IS THIS LOVE???? ( Epi-13) (Kkb, yhm, Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)

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All the girls and boys reached their respective class rooms. Swadeentha was very eagerly waiting for knowing what happened. But since class started she kept quiet. Immediately after bell rang she tortured ishaani and pragya to tell what happened. They explained all but didnt spoke a single word regarding aadarsh. But she asked about him. Pragya said he didnt do anything. He just came wrote exams and went. Swadeentha got upset. She made a dull face while ishaani and pragya started laughing. Then they told that aadarsh missed her. Swadeentha beated ishaani for joking but still she was a bit sad. Ishitha noticed this from her bench. She thought of making aadarsh and swadeentha meet. Other side boys reached their class. Ranveer was excited to ask what happened. It was maths class there. While the entire class was silent ranveer continously made siiis…..siis…. Sound trying to call Purab. Purab turned and asked him to shut up as teacher might catch them. And exactly same happened. Maths sir saw their antics and sent both of them out. Purab starred at Ranveer but Ranveer doesnt care it. He went on asking him what happened even while standing out. Purab said bulbul doesnt gave any reaction. Purab was a bit sad but then went on asking about ishaani. Purab stared at him. He then said that ishaani searched for him. Ranveer was really happy. But purab got irriked. He asked him u r in love with bulbul. Then y r u worried about Ishaani. But Ranveer had no answer for this question. Mean while the sir noticed these two talking and throwed the duster at purab. His face was entirely covered with chalk powder. Ranveer and whole class laughed loud. Purab pinched Ranveer.

Its lunch break. Ishitha was searching idea to make swadeentha meet aadarsh. Just then their physics mam came and distributed their exam papers which they wrote that morning. She also had boys papers in hand. She suddenly called Ishitha and asked her to note down all the students marks in wall paper. She also handed over the boys papers to her and asked her to give it in boys class and also asked her to hand over the wall paper to her in phy lab which is in boys block. Ishitha said ok mam. She was very happy and knew that it was the chance. She quickly filled the wall paper. She then called swadeentha and told her to accompany her to boys block. Though swadeentha initially refused then she had accepted. They both went through the link in their floor. Ishitha asked her to give the exam papers to the class leader of boys class and she went to phy lab to hand over the wall paper.

In boys class, aadarsh was upset and was lying sadly on his table. Just then swadeentha entered. But he didnt notice. The very moment she entered their class entire class started shouting Aadarsh…. Aadarsh. He then woke up and looked at the door but couldnt believe his eyes. Its swadeentha. He smiled at her and blushed. But she stared at him and felt very bad as the entire class was teasing her with his name. She just then came back without giving the papers. Aadarsh felt bad and shouted at his friends. Ishitha came back and asked what happened. Swadeentha told everything. Ishitha got angered. She took swadeentha along with her and went to 10B. The students saw Ishitha coming. So they started to even tease her. They just started shouting Purab’s name. But ishitha with a very stern voice called out class leaders name. It was Mihir again. She then just blasted out him for his class cheap behaviour. She started shouting and soon the whole class became silent. She warned the whole class to be disciplined or else she would complain to H.M. She then gave the answer papers to Mihir and asked him to distribute it. When she turned and about to leave just then Purab tried to enter. They would have collided but in a moment swadeentha pulled Ishitha back. The class again started to giggle. While Ishitha turned towards the class and gave a wide stare. She then asked sorry to Purab and moved from there. Purab blinked and asked Mihir what happened. In girls class they came back while swadeentha told Ishaani and Pragya everything. Pragya started laughing. Ishaani said shut up and said Ishitha had done correct thing. Kushi who was with Ishitha was also listening all these. She then asked Ishaani why all are teasing purab with Ishitha’s name. She asked them to tell entire story. But Ishaani and pragya felt uncomfortable and told her its personal. Kushi felt insulted and moved away from there. This made Ishitha angry. She told Ishaani that she shouldnt have reacted like that Kushi as she would have got hurt. Ishaani got tempered and shouted at Ishitha. She said do u want me to tell all stories to her. I know she is your friend but for that she should not interfere in all our matters. If u want ur old friend then just go with her itself. These words shook Ishitha. She didnt spoke a single word and went from there. Ishaani didnt expect this from ishitha as whenever they used to fight Ishitha always would stay calm and will try to explain her. But this time Ishitha just went. Ishaani thought that now Ishitha have different priorities. Other side Ishitha thought that Ishaani had doubted her and how can she say go with kushi itself. The girls didnt speak that day fully. While Pragya and swadeentha thought that all these happened only because of kushi.

Next day morning Ishitha came early and was ready for exam. Then came ishaani. Ishaani thought of talking to Ishitha but Ishitha unknowingly ignored her. This made ishaani red hot. Other side Ranveer with the reason of meeting his friends came to exam hall. He saw bulbul. Bue she didnt even see him. He then tried to see Ishaani. She was in high anger. But he thought of playing a prank on her. He took a sheet of paper and pretended to throw it on bulbul. But his actual aim was Ishaani. Ishaani thought that he is trying to seek Bulbul’s attention. This further irriked her. Ranveer then threw paper on Ishaani. Ishaani took that paper and went near him. She bursted him. She said u want to talk to ur lover means do it outside. Its our class. Here we are writing exams. By the way what are u doing here. This is place for toppers. U hav no job here. If again i would see u here then ill definitely complain to Principal. Get lost. These words insulted Ranveer so much. He left the place immediately. Ishitha noticed all these things. But didnt spoke a word. They finished their exams and reached class. Pragya insisted Ishitha to talk to Ishaani. While Ishitha asked her to go and advice ishaani. Other side Ranveer was totally upset. Purab noticed it and he also saw traces of tears in his eyes. Purab and Abhi enquired him. Initially he refused to tell but then he told everything. Purab got raged. He cursed Ishaani and thought to himself that ill teach her a lesson tomorrow.

Lunch break came. Kushi went to Pragya to ask some notes while swadeentha and pragya said we dont have it and pls dont disturb us. Kushi felt bad. Ishitha watched it. She went to kushi and asked her not to care about all these things. Kushi nodded and went. At home kushi thought that only because of her they all were fighting. She started crying. Mean while a voice was heard saying lizard. Kushi shouted suddenly and jumped from her place asking where is lizard. That boy laughed loud. Kushi stared at him and chased him while he started running. They both stopped at terrace just then kushi said as usual u got stuck. That boy holded his ears and did situps while kushi laughed. Its Arnav. Studying 10th in some other school. He is new tenant at kushi’s house, came 1 year ago. Kushi and arnav then became good friends….. Arnav then asked kushi why was she crying while she told everything. He said leave these serial fights and laughed. While kushi stared at him…..

Precap: Purab insulting Ishaani.

Credit to: Shree


  1. Honey

    Its simply superb,ur ff resembles last 3 year from now & happy to go through the memories

  2. Feeling bad for ours girls fight jst due to misunderstandings. Hope they patch up soon. So Ranveer is himself confused abt him feelings… Nice episode… Take care… 🙂

  3. Arohi

    Fantastic shree, awesome episode, nd what I doubted is true ……..becoz school friends are best ones nd thanks for replying me yr …… u people r college going guys ……….again so nice yr ….that one swadarsh scene ?????????……..,…….nd I thought ur friend circle is related to this story………..and as alway u r superb writer ???

  4. Rafida

    I know that Ran veer played prank on Ishaan but what was the need to insult him like this ? Just don’t understand sometimes ywhy you write the ff like this ?. I key anyways not good but average.

  5. Neelam

    Dear Shree the was just fantastic you have explained all the situation very gracefully it was so good ?

  6. Fantabulous siissy….sorry for not commenting yesterday…feeling sad for our girls…but it’s cute in friendship…when we fight and didn’t speak..after patch up…we will remind those fights and laugh out..

  7. Julina

    Hey shree.. I hope u don’t forget me.. sooooo sry for not replying ur previous epis… actually I accidently cut my hand while doing practicals exam….. so i couldn’t even hold my mobile…. today its somewhat better… I read all ur epis…. really its just suuuuuuuuuuperb…. what should I tell…. I don’t have any words…. just blockbuster hit….. u r an awsom writer…. u connected evrything just perfect….. evry character is sooo natural…. waiting for precap…pls. pls pls update soon….

  8. Reena

    I liked this episode shree. Although ishani shouldnt have insulted ranveer, he shouldn’t do that to her also… and i want isitha and ishani to be friends soon.. and ranveer to realise his love for ishani

  9. karthu

    Superbbb .. Bt I really felt bad for girls gang.. The separation b/w them make me feel bad .. Don’t do like that.. I also feel bad for kushi .. Pls also include kushi on that gang… But really nice.. I like the purab – rv scene , they trying to talk while CLS . it s really nice…

  10. karthu

    Supebbb Yarr.. I like it .. Pls don’t split the girls gang.. And also include kushi .. In that team.. I like purab – rv scene in cls

  11. Reeshu

    Shree u r a awesome writer yaar…. I know that our girls will patch up soon .its just silly fight na .poor rv… Swadarsh scences are suuuuuuperbbbbbbbb……..that moment when everyone called Aadarsh….aadarsh .. Awesome . kushi and arnav cute . swadhu and aadarsh I love u both…… Keep rocking Shree…….

  12. ude

    Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww amazing dr………rocking……………. But little bit of sad because two besties got apart ……….please unit them soon……….

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