IS THIS LOVE???? ( Epi-12) (Kkb, yhm, Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)

Hai dears….. Good day to u all. Iam very very happy to read all ur lovely comments. Thank u so much sweet hearts…. Paru, shriti, varsha, sana, durga, reshma pradeep, sumaiya sumi, myna, safu, achu, tanvee, dr neelam, shalini, reena, bakyashir, vigan, reeshu, bunny,tharu, dr karthu,… And jasmine rahul i do always read ur comments dr. I hav mentioned ur name in previous epis too. Chk it. Ur comments r really lovely. And yes shruthi and reeshu iam also a tamilian from chennai. And sorry karthu i was not able to make it up for tanu and rishi. In future ill try. And yes missing some comments of dhruva, rookey rookers… and others. And thank u for silent readers too.


Its morning. H.M has announced that the meeting for layer 1 students will be in the evening only after school hours. Girls were not able to hold on to the excitement. That side even boys had no clue about meeting. Suddenly in the lunch break Principal came to girls class and called all layer 1 students. He there itself gave some instructions and motivational talks. Then he went away. It was then realised by girls that it was the meeting which was scheduled evening. So now no more meeting. And no chance to meet boys. Girls were asked to leave once their school got over and they were informed that from next day they will start writing their exams and were asked to come early in the morning and report in some class in girls block. Ishitha and co had a mild heart break. Because they were so excited. Pragya said its all our fate and gave a deep breath. Mean while swadeentha teased all saying that u ppl abondoned me ryt thats y god gave u punishment. All girls stared at her while she was laughing. Then they began to beat her.
Other side boys… It was last period before the school gets over.Suddenly Aadarsh stood and asked permission to go restroom from mam. Mam said ok. He went and came. Next purab followed by abhi asked the same. Mam got irritated and scolded them. Entire class laughed but not Ranveer. Last period got over. Actually our boys went to restroom just to dress up them selves so that they will look better in front of girls. But Ranveer was quite upset. All started to leave the class except the 7 layer one students. Then H.M. came along with Principal. They all stood to wish him but all their eyes were grazing at the door searching for the girls. Principal asked tem to sit down. But boys didnt hear it and were continously looking at the door. He then shouted sit down. Then principal gave all instructions and then asked them to be ready for tomorrows test. They were given their venue. Principal then left. The boys were red hot. They started scolding him for conducting separate meetings and were totally upset. Both boys and girls thought that they could not meet here after as their schedule will also be separate.

Next day. Layer 1 girls other than our heroines came to their exam hall and were reading. It was then Abhi entered. He saw girls and got stunned. Then he realised that the exam venue is gonna be the same for both boys and girls hereafter. This means daily morning he could see pragya. He face glowed brightly with a wide smile. He reached his spot placed his bag and ran to the restroom. He then made a small dance there. Then he calmly returned to his place, sat there, and took out his book to read while his eyes are searching only pragya. But the first one to enter was Ishaani. She naturally came to the class thinking its gonna be only girls. But to her surprise it was not so. She couldnt believe her eyes and pinched herself. Abhi watched her. Though she tried she was not able to control her smile. She sat in her place. Slowly all the boys came. And everybody had same reaction. All boys came. Last one was Raman. While he came all announced with utmost excitement that girls and boys had same exam hall. He was stunned but asked in a calm tone so what? Purab said just leave him he dont know the excitement of 9B. This iriked Raman. But still inside he was happy to meet Ishitha after long gap. Time was passing all boys thought that once they will go and inform this to Ranveer and planned to tease her. Mean while Ishaani too went outside. Then pragya came. She saw some girls and others only bags. She searched for her seat and saw a bag there. She tried to take the bag away from her place but it too heavy. Asking which stupid’s bag is this thinking that it would any of one girls bag and by then all girls were friends there, she tried to move away the bag. By then a voice was heard stating its my bag only. Immediately Pragya told idiot take it thinking it must be some girl. But just then she came back to senses and was taken aback by that voice. It was the voice which gave her so much pain. Which made her nights sleepless. Yes its Abhi. She slowly turned and was completely shocked. She widened her eyes and moved back, hit by bench and fell on the bench. Mean while Abhi quickly said careful pragya. She dont know what to say. She then again checked her roll num and yes it was her place. So she sat there. Mean while Abhi got cleared and sat in the same bench at another corner. Abhi’s reaction was as if the same as in dairymilk shots ad ( wanna eat ladoo). They both saw at each other secretly. Ishaani from other bench shouted pragya have eyes on ur book too as u r gonna write exam teasingly. While Abhi laughed for Ishaani’s counter.

Though Ishaani was happy her eyes continously searched Ranveer. She was looking at the door for every 5 secs. Purab noticed it. So he from his place said to Abhi in a high sound that he was missing Ranveer. But he is not selected what to do. Ishaani heard this and the very moment her glow was completely gone. Then came aadarsh. He was the most happiest person knowing that all are gonna have same venue. But he was searching for his girl. Its too late. So he who was sitting in a bench before Abhi went a step ahead. He directly turned to pragya and asked her sister how r u. Pragya replied she is fine. She then understood his intentions and informed aadarsh that swadeentha was not selected. His fuse was completely gone. He then took out his book and started reading without caring about anything.

Its time to start their exam. Invigilator mam came and told them to arrange all their bags outside. Ishitha has not yet come. All boys gathered outside to arrange their bags. Purab told Abhi that all girls came but where is our 9B jhansi rani? He told him that i think ahe was also not selected. Abhi laughed at him and told purab remember she is school topper and u r telling that she has not selected. Dont joke. By the way why u r so concerned about Ishitha abhi asked him teasingly. Purab beated him. And they started to move inside. Just then Raman who had forgotten to take his pen came outside to take it. Ishitha just entered then with book in her hand and was seriously reading something. She unknowingly hit Raman. She uttered sorry without even looking at his face and about to pass him. Just then she noticed that it was Raman. Her eyes widened. She asked u here? He told this is only my venue too. She asked really. Before that he went. She thought that his ego will never go. She placed her bag outside and went in. Purab saw her and gave a smile. She too smiled back thinking is all ok with purab. She sat in her bench which is opposite to the bench in which Raman and Purab were sitting. Mean while teacher distributed answer sheets to all and she has gone to get the question papers. Just ishitha didnt get the answer sheet as she came a bit late. She noticed the answer sheets were kept in Raman’s table as it was the first bench. She thought of asking him but then decided to ask Purab just to make Raman jealous. She wantedly called purab and asked him to pass the sheets. He did the same. Mean while all boys pulled purab’s leg as ishitha herself talked to him. This irritated Raman to the core…..
Then they all completed their exams. While dispersing purab was moving and behind him bulbul was there. He just lost his balance and fell back on her. Immediately he stood up and asked sorry nearly 10 times. As he got embarrassed for falling on his friend’s lover. He went. But bulbul blushed. Ishitha and Ishaani noticed it.

Precap: Ranveer got scolding from Ishaani.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    they cud’nt attend d meeting as it was in d they all were disappointed.but 4 exams they have d same venue.Abhigya r actually happy seeing each other.Ishita purposefully asked purab 2 make raman jealous n others r making fun of purab with ishita’s name.due 2 continous teasing will purab rly fall 4 ishita?Purab fell on Bulbul.he was guilty as she is ranveer’s luv.but she will purab n ranveer react knowing bulbul’s crish on Purab?

    In d previous update’s note I’ve seen my name.but b4 that i’ve never seen my name in ur notes n in d previous update also my name was not among d regular readers tho i comment regularly.So I doubted if u r missing my comments as i comment late at night or something.i did’nt want u to miss my appreciation.that’s why i i’m happy that u have read all my comments from d beginning

  2. Shree unite swadarsh. And show more scenes fr aadarsh and swadeentha.will you do it ?

  3. Today’s epi just awesome. It remembered my school days. Plz update next asap

  4. really awesome episode yar.. just love it

  5. Very nice Shree . keep going like this . And I m very happy to hear that u also from Tamil nadu .That too in chennai . But I’m from vlr.

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome update shree.poor Ranvi.I love him lot and waiting for next update.

  7. Amazing update Shree! I am love Ranveer and want ishveer to be together!

  8. Very nice episode Shree I loved it specially the dairy milk shots scene ?? it was awesome dear

  9. Awesome shree, u r really mind blowing writer, and sorry for again asking question …..I just want to know that the boys nd girls are still friends in real life as u said girls r still good friends….. and are they have same feeling for each other ……don’t misunderstood me shree I m just asking this becoz I wanna know that is reel story can be same in real life ……becoz ur writing style is just remembering me of my school days …….and one more question shree …..what r u doing at present …..nd what our story stars r doing in real life …….I think u will be angry on me for asking too much …..BT I really wanna know these things as ur fan fiction has controlled my brain fully and I use to think about story according to my school experience and then its really amazing for me that what I think , u write same in ur next episode ?

  10. guys yhm kkb are in danger on ishq ka rang sawad come to wriiten update

  11. Super episode I like abi dance in restroom think ishanni and ishita will start noticing bulbul whenever purab is crossing or hitting or even seeing by the way I’m f4om tirupur guys where is rookey so sad of ishanni and aadarsh plz unite ishveer

  12. I like pragya shockness and the boys were standing and waiting when the principal came that scene also I like

  13. Nice yaar

  14. Oh god it’s really sooooooooo cute abhigya scene especially ishani counter s ultimate chanceless thn really diary milk shot as really superb yaar n im just loved it I’m enjoying ur ff completely

  15. its awesome… Cute… Lovely…

  16. Todaysss episode is superbbbb… I like the excitement… And today I got a relief , because abhi now feeling for pragya.. That make me feeling happy… And rabul ki story bhi aaj start hogaya… I’m really happy….. And I like ishani’ counter towards praya … And also feel bad for ishani and adarsh… And ur way of writing is just amazing yarrr.. Todays episode is rockzzz.. Then sorry bolne ki koi zaroorath nahi… Iknow u will include rishi and Tanu.. I’m waiting for that..

  17. Lovely epi dr.i want ishveer together.R u from tamilnadu happy to hear tis iam also from tamilnadu

  18. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwww…… Its AWESOME yaar…..loved it………

  19. Episode was good but missing ma ranveer in layer 1.

  20. Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww shrew I always love ur ff very much……..u ar awesome……… Even today episode is mind blowing dr… …………love it soooooooooo much. ………. Sorry I couldn’t able to comment u in ur some episodes sorry for that ……..

  21. U r jst awesome yrr… Day by day after reading ur story I m becoming a great great fan of urs… U r really really talented… Reading ur ff I really feel connected to u & all the characters of ur ff… Hats off… I would like to know wat r u doing??? I mean studies or like that??? I m soooo thankfull to TU coz I got very nice friend like… May God bless you… Take care… 🙂

  22. Fantastic epi shree even I am from Tamilnadu ma and I need u to make abhi to fell jealousy pls will u do

  23. Very cute.

  24. Awsomeeee.. I loved it <3 can't wait for next update…

  25. sorry for late update dr…u make me mad for this ff dr…
    really its just awesome dr..

  26. superb episode

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