Love In Enimity …….. Can it Happen ??? (Episode 4)

Twinj in car
K- twinkle….
K-twinkle vo… i was thinking ki if our families will nt accept our relationship then……
T- stop the car
K- btt
T-stop the car kunj
K-are twinkle frst listen n
T-kunj stop the car
Kunj stops the car…
Twinkle cups his face ..
T-uh love me
K-yeah…. twinkle i love uh n will love uh foreva
T-uh trust me???
K- more than my self

T-we r together right????
K-yeah.. we r together foreva..
T-so kunj we can do anything together…
They both hug …..

Sharaj in a cafe

Uv-alisha… may i ask uh a question…
A-yeah… sure
Uv-do uh have any prblm wid me ..
A-nope yaar y will i have any prblm that too wid uh
A-acha same quetion goes fr uh
Uv-answer is the same
A-ohh…. so uh n mahi love eo..
Uv-no we r only frnds
A-ohhkk i think i should leave
Uv-yah okk byee

Kahi in a park..
Mahi is waiting fr sumone
A guy comes n hugs her frm back

M-uh r late today ….. karan (karan wahi)
K-are mahi uh frgot m always late ..
Funny tune plays ..
M-yeah… whatever..
They both hug … n have a special cute moment…….

Twinj in car…..
Twinkle recieves a call from leela
T-yeh… ok maa take care yeah… i will be there dont wrry acha anita aunty is also going ohhkk yeah sure i will handle her …. byee

Call disconnected ..

T-r ur parents going london .
K-nope y…
T-there is a business meeting thats y ..
K-pata ni yaar bt praying ki they must go …
T-hehe yes…

Kunj too gets a call ….
K-yeah… ok byee

Call disconnected..
K-i love uh twinke…
He hugs her tightlyy
T-are are what happened??
K-maa n papa r going yayy….
T-haa okk cntrl ur emotions babyy
K-ni aaj cntrl ni hoga twinkle i love uh more than anything in the entire wrld…
T-meee 2

Nw everyone reaches their house (twiraj will be in luthra mansion coz of mahis marraige)

Twinkle is busy doing the preparations…
Uvraaj is eating chips n enjoying the whole scene…
Mahi comes n hits his head…
Uv-ouuch … tu pagal h kya mahi
M-main hoon toh ni pr ho jaaungi
Uv-what do uh mean
M-uv twinke dii is vry much busy n u r eating chips btw kon sa flavour tha…
Uv-tha ni h …. lays american style cream n onion
M-ohh.. vry gud
They both nw start to eat the chips ….

Engagement tym–

Karan comes wid kunj….
Twinkle is standing there talking wid uvraaj n laughing ….
Kunj enters n the frst thing he sees is twinkle ….
Twinkle turns n sees karan… she asks uvraaj to take care of karan n she goes to mahii….

Mahis room…
T-karan came mahi
M-haa toh aap itni khush q ho rhi ho???
T-kch ni soch rhi hoon ki main engagement kr loon ….
M-acha acha chalo

Twihi r climbing down the stairs….
Kunj is only watching twinkle …… twinkiis gaze fall on kunj n she thinks- yeh kunj yaha kya kr rha h ???? isse toh apne frnd ke engagement me jaana tha n ohh no dont tell me ki karan kunj ka frnd h omg lyk srsly ab kunj yehi rhega thnquu babjii …

Mahi comes down engagement is over–

Twinj scenes chahiye ???
Ya phir sharaj scenes ?????

Twinj scenes
M so srry aaj no twinj scenes only sharaj scenes h aaj …..

Uv goes to kitchen n his gaze falls on a grl wearing a anarkali suit want the links here it is —

Uv thinks- wahh yaar kya ladki h i mean ek woh make up queen h n ek yeh uv tu v commuted ho jaa vrna teri umar nikal jayegii

He goes to her n taps her shoulder… she turns

Twinj come there listening to the voice….

T-kya hua uv ????

Uv acts to be normal
Uv-ni dii kch ni hua woh iss make up queen ko pehli baar kisi ethinic outfit me dekha toh bas …..
T-tu n pagal h jaa usse baat kr tu toh chilla rha h

So the grl is alisha

Uv-ohhkk diii

Ab aage ki scenes kl dikhaungi aaj ke liye itna hii….

Kahi scenes chahiye ya twinj scenes….

Kahi scenes deti hoon .

Srry guys today no kahi scenes maine tm logon ke liye special twinj scenes likha h dont blush …..

Engagement is over everyone went bt kunj n alisha have to stay in luthra mansion ……

Its night twinke is sitting in the balcony of her room n watching the stars nt the moon (amavas ki raat hogi hai na lol)
She listens sum song wrding lyk sumone is singing
Hey Hey Ey Ey Ey Ey Hey Hey Hey Hey…… twinkle looks down from the balcony n finds kunj singing
Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga, Tumhi Pe Main Fida
Tumhe Hai Jabse Chaaha, Hawaaon Mein Udata Hoon
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…

twinkle smiles n continues the song..
Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga Ke Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai
Chalo Kahe Deti Hoon, Kabhi Nahi Jo Kahaan Hai
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…. by this tym twinkle climbs down the balcony.

Kunj sings-
Tum Jo Ghussa Bhi Karo Toh Mujhe Pyaar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun ???

Twinkle sings-
Main Toh Jo Bhi Kahu Tumhe Ikraar LagataHai Jaane Kyun???

Kunj pins twinkle on the wall n kisses her neck n sings-
Chhodo Bhi Ye Ada, Paas Aake Jara, Baat Dil Ki Koi Keh Do NaHey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona….

They both r walking on the road …. twinkles hand interlocked in kunjs hand n her head on his shoulder…

Twinkle sings-
Saari Duniya Ko Chhodake Maine Chaaha Hai Ik Tumhe

Kunj sings-
Maine Jindagi Se Maanga Hai Toh Sirf Maanga Hai Ik Tumhe

Nw twinkle keeps her hand around kunjs neck n sings-
Abb Isi Chaah Mein, Abb Isi Raah Mein, Jindagi Bhar Mere Tum hona… Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona….

Nw again kunj sings-
Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga, Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon
Tumhe Hai Jabse Chaaha, Hawaaon Mein Udata Hoon
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona….Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona……….
Song ends—
Dont wrry song end hua a episode ni avi baaki h yaar avi toh blush krna start hi kiya h avi toh baaki h …

Chalo ab road romance–

Both of them r walking on the street kunj sees a cycle he grabs twinkle hnd n goes near it …… nw kunj is riding the cycle n twinkle is sitting in front ….

K-hw was the surprise
T-i didnt like it
K-yeah…. i know uh loved it
T-nope i neither liked nor loved it …
K-hawww… yaar twinkle ab kya karroon i tried so much.
T-ths was awwwssuum kunj bt sumthing is pending
(Note:they r on the cycle)
K-kya ??
Twinkle kisses him a smooth one …..
K-ohhkk…. haa twinkle this was missing
Twinkle blushes…
K-i love uh
T-love uh infinityy
T-nope m joking hehehe
K-haa ok vry funny

Screen freezes

Precap- today precap will depend on ur votes only twinj romance chahiye yaa phir normal all couple romance ……

plsss vote

Forgive me guys m so srry wo actually i fainted many a times thats y couldnt post the epi m so srry yaar bt will try to post regularly love u all stay blessed bieeee n yeah thxxxx to all those who cmment on my ff

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