Love and emotions Season 4 Ishra Arshi FS (Part 2)

Love and Emotions Season4 Part2

Raman, Ishita, Arnav ,Khushi,Armaan and Arnav’s sister Kasturi were best friends.

Khushi:Ishu..I feel like having ice cream.
Ishita:Say softly Khushi.If others hear it they will tease you to the core.They call you icecream baby.Right?
Khushi:So what?I like my nick name Ice cream baby.
Khushi:Shall we go to the parlour?
Ishita:Armaan’s engagement is after 3 days.Now itself you want to go to the beauty parlour?
Khu:Hey Ishu…not beauty parlour.I am telling about going to the icecream parlour.
Suddenly they heard a loud voice from behind.
“Ice cream baby..”
They turned back and saw the whole gang sceaming.
Khushi got irritated:Yes..I am an ice cream baby.So what?

Arnav pulled her cheeks:Hey baby..don’t get angry.See..what we brought for you.
Raman showed her an ice cream family pack.
Kasturi:We bought it for you.
Khushi was excited:The whole icecream for me?
Armaan:Of course..if not for you then for whom?
Khushi:Thank you guys.
Khushi hugged all of them.
Arnav:I will feed my baby.

Ishita:Arnav is getting romantic.So sweet.

Khushi blushed.
He opened the icecream pack and took a spoon of icecream.
Suddenly Arnav pasted the icecream on Khushi’s face.Everyone laughed.Khushi started hitting him.

Armaan-Riddhima’s engagement…

Armaan looked tensed.
Raman:Hey Armaan…looking tensed.e cool.
Arm:It’s easy for you all to advise.When your engagement day comes you will have butterflies in your stomach.
Arnav smirked:Oh really?
Armaan:Don’t ridicule Arnav.You too will experience it.
Arn:No way.Because we both won’t do arranged marriage like you.
Arm:But I know that Khushi and Ishita are tigresses and you both will have a tough time.
Suddenly Khushi and Ishita came.
Ishi:What are you guys doing here?
Khushi:Leave Armaan with Riddhima.Come with us.
Ishita and Khushi pulled Raman and Arnav by their collars and dragged them away.
Armaan smirked:See..I told you..
Raman Arnav were emarrassed.

Armaan Riddhima exchanged rings.

Music was played.

Armaan Riddhima,Arnav Khushi,Raman Ishita were dancing.

Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha

Aakar mujhe tum tham lo
Manzil teri dekhe rasta
Mud ke zara ab dekh lo
Aisa milan phir ho na ho

Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bapanah pyaar hai aaja
tera intezaar hai aaja

Ishita noticed Kastiri standing alone.
Ishi:Raman..Poor Kasturi is alone.
Raman:What can we do?She is not having a lover.She is not interested in finding one too.
Ishi:But I feel bad seeing her alone.So you go dance with her.

Raman:What?But we are dancing.
Ishi:We will dance anytime.You dance with Kasturi now.

Raman went near Kasturi.
Raman:Hey Kastu…Ishita Madam’s order is not to let you alone and dance with you.
Kasturi:Oh really?
Raman:So shall we dance?

Raman Kasturi started dancing.

Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha(Krishna Cottage)

Suddenly Arnav saw Ishita standing alone.
He thought:Where is Raman?
Suddenly his eyes fell on Raman Kasturi dancing together.
Arnav thought:Why is Raman dancing with Kasturi leaving Ishita alone?

Days passed…

Arnav saw Kasturi and Arnav walking together to a room.Arnav:Why I feel something fishy?
Arnav walked slowly to the room.
Kasturi shed tears and told Raman:Yes..I am pregnant.
Raman was shocked.
Kasturi embraced him and cried.Raman caressed her.
Raman cupped her face in his hands:Don’t be upset Kasturi.I will not leave you.

Arnav was shocked.
He walked out like a frozen figure.
Arn:How can they do like this?Raman and Ishita are together.Then how can Raman and Kasturi be together like this?
Arnav was going crazy.

In the evening…

Arnav decided to talk to Kasturi and Raman.
Arnav:I need to talk to Kasturi and Raman why they did it.Why did they cheat Ishita?
Arnav entered Kasturi’s room.
He was shocked to see blood flowing from Kasturi’s injured hand.
Arnav realized that Kasturi had cut her vein.
Arnav was shocked:Kastuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
He ran towards her and held her hand.He realized that she is not moving.
He shook her crying:Kastu…please get up for your bhai.Wake up Kastu…

He realized that she has become lifeless,He cried loudly:Kastuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..

Kasturi’s cremation was done.Arnav was numb.Khushi tried to console him.
K:Arnav…comtrol yourself.
Ishita:I don’t understand why Kasturi did this.Nobody knew that Kasturi was suppressing pain.
Khushi:But what was her pain?Why did Kasturi do this?
Suddenly Arnav shouted:It’s all because of Raman..
Everybody looked at Arnav.
Arn:Kasturi was made pregnant by Raman and that’s why she ended her life.
All were shocked.
Raman:What are you saying Arnav?
Khushi:Are you out of senses Arnav?
Ishita:How can you accuse Raman like this?
Armaan:Arnav…how can you blame Raman like this?

Arn:Then ask Raman.I saw Raman Kasturi together with my own eyes.

Arnav explained the incident. are misunderstanding me.The truth is…I saw Kasturi coming from the maternal hospital.I followed her.

Flash back..

Raman:Kasturi…why did you go to the maternal hospital?
Kasturi was silent.An envelope fell off her hand.
Raman took it.
Kas:Give it to me.
Raman stared at her.Then he looked at the envelope.And was shocked to read that it’s a pregnancy report.
He opened it and read it with a shock.
He stared at Kasturi:You are pregnant?
Kasturi held his hand and walked to the room.This is what Arnav saw.
Raman:Tell Kasturi..
Kasturi shed tears and told Raman:Yes..I am pregnant.
Raman was shocked.
Kasturi embraced him and cried.Raman caressed him.
Raman:Don’t be upset Kasturi.I will not leave you.
Arnav who got shocked walked away.
Raman:You are my best friend and I can’t leave you alone in this condition.I will solve your problem.

Kasturi cried:You can’t solve my problem Raman.
Raman:Tell me who that guy is.
Kastu:Sorry..I can’t reveal his name.
Kasturi walked away crying.


Raman:This is what happened.Please believe me.
Ishita:I trust you Raman.

Raman was relieved.
Armaan:I know that Raman is not telling lie.
Khushi:We all are very good friends.One can’t cheat the other.
Raman was really relieved.
Arnav:Stop it.
Arnav slapped Raman.All were shocked.
Arn:How can you lie shamelessly?

Raman was in tears:Arnav…still you think that I could do such a cheap thing with Kastu?

Arn:Yes..because I saw it.
Raman:You saw both of us together.But it’s only half truth.I will prove it.
Arn:I don’t need your fake proof.
Khushi:Give him a chance to prove his innocence if you can’t believe our best friend.
Arn:No chance for Raman who betrayed us.
Ishita:Enough Arnav.My Raman can’t cheat anyone.
Arn:I pity you Ishita for trusting this cheater blindly.
Arn:Don’t call me Arnav.I am just ASR fir you and you are just Raman Kumar Bhalla for me.You ruined our beautiful friendship.Now onwards no friendship between us.
Raman’s eyes became teary:Arnav…
Khushi:Arnav..what are you saying?
Arn:You love me.Right?
Khushi:Yes.I love you.
Arn:Then your friendship with Raman is over.Since Ishita is supporting Raman you are no more Ishita’s friend.

Ishita and Khushi were shattered.They wept.


Arnav dragged Khushi away.

Ishita tried to go after them.But Raman held her hand.
Raman:Don’t go after them.ASR did’nt trust me when I need his support the most,He was never my friend..I realized it today.Now onwards we have no relationship with them.

Ishita was stunned:Raman!


Arnav:After that incident our gang got split up.Armaan who did’nt want to hurt both of us left for abroad.

Arnav slapped Aarav.
Arn:I hate Raman Kumar Bhalla as he betrayed my sister…after our parents’ death we lived for each other.But now you did the same thing to an innocent girl.Then how can I be proud of you?I feel ashamed of my son’s sin.
Aarav:I am sorry dad.But I did it for revenge.
Khushi walked away.
Arn:If you betray Ruhi that won’t be revenge,but only sin.

Marry and bring her here as my daughter in law.That is the real revenge.Raman Kumar Bhalla should suffer every moment seeing his daughter living in our house as his biggest enemy’s daughter in law.
Aarav was stunned:Dad!Apologize to Ruhi and convince her to marry you.
Aarav is stunned.

Aarav went near Khushi.
Khushi did’nt say anything and walked away.He felt sad.

Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin
Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa

Aarav followed her and held her hand.
Aar:Please mom..don’t avoid me.Your silence is killing me.

Yun To Main,Dikhlata Nahin
Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa

Khushi:After what you did to Ruhi how can I be nice to you?
Aarav remembered Ruhi’s tears and his heart pained.He repented what he did to Ruhi.
Aarav’s eyes became wet:I am sorry mom.

Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Hain Na Maa
Tujhe Sab Hain Pata,,Meri Maa

Khushi eyes became teary.
K:Your sorry and tears will not change the sin you did Aarav.

Bheed Mein Yun Na Chodo MujheGhar Laut Ke Bhi Aa Naa Paoon Maa

K:Your sin can be wiped off only if you are forgiven by Ruhi and you accept her wholeheartedly with pure love.If you want my pardon you heal the wounds you caused in Ruhi’s heart.

Bhej Na Itna Door Mujkko Tu
Yaad Bhi Tujhko Aa Naa Paoon Maa

Aarav’s eyes got wet:Mom…I will do anything you say.But please don’t hate me.I can’t bear it.

Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main Maa

Khushi struggled hard to control her tears.
She thought:My heart longs to hug you my son.But your deeds are stopping me from doing that.
Khushi walked away tearfully.Aarav wept.

Kya Itna Bura Meri Maa(Taare Zameen Par).

Aarav in his room….
He thought:Ruhi..I know that I broke your heart and I don’t deserve pardon for what I did.It’s not easy for you to forgive me.But I will do anything to get forgiven by you.

Aarav rang up Ruhi.
Ruhi was shocked:Aarav…
Aar:Ruhi..I want to meet you.Please..we should meet.
After thinking for a while Ruhi said:Ok..we can meet.

Aarav was relieved.
He turned back and is shocked to see someone.

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