Love and emotions Arshi Ishra TS Part 3 (Last episode)


Love and emotions Part 3
It was Aditya who came there.
Amrit:Why did you come here?You all broke my Aarav bhaiyya.For you all he may be an orphan.But for us he is everything.

Adi:Amrit…you are misunderstanding.

Arnav,Khushi and other family members came.
Manorama:Why did you come here?Are you not fed up of insulting us?
Adi:I came here to apologize.You all accepted Ruhi after knowing the truth about her.Right.Ruhi’s mother Shagun mumma had left her and gone with another man.Ruhi’s mother is my mother too.She had taken me along with her to her boy friend Ashlok’s Mansion.
She poisoned my mind and turned me against my dad.
I misunderstood Ishi Maa too.I hurt my dad and Ishi maa as much I could.
But Ruhi saw her real mother in her.She got mother’s love from Ishi maa only.
To get Ruhi as her daughter only Ishi maa married our dad.Later Shagun mumma regretted leaving dad for her boy friend Ashok as she saw his true colours.Ashlok’s exposure cracked their relationship.
Due to Ashok’s betrayal and her guilty feeling for dumping her own husband and daughter she lost her mental balance
and got admitted in the mental asylum.I also realized the truth.My dad and his family forgave me and accepted me.Ishi Maa loved me like her own son.But Poornima Nani couldn’t accept Ishi maa yet.So to hurt Ishi maa she went to the extent of breaking Ruhi’s engagement.Believe us.We are not bothered about Aarav’s so called fault.We still want Ruhi and Aarav to unite.
Khushi’s eyes were full of tears.
K:Ruhi is Aarav’s life.Can we go against their love?
Manorama:In a moment of anger though I said something I also value Aarav beta’s happiness the most.
Adi was relieved.
Devayani:Where is Aarav?
Amrit went to Aarav’s room in search of him and returned.
Amrit:Aarav bhaiyya is not there.
All were shocked.
Arnav:Where did Aarav go?
Khushi:He must have surely gone to see Ruhi.

Aarav and Ruhi met each other at their usual meeting place.They held each other’s hand and cried.
R:Aarav….I can’t get separated from you.
A:Me too.But if our families oppose what can we do?

R:Will we be forced to get separated Aarav?I can’t even imagine that.

Suddenly they heard Ishita’s voice from behind.
“You guys will not get separated”.
They turned back.They were stunned to see their family members there.
Raman:Don’t you remember your papa’s promise?I will conduct yours and Aarav’s wedding.

Khushi:Our son won’t get a better girl.

Arnav:Aarav and Ruhi are made for each other.
Aarav-Ruhi’s happiness had no bounds.They hugged their parents.

Aarav-Roshni’s engagement function went very well.

All were dancing.

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le khela maine jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka
hai daav re

Musaafir hoon main door ka
Deewana hoon main dhoop ka
Mujhe na bhaye.. na bhaye, na bhaye chaanv re

Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re

hey hey…¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

They all noticed Aditya-Amrit’s intimate dance
and found it fishy.Ishita and Anjali pulled Adi’s and Amrit’s ears.Adi-Amrit were embarrassed as they were caught red handed.Everyone laughed seeing it.

Aarav-Ruhi’s and Adi-Amrit’s wedding took place on the same mandap.

As Ishita wished like her’s,her daughter Ruhi’s wedding was also done in the Tamil Brahmin style.

Ishita was reminded of her Tamil Brahmin wedding with Raman.

Raman guessed it and smiled.
R:Were you not remembering our wedding?
Ishita blushed.He smiled.
Seeing Ruhi and Adi married Raman-Ishita were reminded of their childhood days.
Seeing Aarav married Arnav Khushi were reminded of their family moments with little Aarav.

The End

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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