IS THIS LOVE???? ( Epi-14) (Kkb, yhm, Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)

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Its next day morning. Purab reached the class early. He is red hot. Just then Ishitha came. Purab thought oh no now if i scold Ishaani she will hang me. What to do. Then Ishaani entered. Ishitha and ishaani didnt share a single word. Purab noticed this. He understood that a fight is going on. So now he decided to scold ishaani. Exam got over. All were about to leave. Purab called Ishaani to stay back. Bulbul noticed it. She felt somewhat uneasy seeing purab talking to Ishaani. But still she went. Ishitha too saw this but she too went. After all left, ishaani asked purab whats the matter. Ishitha who came out of the class felt something fishy. So she thought to go and look out ishaani. Purab started scolding ishaani badly for insulting ranveer. He didnt give a gap for ishaani to speak. Ishaani intially argued but then she stood dumb and tears rolled from her eyes. Ishitha just then entered. She saw tears in ishaani’s eyes and got to top of her rage. Then she started bursting purab. A big fight happened there after a long gap. They blamed each other. Finally Ishitha took ishaani and left the place.

Pragya and swadeentha asked what happened. Ishitha replied nothing. They were puzzled. Its then ishaani explained everything to them. Pragya and Swadeentha asked so now u both are patched up. Ishaani replied dont know. Its lunch break then. Ishitha asusual came to their bench for lunch. Pragya and swadeentha started talking with her. All three were chatting. But ishaani kept quiet. They didnt care it. This irritated Ishaani. She took her lunch and went to first bench and sat. Here all three laughed at her cute antics. They finished their lunch. After finishing lunch Ishaani came back to place her lunch box. Just then a hand stopped her from going. Its Ishitha. Ishaani looked at her and smrinked cutely. Ishitha then pulled her and gave a slap. Ishaani slapped back. They both smiled and shed tears and hugged. While pragya and swadeentha clapped. The whole class turned and watched them.

Ishitha then said calm and sat down. Ishaani asked so u took two days to patch up with me. Stupid. Ishitha said hello madam now also i only came to talk ok. Shut up. Ishitha then asked so u said me to go to kushi itself right. Shall i go? Ishaani hit her at head and said i just told in anger. Y u always support ur old friend. U want us to tell all our stories to her. What would she think. Ishitha said when did i tell u to tell her all stories. I can understand. I just told u to talk to her smoothly. She is also my friend ryt. How can I desert her. Ishaani said ok and iam sorry. They hugged again. Ishitha promised ishaani that she will never forget their friendship. By then kushi came to call ishitha for some work. But she saw them talking and left. Ishaani called her and asked what happened. She replied nothing while Ishaani asked her sorry for behaving rude.

Pragya and swadeentha too apologised. Kushi smiled and said its not needed. She then left. Then Ishitha asked Ishaani when would she tell her second sorry? Ishaani blinked and asked to whom. Ishitha replied Ranveer. Ishaani asked but why. What had I did. Ishitha told u spoke very rudely dr. U should ask sorry. I thought of stopping u that day but u didnt gave me a chance. U went scolding him. Actually today morning even purab did correct job. U insulted his friend. Obviously he will get angry right. Its then Ishaani thought of her words to Ranveer. She herself felt very bad. She then said yes i over reacted. I should apologise to him. Ishitha asked but how. Iam sure after ur taunts he will never come to our exam hall again. All started thinking. Swadeentha shouted idea. She said why cant we write in a paper and give to Aadarsh r purab. Just then all stared at her. She asked wasnt my idea good? All three started beating her hard. She shouted stop it first tell me whats wrong with my idea. All said in chorous all ready we faced a big problem because of this paper only. Dont u remember… Swadeentha said oh yes. Iam sorry. They all started thinking…….

Precap: Raman fell on Ishitha.

I know guys its short epi. Iam very sorry. For sure tomorrow will post a long one. Sorry

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  1. Nice yr …..????

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice episode.I am happy that ishani is ready to tell sorry to Ranvi.waiting for that.pls update next.

  3. Hi guus nice episode ishita and ishanni patched and a nice slap

  4. Wwwwwwoooooowwwwww shree u ar super duper dr……….yeah ishitha and ishani got patched up with each other……….thats cool………love ur ff a llllllooooootttttt!!!!

  5. I am really sorry Ms Cutie.

  6. It’s okay dear…. U posted episode, thinking abt us that’s enough…. Bdw very sweet & cute update… Eagerly waiting for ur next update… Love you my dear friend… Take care… 🙂

  7. Shree…. Its awesome… The scenes flash in my mind… So lovely Dr…

  8. Hey dear Shree I loved the episode finally ishani and ishitha patched up I love the way of your writing dear? just keep it up

  9. Wow . I love ur ff . I never want this ff to end??

  10. Love your ff. Pls post next quickly

  11. Awesome episode Shree darling! I am happy that Ishita and Ishani are friends again!! It was amazing how Ishita defended Ishani! And I am hoping for Ishveer to become friends too.. All the other parts were good too! Great job!

  12. Asusal it’s superb sissy…

  13. Asusal it’s superb sissy..


    Hii Shree…. sorry from last two three episodes..I didn’t commented na…….so sorry I was busy but I read all the episodes……they are just superb amazing….waiting what will ishu do to apologize…..Ranveer waiting for it dear…..

    1. Hey dear Dhruva how are you are you fine or not I hope you recovered your health ?

  15. Gr8 as usual….wanna u to update more….

  16. Ohhhh really cute n sweet frdship yaar really after reading 2day’s episode I really missing my school frds yaar.. Really ur story somewhat somewhat same lk my school story yaar

  17. waiting for moment when ishani will apologize ranveer .waiting for next update.

  18. Shree its really very nyc ….I loved it ..and our girls patched up again ….And Shree actually ur my elder akka…ryt. Yenna naan eppo than 12 po poren ……so naan ungala akka nu kopadren….kk va

  19. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Fabulous…..

  20. The most awesome writer in the world! xD T^T

  21. jasmine Rahul

    Ranveer happy knowing that ishaani searched 4 him.guess indirectly he is falling 4 her.instead of bulbul he tried 2 gain ishani’s attention shows he is more attracted 2 her.but ishaani blasted at him.oh..loved ishita trying 2 make adarsh swadeenta c each other.sweet scene of them.arshi was cute.poor khushi is getting isolated.Duster thrown at purab by d teacher n he was in chalk powder.very funny.Ishaani ishita patched up n pragya swa apologized 2 sweet.Sorry 4 d late comment

  22. Nice Yarr… I m really happy for girls gang. Precap is really intrestinggg… Waiting.. Today’s episode is superbbn…

  23. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    cute fight bt frnds and lovers . nice . feeling bad for ranvi . mice work dear . sry . dear for not com

  24. Fabulous epi shree it was super even my friends do the same what ishitha

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