Love In Enimity …….. Can it Happen ??? (Episode 2)

Hey guys hw r uh all thxx for commenting on my first epi of Love In Enimity …….. Can it Happen ???

Here is the second episode–

Nxt day

Everyone is in gurudware twinkle is talking to her beloved babajii.

T- babajii thnquu so much for helping my sweetuuh uv ….. n uh know what he topped in his cllg …. bt i want one more thing from uh that is plsss change the enimity of sarnas n tanejas into frndship plsss n if uh need any help feel free to cntct me m always there for uh ….. ok thnquu babajii love uh bieeee…

She comes outside n find sharaj (alisha n uvraj) fighting

Uv- what do uh think of urself haaa ?? We tanejas will go frst do uh get that
A- hehehe vry funny mr uvraj actually ur crrct bt jst a smll mistake u did ….. jst chnge tanejas into sarnas coz we will go first
T- syyyaaappaa…… (prblm)

Twinkle goes n tries to end the matter bt our sharaj were sharaj no scope of stopping continuesly fighting ohhh godd!!!!
Usha comes n interuppts

U- alisha beta come lets go we dont wanna fight wid these people here who r always willing to fight wid us T- aunty plssss ….
L- usha jii lemme crrct uh … uh r the one who always taunt us like we r ur servants n thats y always a fight occurs so the root of all the fights r sarnas the gr8!!!!

Kunj comes there n tries to cntrl them bt all in vain instead he also starts fighting

K- now who started frst ??
A- this uvraaj started
T- hw mean haa alisha i mean it was ur fault also
Uv-leave it twinkle they have the habit of blaming others
T- no uv today i will show them….. it wasnt ur fault this alisha aka make up queen started this
K- oh hello miss taneja uh r talking about my sista …
T-omg …. hw many times have i told uh that when 2 people r talking uh shouldnt interupptt bt no srsly mr sarna dont uh have manners ???
K- it was ur bros fault
T- jst improve ur knowledge it was ur sistas mistake
K- ur bro
T- ur sista
K- ur bro
T-ur sista
K- ur bro
T-ur sista
K- ur bro
T-ur sista
K- ur bro
T-ur sista
K- ur bro

They both start to fight lyk cats and dogs catching eo by their hairs … finally they separate

T- aaaaaaahhhhhh…… fine so u sarnas wanna go frst …. then go bt my dear drivers open ur ears n listen if the cars moved a millimeter ahead then u’ll be no longer in a relation wid ur legs n hands n dont wrry i will come to the hospital wid a get well soon kit which will have horlicks fruits bandages etc okk…
K- oohhhkkk.. then my dear tanejas drivers open ur ears n listen if the cars moved an inch ahead m gonna rip uh i swear
T- so u have the habit of copy patse also ….

They both again start wid their cats n dogs fight n again separate themselves

T- aaaaaaahhhhhh……. fine there will be a competition who so ever will win shall go frst
K- done
T- the game is antrakshari (a singing game guys)
K- m readyy…

The competition starts wid tanejas singing
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhava ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawa ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Nw sarnas

( Gori Gori Gori Gori, Gori Gori
Kabhi Kabhi Kahin Kahin Chori Chori )…(2)Chhup Chhup Ke Tum Mila KaroPyari Pyari Baatein Vaatein Kiya KaroPar Yun Na Milna Kisi Se Kabhi, Hamare Siva
Tanejas- Aaj dil shaayraana shayrana shayrana shayrana shayrana lagtahaiAaj dil shaayraana shayrana shayrana shayrana shayrana lagtahaiUdta phire dil, utarna jaane naAaj dil shayarana shairana shayrana shayrana shairana lagta hai

Sarnas- Haan hasi ban gayeHaan nami ban gayeTum mere aasmaanMeri zameen ban gaye (x2)Haan hum badalne lageGirne sambhalne lageJab se hai jaana tumheinTeri ore chalne lage (x2)Har safar har jagahHar kahin ban gayeMaante thhe KhudaAur haan wahi ban gayeHaan hansi ban gayeHaan nami ban gayeTum mere aasmaanMeri zameen ban gaye (x2)
Tanejas- Yahin doobe din mereYahin hote hain savereYahin marna aur jeenaYahin Mandir aur Madeena… x2Teri galiyan… galliyan teri, galliyan..Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galliyanTeri galiyan…galiyaan teri, galliyan..Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, Galliyan…

Sarnas- Aankhon ke panno peMaine likha tha sau dafaaLafzon mein jo ishq thaHua naa hothon se bayaanKhud se naraaz hoonKyun be-aawaaz hoonMeri khamoshiyan hain sazaaDil hai yeh sochtaPhir bhi nahi pataaKis haq se kahun bataaKe Main Hoon Hero Tera (x4)

Tanejas- Ashqon mein hai yaadein teriBheegi bheegi raatein meriGum hai kahin raahein meriMain tere ishq mein gumrah huaMain tere ishq mein gumrah huaMain woh chaand jiska tere bin na koi aasmaanMain woh chaand jiska tere bin na koi aasmaan

Nw 3 cars arrive n a grl moved out the grl was mahi

M- twinkle diii

She goes n hugs twinkle very tightly uh can say a bone crushing hug

T- mahiii when did uh come ??
M- today itself diii …. btw where is my cupcake
Uv- m here baby

Uhi hug eo uv lifts her n twirls her in the air

M- omg yaaar uv uh look so handsum … honestly speaking i have the biggest crush on uh
Uv-same here jaan
T- hahaha so uh both met after so long right ???
M- yeah diii n today m going to propose uv ….. watch me

Mahi takes a rose n

M-uv i love uh plssss will uh marry me
Uv like a grl takes the rose n
Uv-yeah mahi love uh tooo i would love to marry uh

All of them started laughing xcept for alisha she was very hurt after seeing that scene

Mahi greets everyone

Sumthing strikes in twinkle mind

Screen freezes

Wht struck in twinkle mind ??? Guess n comment

Love uh loads …….

Precap- mahis engagement

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