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Hai hai hai dears…. Really today iam over whelmed. I couldnt even believe that i had completed 10 epis. Its all just bcoz of u guys. Thank u soo much. Reshma, jasmine Rahul, durga, dhruva, shalini,bakyashir, shruthi, sana, Neelam, tharu, tanvee, Rookey Rookers, shriti and of course dear karthu, honey, prince, tq varsh fr commenting, and my regular commenters reena, dear sumaiya sumi, prince, new silent commenters vigan, sathyav, myna, lola, Anuprena,achu, Arohi, stuti, karthi sriti.And belated happy bday paru. U Should hav told me. Anyways stay always happie and blessed. Yes shruthi those girls were still the same friends. Rookey yes i know school life is best. Tq fr such lovely comment. Not only she tq all for such beautiful comments. Luv u all. This means a lot to me.


Its the last day of their 9th officially. Its last exam Biology. Girls exam hall was in third floor of Ranga block. While boys exam hall was in second floor of same block. Its busy morning. Ishitha was seriously learning one last chapter. Suddenly Ishaani came and told her that the 10th topper class students list have been pasted down. She informed her that their new class is 10F. Its gonna be the girls topper class. Pragya and swadeentha went and checked the list. The first name was their own Ishitha as all know that she is school topper. Other side boys searched their list. Their class was 10B. Boys topper class. Finally exams got over. They are no more 9Bians now. With a heavy heart girls sadly got down the steps. Other side Boys were coming towards them. The adjacent Venkataraman block now bacame boys block while Ranga block is gonna be for girls. There is a two link pathways for these two blocks. One in 2nd and other in 3rd floor. Boys are coming towards the link in second floor while girls are climbing down the steps adjacent to the link. As there is plenty of crowd the queues halted. Pragya sensed her Abhi. She just lifted her head and found him standing in the opposite queue. They both looked at each other. While Raman was smiling because all his friends who got shuffled up in beginning of 9th are gonna reunite. But Ishitha had a hard heart. Aadarsh and swadeentha are almost at the verge of tears. The queue slowly started moving in opposite direction diverting their ways. There was moving Ranveer too. He saw Ishaani coming in opposite direction. While just passing Ranveer just wishpered sorry in Ishaani’s ears. And also Aadarsh slightly touched swadeentha’s hand. Finally their ways got separated. After reaching class ishaani asked herself did he really said sorry??

Now it was 10F and 10B. That day only some instructions were given. From next day classes started. Girls class almost had all the nerds. Ishitha’ s old friends were also there. Shagun was there. Ishitha knew that this year is gonna be tough. Mean while her entire concentration shifted towards studies. It was lunch break then. First lunch break where there is mischievous activities of boys. Girls felt some emptiness. That side boys planned to go to ground to have a look at girls. Then they realised that girls will not be permitted to come to boys side of ground. So they all stayed at class itself for the first time. Days passed. One month was completed. Now its their summer holidays. When they come back they should write their first cycle test. Teachers told them, afterall they are toppers class.

Now their official calander year of 10th has started. Its june. Time started running. Classes… Tests….Marks….Ranks…. These things filled their minds. Mean while Ishitha was separated and made to sit in 2nd bench of middle row while Ishaani, pragya and swadeentha sat in the last bench of right corner row. Initially though it was tough then Ishitha managed herself. Even the friends didnt complain because they just want Ishitha to always be on top and now competetion was increased. So they just let Ishitha concentrate on her studies. Mean while ishitha got close to her old friends and some new friends too. But in lunch break she would just ignore all and would share the time with her own girls. But then something irritated Pragya, Ishaani and swadeentha. It was Ishitha’s old best friend who studied along with ishitha since 4 years and were just separated in 9th. It was kushi…. She would always stick to Ishitha and will have somewhat a childish behavior. This irritated girls. But Ishitha got stuck between her past and present friends. She dont know to take which side.
Mean while in boys class all got very close. Now Purab’s gang has got expanded. Now it also included Raman and his friends. As days passed things began to change. They all noticed that it was not the same as before. Shagun became the class leader as ishitha refused this time. Slowly the girls started to mingle and Ishitha made the entire class her friends. In course of she was slowly drifted away from her own gang. But girls didnt complain because they know ishitha will never forget them.

One more month passed. The class is somewhat set. Ishitha again topped the cycle test. It was then the school decided to further filter the toppers into Layer 1. These students will be writhing exams daily early in the morning around 7.00 a.m and then would join other toppers in the class at 9.00 a.m in regular schedule. This layer 1 has around 22 students. Girls got irritated as the school has started to squeeze them. That day H.M. came and announced the names of layer 1 students. It had Ishitha, pragya, Ishaani, Bulbul, kushi and few other girls name. When counted there was only 15 girls name. Ishitha wondered what about rest 7 in total 22. Mam then announced that the rest 7 will be boys. Girls had a sweet shock. But poor swadeentha missed her name in squad. Though she felt bad she didnt show up and joked that u ppl will be killed daily with exams while ill be free. That side boys name were announced. Its Abhi, purab, Aadarsh, Raman, and other 3 while Ranveer missed it. Mam announced that tomorrow there will be a short meeting for all these students. Boys were on cloud nine as they are gonna meet their fighting stars nearly after 3 months. Same with girls here……

Precap: Boys and girls meeting after a long gap.

And thank u guys fr all ur suggestion. Now i had included Arnav and kushi as new lead. I am so sorry fr ignoring some of ur suggestions. Very sorry. Pls frgive me. But i promise in upcoming college track i will definitely include ur fav pairs like Paru- Rudra, Tanu- rishi, naagin pair, manan. Sorry if i had hurted u. Pls forgive me.

Credit to: Shree

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  5. sory guys if I hurted & shree sorry

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    Parting scene was touchy.While going in diff direction Ranveer whispering sorry 2 ishaani n Adarsh touching swadeenta’s hand were lovely.Khushi as ishita’s friend?surprise entry.Is Arnav coming?So boys going 2 meet girls after a long time.lets c what will b d outcome.

    Do u miss reading my comments?Bcz i always comment on ur ff..every part.But 1st time i saw my name in note..that also not among d regular readers

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