Love and emotions Arshi Ishra TS Part 1


Actually this is the season 1 of love n emotions which I posted recently on TU.Season1 n season2 of Luv n emotions were posted on I’m posting season1 on TU too. b4.

Due to public demand Aarav will be Karan Wahi,Adi will Karan Kundra and Ruhi will be Alia Bhatt.

Love and Emotions Part 1

Happy birthday Aarav….

Everyone sang together.This was Aarav’s happiness….A birthday celebration with his parents Arnav,Khushi,Bua Anjali,phupha Vinod,their daughter Amrit,dad’s Mama-mami Monohar-Manorama,great grand mother Devayani.

Arnav-Khushi brought the birthday cake.

They held Aarav’s hand and cut the cake.They fed him the cake.

Aarav:Years passed.Still the taste of the cake which dad and mom feed me is still the same.

Aarav hugged them.Their happiness had no bounds.

Khushi:But this time there is a special birthday gift for you.Your dad talked to Mr.Raman Bhalla and his wife Dr.Ishita and fixed your marriage with their daughter Ruhi.

Aarav could’nt believe it.His relationship with Ruhi was known to Arnav-Khushi.But he never expected them to take it to the next level so fast.His eyes got filled with tears.He hugged Arnav-Khushi.

Manorama:Aarav…get ready for your engagement.

Everyone smiled.

Engagement day…

Ishita dressed up Ruhi beautifully.She caressed Ruhi’s cheek.She was reminded of dressing up Little Ruhi as Princess.

Ish:I can’t believe that the little fairy whom I used to dress up for fancy dress competition is the same adult who is dressed up for the engagement function.
Raman was also reminded of the fancy dress competition where Ruhi always won when she dressed as Princess and how they shared her happiness.

Raman:But there is one similarity.Always our Ruhi is a Princess.
Ish:You are right.
Ruhi held them together and smiled.
Seeing them Ishita’s parents Mr and Mrs.Iyer and Raman’s parents Mr and Mrs.Balla smiled.

Mrs.Balla:Let no evil eyes fall on them.
Ruhi came to the hall.

Seeing Aarav’s eyes rolling on her

she became shy.
Khushi:Arnavji…Aarav is lucky.Ruhi is so beautiful and well mannered…just like her mother Ishita.

Arnav:You are right.

Raman:Ruhi is lucky.Aarav is just like his parents.
Ishita smiled:Everything is Lord Muruka’s blessing.

Without anyone’s knowledge secret romance was going on in a room.Ruhi’s brother Aditya was getting cozy with Vinod-Anjali’s daughter Amrit.
Amrit:Adi…leave me.Someone will see.
Adi:It’s only for some time Amrit.After Aarav-Ruhi’s engagement our secret relationship is going to be public.
Amrit blushed.

Aarav-Ruhi were about to exchange rings.Suddenly an old lady came as a storm.
“No.This engagement should not take place”.
Everyone was shocked.
Ishita:What is her intention?

Raman:To trouble us.For what else?
Ishita,Raman,Raman’s parents Mr and Mrs.Bhalla,Ishita’s parents Mr and Mrs.Iyer were tense.

“This marriage is fixed through cheating.So how can this relationship be right?”
“Yes.Completely cheating”.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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  1. Who is this old lady??? U going stop engagement??? Waiting for next episode… it’s interesting yaar…

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