Love and emotions Arshi Ishra TS Part 2

Love and Emotions Part 2

That lady:My Ruhi is a jewel.She is perfect.Why should you get her married to an orphan boy?

All were shocked.


She:You don’t know.Right?The truth is that Aarav is Arnav-Khushi’s adopted son.
Everyone was shocked.
Raman stared at Arnav:Is ir true Arnav Singh Raizada?
Slowly Arnav nodded his head.
All were again shocked.
Arnav couldn’t face them while Khushi was in tears.

The old lady:Raman…you ask them why they hid the truth from us.
Khushi burst into tears:Because….Though Aarav is not born in my womb he is my own son.So we didn’t feel it necessary to tell others.

The old lady ridiculed her:If he was not born in your womb how can he be your own son?
Khushi couldn’t control her tears.
Arnav’s anger was burnt:Enough!Stop it.
Arnav removed his over coat and threw it.
Manorama:Whoare you to tell all this?
Old lady:I am Ruhi’s Nani.
Mano:You are not Ishita’s mother.Then how can you be Ruhi’s Nani?

The old lady was out of words.
Mano:We also know the truth.You are Ruhi’s real mother Shagun’s mother Poornima.
All were shocked.
Mano:You people also hid the truth that Dr.Ishita is not Ruhi’s real mother.
Poornima:But Aarav’s condition is not Ruhi’s.Aarav doesn’t even know who his real parents are.
Mano:But it’s better not to know about Ruhi’s real mother.Because your daughter Shagun left Ruhi when she was a baby and eloped with another guy.
Poornima was embarrassed.
Porrni:Don’t dig up the past to hide your fault.I will not let this engagement take place.
Mano:We don’t want Aarav’s engagement with Ruhi to happen as a result of begging you.Our Aarav will get a better alliance.
Poornima ridiculed them:Let me see what a good proposal the adopted son is going to get.

Aarav who was shattered ran out.
Khushi ran after him:Aarav!
Arnav followed Khushi.Khushi fainted in his arms.He carried her in his arms and walked.It was raining heavily.

Arnav placed Khushi on the bed after changing her wet saree.

Arnav was reminded of their wedding.It was after a long courtship that they got married.On first night Khushi sat on the decorated bed bearing stomach pain.Without knowing that Arnav rested his head on her lap romantically.

When he touched her she fainted in his arms.
He was shocked to see her bleeding.
Immediately he took her to the hospital.The doctor gave him a painful information that Khushi’s life was in danger because of her uterus problem.To save Khushi’s life he had to agree to remove her uterus.Khushi who was shattered recovered from trauma due to Arnav’s love and their adoption of Aarav from the orphanage.

Ruhi cried a lot.
Her tears made Ishita weak.

dil se dil ka rishta juda
pal do pal mein mit tha nahin
bandhan dilon ka toota tha nahin – 2
But she tried to console Ruhi.
Ishi:Ruhi….cancellation of the engagement function doesn’t determine the end of your relationship with Aarav.

tere dil ka mere dil se
rishta puraana hai
in aankhon se har aansu
mujhko churaana hai – 3)

Raman:Yes.Because Aarav’s truth related to adoption is not an issue for us.

R:Papa…Ishimaa…can I tell a truth?I knew Aarav’s truth before.He had told me the truth.
I was tense if you all come to know the truth if it will be a hindrance to our wedding.That’s why I hid it from you all.
Raman-Ishita could’nt believe it.
Ishi:How could you think that we will stand against your choice Ruhi?

tere dil ka mere dil se
rishta puraana hai
teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka
ehsaas hai mujhko suun
main jo saath tere hoon
phir tujhe hai kaisa ghum
dard baant lenge hum sun(Koi aap sa).

Raman:Even if your Nani oppose we will conduct your wedding with Aarav.

R:But I don’t think Aarav’s family will give approval as they were insulted that much.
Raman-Ishita were sad.Aditya who overheard this was very upset.

Khushi gained consciousness and was restless.
K:Arnavji…where is Aarav?

Arn:Khushi,you take rest.
Without listening to him she ran to Aarav’s room.
Seeing Khushi,Aarav burst into tears.
She hugged him:My son!
Aar:Why didn’t you give birth to me mom?Mom…is being an orphan my fault?Then why do they hate me?

Khushi wept caressing his face:No son.You are not an orphan.You have everyone.

Aarav rested her head on her lap and cried.Arnav’s eyes got filled up with tears viewing this.Devayani,Manohar,Manorama,Anjali,Vinod and Amrit shed tears seeing this.

Hearing the calling bell ring Amrit opened the door.She couldn’t believe her eyes.

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