Love and emotions Season 4 Ishra Arshi FS (Part 1)

Love and Emotions Season 4 Part1

I dedicate this to Sydell who wanted me to write a story on Arshi-Ishra as parents to Avinash-Shrenu as Aarav and Ruhi.I sincerely thank Piyali who gave me the idea to make Raman Arnav as angry rivals.

Ruhi gets flashes of how Raman shouted at her:How dare you fall in love with Aarav Singh Raizada after knowing the truth that his father ASR1 and I are business rivals?Forget Aarav.He does’nt deserve you.Raizadas can’t be trusted.They leave people when they want support.

Ruhi cries alone in her room.
She tried to go out through the backdoor.Suddenly she heard a voice from behind:Ruhi..
She got stunned.She turned back.Ishita was looking at her.
Ruhi shivered:Ishimaa!
Ishita went near her:What were you planning to do Ruhi?Were you planning to run away?
Ruhi shivered in silence.
Ishi:Won’t you tell your Ishimaa?
Ruhi burst into tears:Ishimaa..
She hugged Ishita crying.
Ishita caressed her.
Ruhi::Ishimaa…I know that papa does’nt like Aarav as his dad ASR is his business rival.
But what to do Ishimaa..I fell in love with him.I can’t live without Aarav.I will die without him.

Ishita is stunned:Ruhi…why are you talking about death?
Ruhi:That is my condition now.
Ishi:Ruhi…do you have full faith in Aarav’s love?
Ruhi:Yes Ishimaa.He only proposed me first.He loves me a lot.Please Ishimaa..let me go to my Aarav.
Ishi:I know Raman is stubborn about his decisions.But for me your happiness matters the most.So if you both really love each other I won’t stand against your decision.

Ruhi is surprised:Really Ishimaa?
Ruhi hugged Ishita:Thank you so much Ishimaa.Because of you I am not losing my love.
Ishita smiled painfully.
She thought:Ruhi..I am not happy with what you are doing.But I don’t want you to lose your love because of Raman’s stubbornness.

Ruhi went near Aarav.
Ruhi:Aarav..I have come to you leaving everything…
Aarav was left even your home for me?
Ruhi:Yes Aarav.I love you and I want to be with you.I can’t even think of losing you.
She held his hand.Slowly he removed her hand off his hand.
Ruhi gave him a stunned expression:Aarav!
Suddenly Aarav laughed.
Aarav:You are so foolish and blind in love to leave everything and come to me.
Ruhi:Why are you talking like this Aarav?You too love me.Right?Then why are you calling me fool?
Aarav:Because I don’t love you and you are a fool to believe that I love you.
Ruhi was shocked and shattered.She felt that her head was spinning.

Flash back…

Aarav extended a red rose to Ruhi:I love you Ruhi.

sajana ve… sajane ve..

Ruhi was stunned.
Ruhi:Are you joking Aarav?
Aarav:No Ruhi.I really love you.

chupke se ahista… ho raha hoon lapata

uljha sawaalo mein.. ab tere hi khayalon mein

Ruhi could’nt believe it:But…but you know that our families are not on good terms with each other.In fact they are enemies.They hate to see each other.Then how can you..?
Aarav:I know that or fathers fight with each other and hate each other.But why should we hate each other’s family?Why should I suppress my feelings just because of my dad’s hatred for your family?What is your fault?Tell me Ruhi…do you love me?

kaisi yeh chahat hai

roke yeh na ruke

Ruhi remembered admiring Aarav secretly.
Ruhi:To be frank I too love you.
Aarav smiled happily.

ek pal na raahat hai

Ruhi:But because of our family problems I did’nt have the courage to express it.
He smiled.

dhadkan gawaan chuke

Ruhi:But Aarav…our family will never approve of our relation.
Aarav:Don’t worry Ruhi.Our love will surely unite our families.Our love will melt their hatred.
She smiled.

iss pyar ko kya naam doon

khoye hai kuch alfaaz kyun

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon.. kya naam doon

He held her hand.She blushed.They shared a romantic eye lock.

iss pyar ko kya naam doon
iss marz ko kaise sahoon

khudaya ve…khudaya ve

saiyaan ve ab raasta dikha de tu

tujhko hai vaasata dua de tu


Ruhi:No Aarav.I won’t believe it.I still remember the day you confessed that you love me.It can’t be a lie.I saw love in your eyes.
Aarav:That was not love,but a lie.

Ruhi’s heart was pricked:Then what about the romantic moments we spent together?
Aarav:That was all fake.I lied to trap you in my fake love to take revenge on your father because of whom still my dad is lacking peace of mind.Now your father will also lose peace of mind seeing you dying inch by inch in unfulfilled love.

Ruhi was shocked.Her eyes became wet:But what was my fault Aarav?What mistake did I do to wound my heart?I have only loved you.
Aarav’s heart was pricked.He did’nt have words to reply.
Aarav:Anyways I am going…
Ruhi:One second Aarav.
He turned back and looked at her.
Ruhi:While pretending to love not even for one moment you felt love for me?
Aarav’s heart pained.
Without saying anything he walked away.Ruhi cried bitterly.

Aarav went near Arnav.
Aarav:Dad…I took revenge on Raman Kumar Bhalla…your biggest rival.
Arnav could’nt believe it:What do you mean?

Aarav:Yes dad.I am saying the truth.Since childhood I have been hearing you talking about Raman Kumar Bhalla who betrayed you.You lost your happiness and peace because of that raman Kmar Bhalla.So I took revenge on him through his daughter.Now like you he will also lose happiness.He will know the taste of bitter betrayal through his daughter.

Arnav was surprised:Well done beta.You proved that you are my son.For your dad you did this much.I am proud of you.Raman Kumar Bhalla deserved it.
Aarav smiled.
Arnav:But what did you do to take revenge on Raman?I said through his daughter you took revenge on Raman.What did you do?
Aarav felt guilty.
He thought:Why am I hesitating to tell dad that I betrayed Ruhi just like her dad betrayed my dad?
Why i feel so guilty?
Suddenly Arnav’s phone rang.He attended the call.
Khushi came with tea.
Arn:Not now Khushi.I have to leave for an important meeting.

K:Oh have no time to have tea too.
Arn:Sorry Khushi.Will have it later.Bye.
Arnav left.
Aarav took tea from Khushi:I will have it.
He started sipping tea.His mind was full of Aastha’s tears.Though he was holding the cup of tea he was not drinking it.
Khushi:Where are you lost Aarav?
Aarav came back to his senses:Mom..
Khushi:You are holding the cup ,but not drinking it.
Aarav was embarrassed and started drinking it.Because of the hot tea he screamed:Ahh..
Khushi caressed his shoulder:Aarav..are you ok?
Khushi brought cold water:Drink this.You will feel better.
He drank water.
Khushi:Where is your concentration?How can you drink hot tea like this?You have to sip it.Right?

Aarav was silent.
K:Aarav beta..are you alright?Everything is fine.Right?
Aarav:Yes mom.
Aarav just walked off.
Khushi:Why do I feel that Aarav is hiding something?

Aarav was disturbed by Ruhi’s question:While pretending to love not even for one moment you felt love for me?

Yaariyan ve… Yaariyan
Yaariyan ve… yaariyan ve..
Yaariyaan… yaa..

Aarav:Why I am haunted by Ruhi’s memories?Why am I not able to forget Ruhi?Why her tears are hurting me?

Dil mera hai nasamajh kitna
Besabar ye bewakoof bada
Chaahta hai kitnaa tujhe
Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa

Ruhi was crying in her room:Aarav..why did you do this to me?

Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mil jaaye ise wo baarish
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah (Yaariyan).

Some eyes were watching both of them in their respective houses.

Raman:Ishita…call Ruhi.I want to talk to her.
Ishita got tensed thinking:How will i tell Raman that Ruhi is not here?I can’t even imagine how Raman will react.I think now informing Raman about Ruhi going to Aarav may not be safe.
Ishita: Why Raman?Why do you want to talk to Ruhi now?
Raman:Why?She is my daughter.I can’t talk to my daughter?
Ishi:Nothing like that.You shouted at Ruhi.She is very upset too.
Raman:Ishita..I feel I should have made Ruhi understand that ASR2 is not suitable for her peacefully.I should have shouted at her.I want to apologize to her.
Ishita felt sad.
Ishita:Good that at least now you realized your mistake.

Raman:I will talk softly to her.But I will never support her relationship with Aarav.If that ASR2 again tries to meet Ruhi I will not leave his father ASR1..that Arnav Singh Raizada.
Ishita got tensed.
Raman:Call Ruhi.Or I will go to her room.
Ishita got tensed.No Raman.Don’t go to Ruhi’s room.
Ishi:Because Ruhi is not there.
Raman:Then where is she?
Ishita’s lips shivered:She has gone to temple.
Raman:Ok…I will talk to her later.
Ishita thought:Raman will burst when he comes to know the truth.But I have to see that my daughter is happy also.

Ishita passed by Ruhi’s room and heard Ruhi sobbing.
Ishi:Who is in Ruhi’s room?
Ishita entered the room and is shocked to see Ruhi:Ruhi!You are back?
Ruhi hugged Ishita crying.
Ishi:What happened?Tell me Ruhi.
Ruhi:Ishimaa…papa is right.Aarav left me when I needed him.
Ishi:What do you mean Ruhi?
Ruhi:Aarav cheated on me Ishimaa.

Ruhi explained everthing.Ishita was shocked.
Ishi:Aarav did this much to you?

Ruhi cried:Yes Ishimaa…
Ishita wiped her should not shed tears for that cheater.Aarav Singh Raizada does’nt deserve your love.He betrayed you…he will have to pay for it.

Khushi got a phone call.
“I am Ishita Bhalla”.
Khushi was stunned.
She became emotional:Ishu…

Ishita became emotional.But she controlled it.
Ishi:I want to meet you.Very soon.

Khushi could’nt believe it:What?You want to meet me?
K:Sure..I will come.
She smiles emotionally:Ishu wants to meet me.

Ishita and Khushi meet each other.They both become emotional.They remembered their younger days where they both were friends.
Ishi:Don’t call me Ishu.Call me Ishita Bhalla.
Khushi felt hurt.
K:Our husbands hate each other.But do you also hate me?
Ishita felt sad.
Ishi:For our husband we kept away from each other for years.Still i considered you as my best friend.But now onwards you are not my friend Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada…
Khushi was really hurt:Ishu…I mean Ishita…
Ishi:When my daughter Ruhi loved your son Aarav I supported her thinking that he is your son.But I made a big mistake.
Khushi was shocked:What?Aarav and Ruhi…?
Ishi:Yes.They were in a relationship.My Ruhi was willing to marry Aarav against her father Raman’s wish.But very easily your son Aarav betrayed her.
Khushi was shocked.
Ishita wept:Why Khushi?Why?How could you all use my daughter as a tool to take revenge on Raman?
K:No Ishu..I mean Ishita…I swear..I was unaware of all this.If I had a clue of all this I would’nt have let this happen.

Ishi:May be.You son must have hidden it from you all as he never loved Ruhi sincerely.It was’nt even a casual relationship.It was just fake love to hurt my Ruhi.But Khushi..why did you all do this to our innocent daughter?What was her mistake?

Suddenly Ishita’s voice became sharp:Your son will have to pay for this.I will not leave your son.

Ishita cried.Khushi was numb.Her eyes were full of tears.

Khushi reached home and changed her clothes.She went to the work room of Arnav Aarav.She saw Arnav and Aarav there.
Khushi walked towards Aarav:Aarav…what did you do to Ruhi?
Aarav was shocked.
He thought:It means mom came to know everything?But how?
K:Why are you silent Aarav?
Arnav:Khushi…Aarav took revenge on Raman through his daughter Ruhi.
Khushi was shocked:So you also knew it Arnavji?Shame on you to support Aarav in this.

Arn:Why should I be ashamed of Aarav?He did a good thing by taking revenge on Raman who betrayed us.

K:But do you know how he took revenge on Raman?
Arnav was silent.
K:Everybody thinks that you and Raman are just business rivals and it’s due to the business issues that both Raizadas and Bhallas are enemies.But the truth is that it’s personal issues that ruined everything between Raizadas and Bhallas.
Aarav is stunned:Personal matters?
K:Years back you accused Raman of doing something.Now Aarav has done the same thing to Raman and Ishu’s daughter.
Arnav is shocked:What?
K:Yes Arnavji..Aarav did fake love drama with Ruhi and deserted her brutally.
Arnav looked at Aarav with shock.
Arn:Aarav…is this true?
Aarav:Yes dad.That’s the only way I could avenge your biggest enemy Raman Kumar Bhalla.
Arnav was shocked and numb.
Suddenly Khushi slapped Aarav.
K:I am ashamed to be your mother Aarav.
Aarav was shattered:Mom!

K:Don’t call me mom.You have lost the right to call me mom.
Aarav was shocked.
Khushi stared at Arnav:I did the right thing.Right Arnavji?Years back you also unfriended Raman when he did the same sin.So I should also do the same thing with Aarav.Right?

Suddenly Arnav slapped Aarav.
Aarav was shocked:Dad!
Arn:You want to know the real reason between the rivalry of Raizadas and Bhallas?Then listen…

Aarav-Avinash Sachdev

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