IS THIS LOVE?????? (Epi-1) (Kkb, Matsh, Yhm, Dehleez)


Hai friends. Iam Shree, a silent reader. After reading all u ppl ff i just got inspired and thought of writing a ff. It will be a small and sweet ff. A summer treat fr all u guys. Pls read and support. Pls do comment abt good and also bad.


This ff starts in school and traces the path of their life. Actually this story is a real one. I have watched it bfore my eyes. So just presenting it to u all with a bit of fiction.

At school, in class 9B. The school management just then shuffled all students from class 8 into different sections. All r new in the clss though school is old. But luckily two of old friends got same clss. They are Pragya and Swadeentha. One more girl is also there. They know her but not so much close. She is Ishaani. Then there enters a girl. She is the school topper. Teachers pet. Every body knows her bcoz she almost participates in all competitions and will win prizes. She enters the clss with a sad face bcoz all her friends are separated. She comes towards Ishaani and asks politely whether she can sit there. Its Ishitha. Ishani and ishitha sits in last bfore bench whereas Pragya and Swadu occupies the last bench.

Same class , boys side are present Abhi, who is pragyas clssmate last year too. His friend is Aadarsh and purab. Purabs best friend is Ranveer but unfortunately he was in some other clss this year. Raman is Ishitha’s friend but this year they both are also separated.

Classes started. Days passed. Without their senses itself all the four girls got close. Everybody started to care fr others and friendship bloomed among them.
One fine day teacher fr physics is absent who is also the class teacher. So class leader took all responsibilities. His name is Mani. An irritating fool. Tries to flirt ishitha. All her friends always woo her with his name. Ishitha will get irritated. Tat day asusual he started staring at Ishitha. Ishaani noticed it and passed the comments to back bench where pragya and swadhu started laughing. Ishitha shouted at them and changed the topic. She started asking all about their crushes. Firstly its Pragya. Initially pragya refused but then stated that she had a Crush on Abhi. Everybody got shocked and then began to taunt her. Then its Ishaani. She told tat its not crush but she just liked Ranveer who is her frnd and clssmate last year. Swadhu told tat she had nothing. Then all three said ok lets pair up our swadhu with someone here and selected aadarsh as he will always be watching her. All four started it just as a fun in teenage. When asked about Ishitha she firmly said nobody but they all used to make fun of her with Raman as he is the only boy whom Ishitha would talk to.

Poor boys are unaware of all these things and will always worry about biology Homework.

On other hand Ranveer had a crush on Bulbul who is in his class. Raman in another clss is already in love with a girl in his native village.

Nobody knows what the life gonna bring them in future. Without even knowing what love is all are living in a dream world. These childishness will become maturity and tat brings lots of changes in their lives.

Guys this is the beginning. As i already told u its a real life story. So pls read and comment. I will be waiting fr ur lovely comments. Pls. Byeeeee.

Credit to: Shree

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  1. Wow… suuuuuperb intro…. I can see reality here… I can’t wait for ur 1st epi… pls update soon…

  2. oh 9b it is my class too but now 10 b

  3. Awsome intro!! ???

  4. U just reminded me of my school days.Me and my friends also just tease eachother with boys name….I really miss those….thnq for reminding me.I was also in 9 B. and 10 B.11 D 12 E.I liked ur strt.Waiting for nxt

  5. wow so sweet…9B is my class too.. but now 10B……ur intro is bit similar to my class….we were also suffled from 8 to 9….my besties were in other class…but finally friendship bloomed between my classmates….

  6. Ur intro was awwssoomme . Nd I too was in 9b

  7. Hey yar I was also in 9B and this year in !0 b . So lovely and its an extremely diff concept……..cont yaar

  8. Pls update daily . Nice writing skills . I remembered by 5th Std when my Bf left school and I was all alone.

  9. So nice episode eagerly waiting for the next

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Awesome…….

  11. You know that also happend to me ,not the full story i m talking about the basic thing, splitting of class, in 7 class yes i do remember, we had two sections 6T and 6C, but as new session began it was 7T, 7C And 7S! Ahhh i hated it, my all friends were in 7c and me with other friend in 7S, i hated it at beggining but as time passed everyone became friend and again im 8th class our classes were splitted and i was in 8C, and all my friends were with mee! Ahh those days, u just made me remember them! Thanks! And amazing episode !i love realistic things!

  12. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    seema story … i love it so nice pls updateb fast , the next . shree u have a great writing skill , should say . i can imagine my own school …

  13. This is so interesting loved it 🙂

  14. Sumaiya Sumi

    Woooowwwwww wonderful start. …. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  15. Nice yaar bt one thg tz all happened in my school when I was 10b tat time our school shuffled n same ditto these intro happen in my life yaar… I don’t know much more abt ur ff bt this intro happen yaar in my class not 4 a sake I’m saying true actually these things happened yaar anyway I’m enjoying a lotttttt excited 4 next episode yaar

  16. hey shree u were writing love after marriage ff why have u stopped it plz update I want to read further

  17. Same intro just like my class I studied in 9 b 10 b 11 b now in12 b loved ur intro we also used to do like this

  18. Marvellous dear…I hate class shuffling…but in sometimes we will love it.. btw…nice start. Update soon.

  19. wow superb yaar. superb story. very awesome. waiting for the next episode

  20. sana (abhigya)

    Nice story pls continue it

  21. Wow ur story is very interesting

  22. Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww its sound interesting dr…….carry on…….

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