IS THIS LOVE????? (Epi- 10) ( kkb, yhm,Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)


Hai dears…. How r u all…. Iam really happy to read ur comments. Thank u so much. My hearty thanks to durga, ankita, dhruva, akshaya, tanvee, Bakyashir, tharu, reeshu, reena, sana, rookey rookers, sumaiya sumi, Reshma pradeep, Karthu, Neelam,honey, shalini. Thnk u fatarajo fr commenting agn. And yes Arohi, this happened in my school. Haaaiiiii to all lovely silent readers too.Also missing some friends comments like karthika, sara, varsha, julina and soo. Pls do comment frnds.


ECA day has come. Everybody’s stalls were so pretty and all got appreciation from chief guest. Then the function started. Ishitha was hanging out behind the stage and was ready for her speech. After her speech there is one dance performance and then its Raman’s karathe performance. Ishitha thought of wishing him but then she stopped herself. Ishitha’s name was called out. She gave a wonderful speech as usual. All appreciated her so much. She again came back to the stage to pick her water bottle. She expected Raman to appreciate her but this time to she got hurt as he didnt even give a damn. She was about to leave just then a voice called her. It was Raman’s friend. They all had tied cotton bands in their hands. But Raman’s band had got loosened. As their hands had band they cant tie it to him. And there was nobody else there. So he asked ishitha to help him. Ishitha said ok but the one who needed the help is not opening the mouth. Raman stared at her and asked her to tie it quickly in a rough tone. She smiled to herself and went near him. She held his hands and started to tie it. On the stage dance performance was going on. The song played was…..

Ishk ishk karna hai kar ley, ishk ishk me jee ley mar ley
Ishk ishk hai sab se pyara
Ishk ishk karna hai kar ley, ishk ishk me jee ley mar ley
Ishk ishk naa ho dobara
Ishk hee toh jindagee hai, ishk hee toh har khushee hai
Ishk me khud ko bhulake jhum
Dhoom machale, dhoom machale dhoom –

They both looked at each other. Just then Raman’s friend shook him and asked him to come as their name is gonna be announced. Ishitha took her hands from his hands and wished all the best. He replied thanks while a unknown smile creeped into his lips.He went. While she came and sat with her friends. Raman’s name was announced. Ishaani, pragya and swadeentha turned and looked teasingly at Ishitha’s face the very next moment. Their karathe performance started. Ishitha inside her blushed and told to herself that just few more weeks. Then we will be in the same class Raman. Then i will clear all the fights between us. Even Ishaani thought the same thing looking at Ranveer who was volunteering there. Its because in their school in 10th they will separate Toppers class. The girls know that they all will be in same class and boys would also be in same one.

Days passed. It was Bulbul’s birthday. Ranveer was very excited. He himself went to the shop and bought her a small gift with his pocket money. That day in the ground Ranveer waited for her to give her the gift. She came along with her friends. He went and gave her gift. She took it and threw it on to the ground. She told him not to do such things and tells him that if u really love me then wait for me till 12th std gets completed. And asked him not to disturb her in between. Ranveer felt very bad and insulted. He came and shared his sorrow with Purab. Mean while Purab got tempered and he went to confront Bulbul.

He called her and started shouting at her. She shouted in return. While they are arguing suddenly P.T master came and confronted them. He threatened them to take to Principal. Bulbul was really scared. She was about to tell all the things mean while Purab to save his friend Ranveer took the entire blame on him. Master left Bulbul and took purab to principal’s office where he was warned for one last time. This character of Purab impressed her.

Other side Purab was very angry with Ishitha as bulbul stated that she knows all about Ranveer as ishitha told her. Purab misunderstood that only Ishitha told something wrong about Ranveer to her. Next day in the lunch break again Purab gang and our girls started fighting. They blamed each other and confronted each other. This fight went on for two days. It was sunday then. And also its their last week in 9th std. Only the before saturday all girls were happily discussing about their upcoming topper class. Ishitha and Ishaani firmly believed that they would manage everything next year as all boys will be in their class only. Especially ishitha was very excited. On that sunday actually ishitha went a outing with her family to few temples far away from her locality. She in temple praying for goodness of all her friends including Raman. Just then her phone rang. It was her one old friend. She informed a news which shocked ishitha. She told that due to some problem from next year our school is going to separate boys and girls. They will have separate blocks, separate teachers, separate canteen, separate stair cases all were gonna be separated. Ishitha was hell shocked. She then informed this to Ishaani, pragya and swadeentha. All were upset. Girls who thought that everything will be ok next year, this news came as a bolt from blue for them.

Its the last three days of their 9B. The one class which gave them so much of memories. Last days with their loved ones. As from next year they cant even see them. Pragya was lost in her thoughts while Abhi was continously looking at her filling his eyes with her image. Raman for the first time came to Ishitha’s class with a fake reason of looking out for teachers. Mean while even Ranveer’s eyes too searched for Ishaani in the entire ground. Aadarsh and swadeentha shared their last few moments. Its the last day…. They had EVS exam on that day. From next day main exams get started and they had separate exam hall. Boys badly missed girls as they know without girls, their teasings, fights life will be empty for them. Same with the girls. They all completed their exam and about to leave. Just then Aakash came running towards the girls and told them that no more fighting hereafter. U ppl go in your way and we in our way. If possible we all can be friends. Girls blinked at each other as they didnt expect this from boys. All other boys like purab and abhi were standing behind and waiting for girls reply. Girls then nodded yes. They all smiled at each other. That smiled marked the end of their beautiful class 9B…….

Precap: Our girls and boys new tale in their 10th.

And guys there is gonna be a new entry in the story. So pls suggest me a hero and heroine from any one of ur favorite serial. I will portray them in new leads.pls do comment and mention which couple do u all want to be the 5th lead pair.

Credit to: Shree

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Really loving ur ff.eagerly waiting for all time favorite is ishveer.I don’t watch so much u can add any couple.

  2. Its superb yarrr.. But I’m going to miss the fight teasing scenes… Oooo but very excited to know about the 10 std.. And I would suggest rishi and Tanu from the serial kasam.. Their jodi is always rockzzz.. I should told that some more Jodie’s..
    Arnav and kushi from ipkknd
    Kummud and Sara’s from saraswatichadra..
    But its only my suggestion..
    Bt I really want Tanu and rishi will be the upcoming entry.. The serial kasam ajkal bahuth logo ko pasanth araha hai.. So I requesting u..
    And decision is urs… Hopefully waiting for ur next episode.. Todays episode is also rockzzz.. Lovely ending of 9B .. Waiting for 10 std

  3. marveloustic story sis… r u???

  4. Hii shree, today’s episode is awesome!!!….. Raman n Ishita part is too nice …even I have same memory with my friend in school

  5. Lets have vividha and atharv . Or pari and sattu

  6. First of all I m soooo sorry for nt commenting in previous episode as I was a little busy as it was my b’day. Bt I read & that was too good. & ya ur ff is really good, this track is nt at all boring. & today’s episode brought a big smile on my face wen they finally became friends… Lovely yrr. U r really talented. 🙂

  7. Superbbbbb Shree! I liked this episode.. But when will Ranveer realise his love??

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOME as usual yaar…….Really loved it soooooo muchhhh…….Missing School life sooooooo badly…….But this FF … its Really a refreshment of School Memories…….& Abt the Upcoming Entry….Actually my fav Pair Is ISHRA….. But ISHRA is already in it….So I would like to suggest “ARSHI”……. Its just only a suggestion….Decision is Urs……….?

  9. So superb. Gonna miss the masti fights of our heroes n heroines. Expect more in 10th stnd…….

  10. I’m a silent reader n today episode was awesome.. It’s make remember bout old school memories.. Really nice.. I suggest rudra n paru from the serial rangrasiya… Their r awesome pair oso..

  11. Its awesome, i want aarti & hash from lunar vivah

  12. Nice episode dr.but truely i wanna tell u i dnt like ranvee loves bulbul becoz ranvee is only for ishani .ishveer is always best..

  13. Awesome epi. When will ranveer realise his love for ishu

  14. Nice…… Arnav and khusi

  15. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    shree sissy , love u, no words to xpress , just tears , the last para was sooo touching , i remember my 9th d , i miss it very much , soooooooo badly , i don’t know , i am sooooo touched with ur ff from 1st , really it is just 90percent my class . the last when we all hug each other and cryed nearly for 30 mins, came before my eyes and the last day is only fun , boys and girls played , sang songs together , danced , had many many many funs , that is a wonderful moment , which could not be brougt back and erase , i miss my classmates very very much , really , no words to xpress , thax u dear , today as a writer u won dear .
    i cried dear as i read ur ff . really i miss my 9 , 10 d – for dons ….. tears r running from eyes ….. love u …… thax for ur ff ……

    and i suggest to add arnav and kushi

  16. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes even ruthra and paru is a better choice

  17. My suggestion is shivanya ,rithik and tanu
    , rishi and I’m silent reader I posted only few comments and I’m a tamilian

  18. oooooooh we had the same feeling in our laat day in 9b i cant sleep tonight thinking abt that

  19. Sorry siissy…for not commenting yesterday…the episode was really awesome…your writing skill was super..we can see the reality in the story…yah,in our school also boys one block..girls one block…we too miss the days…last scene was nice..and I want to ask u one question? Sissy…u said it’s real the girls in real life are still friends?..

  20. And don’t take leap soon bcoz scl life is the bst and I’m studying in scl andit is my first ff reading the only reason is it is a scl theme let it go for some other days nice theme my humble request plz plz plz

  21. It was really a awesome epi and I think next tale will be interesting than this shree

  22. Hey.. I m one of your silent readers.. Today’s episode was awesome as usual.. I would like to see Manik and Nandini from Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.. Please add them.. #manan?

  23. Karthi srithi

    Obviously abhigya and pls join ishveer i am worried

  24. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes i agree with achu , plz don’t end it , even i am on sch , but still i miss my old std and frnds , really u have done a great job , i wish u from my bottom of heart ,dear . and what r u doing shree and where r u from ?

  25. jasmine Rahul

    ishra scene was sweet.Ranveer got insulted by bulbul 4 gifting on her b’day.Purab scolded her 4 that n it became an issue.but it impressed bulbul.thats good.want 2 c tanveer’s reac seeing them 2gether.last day of class n in next class not mixed.all r sad.lets whats going 2 happen in new yr

  26. Hey dear Shree the episode was amazing finally boys and girls have no arguments btw them that’s good and I think you can take Shikhar as fifth character for hero and any other heroine or may be shivanya as his pair or you can make the fifth pair with your own imagination which can also be interesting

  27. awesome superbbbb

  28. Sorry agree… I was not able to comment… But I regularly read ur ff dear… Today episode is awesome…

  29. sorry for late comment dr…..its just awesome…..
    u rocked…..

  30. Why don’t you put Twinkle and Kunj from Tashen e Ishq of ZEE TV channel?

  31. Twinkle n Kunj from Tashen E Ishq Zeetv channel

  32. Can I comment

  33. Please update next episode soon.

  34. Mantu amaya

  35. Devakshi

  36. Manya frm tere sheher mein .,shadika frm matsh,devkshi frm that OK….

  37. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    i am too from trippur aksu , happy to get ur frndship dear .

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