Love and emotions….Arshi Ishra FS Part 4 (Last episode)


Love and emotions Season3 Part 4
Ishita:Please give Arshi’s hands to our Adi.They love each other a lot.
Arnav,Khushi and Raman were shocked while Adi and Arshi were tense.
Slowly they smiled.Adi-Arshi were relieved.
Khushi:Ishitaji…take my daughter Ruhi for your son Adi.
Adi held Arshi closer happily.

Ishita caressed Arshi’s face:And moreover I loved this cute little girl.Really Khushi…your daughter is really adorable.
Arshi was very happy.
Khushi smiled.
Arshi:You are also so adorable Ishita aunty and I am lucky to have a gorgeous mom in law like you.

Ishita:You know how to soap me.
Arshi giggled:No no..I am saying the truth.You are gorgeous.
Ishita smiled:Thank you.

Arnav to Khushi:No wonder that Arshi is cute.She is ASR’s daughter.
Khushi stared at him:Arnavji,she is my daughter too.I gave birth to him.
Arn:But Khushi…
Aarav:Mom dad…atleast now stop arguing.
Arnav Khushi were embarrassed while others laughed.
Khushi pulled Arshi’s ears:You hid it from you Maa?
Arshi:Sorry Maa.
Khushi smiled. proved that you are Arnav Singh Raizada’s daughter.I never got any permission from anyone to fall in love with your mother.Well done Arshi.I really appreciate you.

Arshi:Wow dad.Even when I scored good marks I never got such appreciation from you.
Arn:Scoring good marks is easy.But taking such a bold step to love without your family’s permission is too bold to handle.Only ASR and his children can do that.
Aarav and Arshi laughed.
Khushi gave a kick on his shoulder.Arnavji,do you know that it’s a public place?Is this the way to talk in a public place?

Arnav said in a naughty manner:Khushi,don’t you know that it’s a public place?And you are kicking your poor husband in a public place?

Arnav-Khushi burst into laughter.

Raman to Ishita:I never knew about Adi and Arshi.
Ishita:The whole family knew it,but they were scared of your temper,so they hid it from you.

Raman:But I am happy that though Adi did’nt share anything with me,his Ishi Maa was there to listen to his heart.
Ishita smiled:I am his mother.How can a mother not feel her son’s heart beats?

Raman held her hand:But I promise that I will never be a heartless Raman again.
Ishita smiled.

Music was played.
While walking Khushi slipped and fell in Arnav’s arms.

They shared a passionate eye lock.

Rabbe ve..

Arnav to Khushi:May I have a wedding anniversary special dance with you?

Khushi blushed:Sure Mr.Raizada!
Arn:You are blushing like you used to blush during the initial days of our courtship.
She was shy.

Aarav to Ruhi:May I dance with my soon to be wife?
Ruhi said with a smile:Ok my fiance.

Arnav-Khushi,Raman-Ishita and Aarav-Ruhi started dancing.

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, saawan aaya hai

Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai

Pyar mein tere hadd se guzar jaana hai
Itna pyar kisi pe, pehli baar aaya hai

Adi pulled Arshi closer.
Arshi:Adi…what are you doing?
Adi:I got the license to romance you.So a romantic dance is a must.
Arshi blushed.
They too joined others in dancing.

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai-Creature 3D

Days passed…
Though Arnav called in loud voice there was no reply.
Khushi came.
Arn:Where are Aarav and Arshi?
K:No use of screaming Arnavji.They both are not here.
Arn:What?Today is their engagement and you are saying that they are not here?Where the hell did they go?
K:You know how your beauty conscious daughter Arshi is.Today is her engagement and do you expect her to be here?She went to the beauty parlour to do facial, make up,hairdo and stuffs.And you know that wherever Arshi goes her dearest brother Aarav accompanies her.He is the one who always support in whatever she does.
Aarav and Arshi came.
Ars:Mom…look at me.How do I look now?Looking pretty?
K:Arshi…you have put too much of make up.This much make up is not necessary.You look horrible.

Arshi made a sad baby face:Mom…
Immediately she took a mirror and looked at it.She smiled:Mom…are you joking?I am looking cool.

Khushi:You feel with over make up you look stylish?No way.
Arshi:Oh no..
Aarav cheered her up:My little sister looks like a Barbie Doll.

Arnav:Arshi…your mom prefers natural look.She hardly puts make up.She is a typical country lady.That’s why she is criticizing your make up.
Khushi got angry:You all are in one team now and I am alone now?

And how dare you Arnavji?How dare you make fun of me?You said I am a typical country lady?No problem.I am proud of my culture.I don’t wear modern dress and loud make up.That does’nt mean that I am inferior to anyone.Did you understand Laad Governor?

Arnav pretended to be scared:Khushi…if you talk like this I will get scared.
Suddenly Arnav,Aarav and Arshi laughed.The irritated Khushi walked off.
Aarav:Dad…mom is really moody.
Arn:I know how to cheer up your mom.
Arnav went near Khushi.
K:Get lost Laad Governor.
Suddenly Arnav extended her a plate of jalebi which surprised her.
K:Wow Jalebi…

Khushi took it and started having jalebi hungrily.Aarav and Arshi came smiling.
Aar:So mom dad fight is over.
Arn:A jalebi can melt my Khushi’s anger.
Khushi was embarrassed.They all laughed.
Aarav-Arshi went out.Suddenly Arnav pulled Khushi towards him:Hey my sweet jalebi..shall we romance as our fight is over?
Khushi blushed.

Ishita dressed up Ruhi for the engagement.They both remembered how Ishita used to dress up Ruhi during her childhood days.

oh dil se dil ka rishta juda
pal do pal mein mitta nahi
bandhan dilo ka tutta nahi

Ishi:Time moved so fast.I used to dress you up for your school.But now I am dressing you up for your engagement.

tere dil ka mere dil se
rishta purana hain
in aankho se har aansu
mujhko churana hain

Ruhi:But one thing is same mom.When you dress me up the motherly affection you have is same.

mujhko churana hain

They both smiled and hugged each other.

mujhko churana hain(Koi aapsa).

Raman came:Madrasan…you wore a south Indian silk saree?


Raman:Atleast today you could have worn something different.

Ishi:O really?Ravan Kumar…I am like this and I can’t change.

Don’t expect me to change.

Suddenly Raman smiled rolling his eyes on her face deeply.

Raman:And I don’t want you to change also.I will lose my temper if you

try to change your identity for anyone.

She smiled.Raman-Ishita shared a romantic eye lock.

Aarav-Ruhi and Adi-Arshi exchanged rings.

Raman:Today for our kids we parents have decided to give a surprise.

Aarav-Ruhi and Adi-Arshi were anxious to know the surprise.

The curtain was raised.They could see the shadow of a romantic couple.

Suddenly the spotlight fell on them.They were Arnav-Khushi who were standing

in a romantic pose.

Slowly they started swaying to music.

Dhoop se nikal ke
Chhaanv se phisal ke
Hum mile jahaan par
Lamha tham gaya
Aasmaan pighal ke
Sheeshe mein dhal ke

Jam gaya to tera
Chehra ban gaya
Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon
Nikli hai dil se ye duaa

Rang de tu mohe Gerua
Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
Rang de tu mohe gerua

Arshi:mom dad are so romantic like SRK-Kajol.
Aarav:Yes Arshi.We should take lessons from them to romance.They fight only to romance later.

Then the spotlight fell on Raman-Ishita who danced to the song…

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga Hoon…

Main Mera Dil Aur Tum Ho Yahaan…
Fir Kyun Ho Palkein Jhukaye Waha…

Tum Saahasee Pehle Dekha Nahin…
Tum Isse Pehle The Jane Kahaan…

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada.
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga…- Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Adi and Ruhi became emotional.
Adi:I was waiting for this moment for a long time.
Ruhi:I never thought that this moment will come again after many years.

Pihu:Mom dad look so cute together.
Bhallas-Iyers,Guptas and Raizadas were very happy to see their children dance.
Aarav-Arshi hugged Arnav-Khushi and Adi,Ruhi and Pihu hugged Raman-Ishita happily.
Days passed….
Adi-Arshi and Aarav-Ruhi got married on the same mandap.
Raman-Ishita smiled tearfully.
Ishita:Why do daughters grow so fast and leave us?
Raman:Don’t worry Ishita.Like you never got separated from your parents after marriage our Ruhi will also be never away from us as she got the best in laws.
Ishita smiled emotionally:Yes Raman.That’s why even while shedding drops of tears there is a smile on my face.
The time of departure.Ishita and Ruhi cried hugging each other.Ruhi hugged Raman, Adi and other family members and wept.
Arnav:Damn it…girls should not get married.Why did you fall in love and marry Arshi?How can you leave me and go?
Khushi was in tears.
Arshi smiled tearfully:Dad…don’t be kiddish.
Khushi’s tears glittered:Ring us every day at least 4 times.Don’t waste time in beauty parlours.Don’t skip food for dieting.Chubby Arshi looks better.

Arshi smiled:Ok mom.
Aarav:Just because you got a husband don’t forget to call me when you need to go out.
Arshi smiled:Yes Aarav bhaiyya.We both will go out with Ruhi bhabhi and Adi.
Aarav smiled:Yes yes.
Everybody said:It’s time for the brides’ departure.Arnav-Khushi and Raman-Ishita were sad.
Raman:I just got my Ruhi back.Now she is going away from me.
Arnav:No Raman.Ruhi will never be away from you.You can always come and see her and she can also do the same.
Raman-Ishita-Ruhi smiled tearfully.
Arnav:But the same way Arshi will also be never away from us.Right?
Arnav looked at Khushi:Khushi…Raman and Ishita have assured that Arshi will be always with us.So don’t cry.

Khushi looked at him silently.

He slowly wiped her tears.
The brides left with the bride grooms to their respective homes only to get loved by their inlaws.There starts Khushi-Ruhi and Ishita-Arshi bonding.

The End

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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