IS THIS LOVE???? ( Epi-15) (Kkb, yhm, Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)


Hai guys….. Today iam posting my next epi soon. Hai all friends. Sorry this time iam posting this epi before reading all ur comments. Thats y not able mention ur name. Anyhow i know my friends like julina, neelam, sana, paru, durga, shruthi, shalini, reshma, jasmine, achu, akshaya, ankita, bakyashir, reena, reeshu, karthu, myna, tharu, tanvee, ude, Rookey rookers, varsha, honey, fatarajo, karthika, and so….(sorry if i had missed any of ur names) will comment and support me always. And guys one more important thing. I have my exams from next week. So so so i cannot post epis for next 20 days. Iam really very sorry. Pls support me guys. I will be really missing u. Iam so sorry for this break. U all pls remember me and my ff. Will u??? And all wil support me right?? Pls…..


All the girls were in a deep thinking. But no idea popped out from them. Finally the day got over. They all went home. Next day morning. All as usual assembled in exam class. Still they didnt have any idea. Exam got over. Suddenly Ishitha called purab and asked him to wait. He blinked and was nervous as he thought that she would continue with the fight. Purab pulled Abhi from moving and asked him to give company. While Abhi said noways and ran. Purab stood helplessly. Mean while Raman starred at him and went. Ishitha then asked sorry to Purab. He was stunned. She said I over reacted purab. As i saw tears in Ishaani’s eyes i was not able to control myself. But lets forget past. Y cant we be friends? Asking this Ishitha forwarded her hand. Purab in complete amazement made the hand shake. The next moment she asked another help from purab. She said Purab can u please bring Ranveer to class tomorrow. Pls. Purab said ill try. He then went. Then ishitha too came out. Her friends then teased her saying now friends thn love thn…. Ah ah …. They all laughed loud. While Ishitha beated them and they all went.

That evening Purab went home thinking all those which happened in class. After going home. He refreshed and asusual spent some time with his laptop. He opened his Facebook account. A friend request notification was shown. He opened it and was completely surprised. He couldnt believe his eyes. Immediately he rang Ranveer in his mobile. He said he got request from her. Ranveer was surprised and asked him to accept it. But purab hesitated. Ranveer convinced him. Ranveer told him to chat and get close to her so that he could also get close to her with their friendship. Purab agreed. He then disconnected the call and accepted her request. After 5 mins a message popped up from her. It said… Hai this is Bulbul…. How r u. Purab thought for five minutes and replied her hai. Iam fyn. How abt u. Their chat went on nearly for 30 mins while purab told her its his time to study and disconnected. It was a different feeling for him as for the first time he chatted with a girl who is not her friend. Because usually purab will not chat with girls whom he dont know well. Other side Bulbul thought he is a nice guy.

Next day Purab somehow convinced Ranveer and brought him to the class. Girls has not yet come. Purab thought what would Ishitha talk to Ranveer. Just then Ishaani entered. Ranveer saw her and immediately he heeded to leave.But ishaani said wait. Ranveer didnt pay attention and moved further. Ishaani called him nearly 3 times but he didnt stop. Finally she held his hand and made him stand. Ranveer was shocked. He didnt expect that move from ishaani. Then Ishaani took off her hand and said sorry looking directly into his eyes. She said i was already in a bad mood thats why reacted so. Pls dont take it seriously. I know iam rude. If you could please forgive me. Suddenly a drop of tear came from her eyes. It proved that she really felt sorry. By saying this Ishaani went. Even Ranveer’s eyes was filled with the same salty water and blurred. He then managed and turned back to ask her so now can i come to this class? She turned back and said yes with a smile. Ranveer went. By then his heart started questioning him why did u got tears looking at her eyes with water. Ranveer asusual have no answer.

After this incident Ishaani was happy and her heart was light. That day its maths test so she started looking into sums. Then Ishitha came. She asked ishaani had she talked while she signalled yes. Its then all students went out to place their bags outside. All girls surrounded that place so purab was struggling to keep his bag. Ishitha saw this and asked his bag. She placed his bag there. Mean while Abhi and Aadarsh started teasing Purab. Ishitha smiled thinking that these guys hav no other job. All these things were watched by Raman who just entered. He quickly took his pens out and tried to place his bag. Ishitha thought of helping him too. Ishitha asked his bag while Raman said no thanks. But she know he was struggling. So she wantedly tried to get his bag while he tried to push her. Finally he lost his balance and fell on her. Suddenly mam entered. She saw this and shouted at them. But still she didnt use harsh words because she knew Ishitha was not such a girl. But still she murmered for these things only management has separated boys and girls. Ishitha listened these words and felt very insulted. She thought that her good image was damaged. She gave a eyered stare at Raman and shouted dont u hav eyes. I just tried to help u but u r always insulting me. Now mark my words ur downfall will be because of ur ego. Ishitha then departed. Raman thought not me only she has ego. He too stared back at her and went.

Days passed. Things continued to be same. Abhi secretly watches pragya. While she pretends as if she dont know it. Ishitha made Raman jealous. While Raman showed her ego and acted as if he ignored her. Other side Ranveer would daily come he tries to look at Bulbul but will end up watching Ishaani. Ishaani blushed for this secretly. Aadarsh daily used to talk to swdeentha on call. Bulbul and purab developed a habit of chatting daily. Purab without knowing himself started to miss bulbul even if they didnt chat for a single day. Same with bulbul too. Kushi somewhat came close to the gang but still not a part of Ishaani and co. At home she shared a beautiful bond of friendship with Arnav.

Two months passed. Then a news came as a bolt from blue. Their Layer 1 exams are over. And no more morning exams because now they had to complete their portions quickly. This news was a bit hard to digest both for boys and girls. Boys felt sad. Girls too felt sad but their duty of studies overcame their sadness. All now started concentrating on their exams and studies. Half yearly exam was around the corner. Then a news was informed. Who ever performs well in those exams will be selected for new Layer 1. All got excited. But separate exams for girls and boys. Though they dont have much to cherish they thought if we all come in Layer 1 then we would have atleast some chances to meet. This time Swadeentha was not ready to miss the opportunity. She started working hard. Even Pragya and Ishaani too studied well to retain their place. Other side Ishitha worked hard to secure her Top position. That side boys did the same. Ranveer worked day and night. Others too put great effort towards their studies. Though they enjoyed their life they took the responsibilities at the time when it was needed. Exams got over. All performed well but still nervous for results. Before the holidays began they had two days of special class. Ishitha did all subjects well but maths she was only ok. She knew who would correct her paper. Its her previous year Maths sir. So she went to him and asked about her performance. He asked her exam number. Aftrr that he said worst performance. Dont u know 12 tables properly. I dont know how u became topper. She was shocked. She cried a lot thinking she will not be the topper this time. Holidays bagan. But her maths paper haunted her even in her dream. All others relaxed in holidays.

School got reopened. Maths paper was distributed. Ishitha got second mark in her class. Her sir blinked at her and said he was mistaken for some other paper. She scolded him secretly in her heart. Again she topped the school. This time all Pragya, Ishitha, ishaani, swadeentha, kushi, that side Purab, Raman, Abhi, Aadarsh and Ranveer too got into layer 1. By then its Jaunary. Their portions got completed. Two more months for their Public Exam. Both boys and girls got attached with their new class. Ishitha was fondly called as the pillar of 10F as she had solved many problems in that class. They all shared a great bondage which made them to forget even about the boys. In boys class too all became so close. Whenever time permits they would sit and tease and taunt our girls and enjoyed thoroughly.

Precap : A sudden shock was given to both boys and girls.

Ok guys byee. I hope u all wont forget me and my ff. Stay tuned after 20 days guys. I will be back after June 5. Luv u all dears. Take care. Have a great day. Bye bye…….

Credit to: Shree

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  1. rookey rookers - 4 ever the β™‘β™₯lover of ranvi

    akka u r a wonderful writer . really no words to xpress . super akka . keep rocking ….

  2. Hey dear Shree firstly all the best ? for your exams just concentrate on your studies for some days and ya obviously the episode was marvellous eagerly waiting for your next episode which I can read after your exams ? and again all the best for your exams ?

  3. rookey rookers - 4 ever the β™‘β™₯lover of ranvi

    really thax akka for remembering me and how can i forget u and ur ff ? how can u question us like this ? ha … we r waiting for ur next epi . and a huge wishes for ur xams ….

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  6. Alb for ur exam .

  7. Oh….gonna miss ur ff..but come back with a bang….btw awesome epi….

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    Gonna miss ur ff sooooo mucch

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    Oh so sad now I had to wait for 20 days.going to miss this ff.this is one of my favorite ff.
    This episode was it.
    And all the best for ur well.

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  20. jasmine Rahul

    purab bulbul friendship…ishveer scene was so emotional.ranveer observing ishaani n ishaani blushing was sweet.pragya pretending 2 b ignorant of abhi looking at her.raman fell on ishita n d teacher led 2 ishra fight.oh..when will ishra story start…ishita simply got tensed bcz of d teacher’s mu.but she scored well

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    Hey sis….obvio we gonna miss your ff……and that for 20 DAYS !!!!!…..but prior are studies….na…and about epi….it was. really a lovely and stunning episode….I’m lil confuse with Ranveers behavior hope he might gonna realise his love soon….and the way Purab and bulbul started their love story I like it…..and good luck for your studies…..

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    really u rocked it….
    i really miss u alot….
    LOVE U Dr……

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    Lovd ur writing skills sorry couldn’t comment earlier and tue-thurs I m busy luckily today I have no training that’s why I m commenting and reading πŸ™‚

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    Loved it dear

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