the first time abhi lashed like this. Pragya was shattered. Tears flowed like falls from her eyes. Mean while Ishitha could not understand what happened! Its then swadeentha told her everything. Ishitha stared at Ishaani and Swadeentha for making this foolish thing. She dont know how to react. But firstly she consoled Pragya. Even all boys felt bad for her. Ishaani and swadeentha had a sight of guilt. They all tried consoling pragya.

Ishitha said…. Look pragya now why r u weeping. Actually he is right. He said he dont love u. Then y should we be after him. Pragya he should feel for missing such a girl. Not u. And listen its time for exams. Not for all this. Think about ur parents dear. Remember ur aim. U need to get atleast one mark ahesd of him. And then lets give him a answer. Dont worry. Saying this Ishitha finally consoled her. Now even pragya thought she should think about studies and not anything else. After this Ishitha went and bursted Ishaani and swadeentha. Whats wrong with u guys. U know right she is sensitive then y did u took her to abhi. We all know how he is. Already we are in problem and strict rules are there. Have u both gone mad. Swadeentha got angered. She spoke out. We hav done this only for her happiness.

She was upset without meeting abhi. Thats y. Ishitha continued. So is she happy now. Is it not enough to spoil ur respect by doing those things with aadarsh. U want all our respect to get ruined. These words hurted swadeentha. She said u alone r romancing with Raman. What about it. Ishitha went to top of her anger. Look Raman is just my friend and world knows it. He is nothing special to me. And mind ur words. I am saying all these for ur wellness but u ppl r commenting me right. Ishitha went with tears. Swadeentha also had tears. There is a mild crack in their friendship now. Ishaani stood helpless while pragya thought its all because of her and cried……

Precap: Girls bashing boys and their fight. Ishitha avoiding Raman.

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  1. OMG dear!!!!! Nice update by feeling so sad…… Fight between girls..??? God 🙁 Nw again girls-boys fight…… Really sad for precap as again there will b distance between Raman & Ishita…. I hope everything get sorted very soon…. Eagerly waiting for the day wen they all will become friends…..
    & please dear don’t say sorry… It happens, everyday , everyone can’t b free… So chill… No worries… At times b can understand…
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care….
    Always b happy & keep smiling…
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe…
    Achieve all the success in life…
    Love you my dear…

  2. Nandana

    nice episode i really liked it

  3. Hy dr..
    Niz epi..
    Fight between ishita and swadeentha…
    Hope everything sorts out soon…
    Waiting for ishveer scenes too dr…
    Keep smiling…

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hai shree, the episode was Soo nice….hope all the problems will be solved.

  5. Harisha39

    loved it wih u know me it is the same me superb no words to express all the best for your upcoming episodes. and post more ishveer scenes if possible

  6. Ohhhh god sooooo sad yaar really pragya’s situation s really sooooo sad abhi shd nt behave lk tat to pragya 4 simple teasing reason he shd nt use those harsh words yaar really it’s hurting…

  7. Awesome dear….. Again I m speechless… No words to define ur brilliant imagination… U r……….. u r just……. just………………………………..U r just awesome dhi how do u get these ideas u r really super dhi hatsoff 2 u super loved d episode a lot I am astonished with ur ideas… words to express am speechless…..Just fantastic and really wonderful update.I was just enjoying the whole epi…

  8. Very good dear… is like am seeing my childhood with ur story…..everyone will have these type of frnds…..keep rocking….

  9. Hi Shree u showed to natural scenes of school days it was fantastic eagerly waiting for the next episode pls update the next soon ?

  10. Superb episode…. But felt bad for Pragya… ???..

  11. give some more abhigya sceane yaar

  12. hei nice one . waiting for next one

  13. Nice superb episode dr…….

  14. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    soo nice . but pls add some ishveer scenes ya

  15. Hey dr loved it much keep it up ……. how r u

  16. Really awesome Shree …poor pragya feeling sad fr her,swadeedha,ishi,ishani,and aadarsh u guyz now everyone concentrate in our studies…..And Shree u r fantastic…….

  17. Die hard fan of swadarsh

    Hi!shree di.I’m ff is awsme.can u plz try 2 b regular?plz plz…ur ff is my only hope as dahleez has,plz try to b regular.plz plz plz….&u r totally fabular.<3 u.:-D

  18. Die hard fan of swadarsh

    Hi!shree di.I’m ff is awsme.can u plz try 2 b regular?plz plz…ur ff is my only hope as dahleez has,plz try to b regular.plz plz plz….&u r totally fantastic.<3 u.:-D

  19. Be regular Shree … We r waiting…..

  20. Priyal khandelwal

    When will u update it next yar waiting for it eagerly….. Plzzz update….

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