Love and emotions….Arshi Ishra FS Part 3


Love and emotions Season3 Part 3
Arnav,Khushi,Aarav and Arshi were tense about Ruhi-Ishita-Raman meeting.
Arnav:In one day what I felt is Ruhi is short tempered like me.So I doubt whether she will burst out her anger at Mr.Raman Kumar Bhalla.

Arshi:Oh dad..please don’t tell like that.Adi,I and the whole family of his really struggled hard to bring Raman Uncle here as he is egoistic.So if Ishita aunty and Ruhi Bhabhi do not accept him all our efforts will go in vein.

Khushi:Nothing like that will happen.Have faith in Devi Maiyya.
Aarav:Dad,you said Ruhi is short tempered like you.But actually she is not short tempered like you.Sometimes certain circumstances make her angry.That’s it.But she is like you in one way.Her anger melts very fast like yours.So she can’t be angry with her father for so long as she still long for him deep inside her heart.

Arnav patted Aarav’s shoulder with a slight smile.Khushi and Arshi looked at Ruhi and Raman with hopes.

Ruhi could not believe her eyes.Raman became emotional:Ruhi!
Ruhi wept:Yes,I am Ruhi.
Raman cupped her face saying:Ruhi beta ,are you fine?I thought…
R:You thought i am dead.But my ishi maa knew that as long as she is alive I can’t be dead,so she found me and saved my life.You blamed ishi maa that her love for me is not true.Right?But only se was there with me when I was in distress.Only Ishi Maa could feel that I am alive.Rest of them declared me dead.Still you feel that Ishi Maa did’nt love me truly?
Raman felt guilty.
Ishita came hearing some sound:Ruhi…who is at the door?
Ishita-Raman’s eyes met.They were frozen for some moments.
A deep emotional eye lock.

Dil kahin rukta nahi
Dil kahin rukta nahi,
Chalta hi jaaye teri ore
Dil meri sunta nahi

Raman stammered in pain:Ishita…
I know that i don’t deserve pardon.But please forgive me.

Ishita burst into tears.
He held her chin and hand:Ishita…

Ho.. saari fizaaon mein hai,
Mehki hawaon mein hai

Both were in tears.
Tera aur mera fasana
Ho.. jaanu main bhi ye,

Ruhi removed his hands from Ishita.
Ruhi:Don’t touch Ishi Maa.You hurt Ishi maa and now you are apologizing?So easy.
Ishi:Ruhi,don’t blame your papa.Can’t you see his condition?He is completely broken.

R:Once you were also broken like this.But did Papa show any sympathy to you?Then why should we show sympathy to him?
Ruhi:Did you see papa..?Still Ishi Maa is supporting you.But I can’t…never…
Raman wept:I deserve this..I deserve it.
Ishita felt sad.
Ruhi:Please leave papa. can you be so cruel?
Ruhi cried:Then what should I do Ishi maa?
Ishita shed tears.
Raman knelt down folding his hands:Please forgive me…

Suddenly he fainted.
All were shocked.Ishita screamed:Raman!
Arnav:Mrs.Bhalla,don’t get scared.We will take him to the hospital now.
Khushi:Yes need of worrying.Nothing will happen to Ramanji.
They took Raman to the hospital in Arnav’s car.
Ishita and Ruhi met Iyers and Bhallas in the hospital and that was an emotional reunion.
Ishita’s eyes thirsted for Adi and Pihu.
Her mother Madhu:You are longing to see your children.Right?
Ishita was silent:I am a mother.What to do?
Suddenly somebody kept arm on her shoulders.She turned back and looked at him.It was Adi with teary eyes.Ishita became emotional:Adi!
Adi was very emotional:Ishi Maa..

He hugged her and cried.
Adi:Missed you a lot Ishi Maa.
Ishi:Me too Adi.But I was scared to face hatred.That’s why i stayed away from you all.
Ruhi shed tears on Aarav’s shoulders:Why did I be so cruel to papa?He was wrong to Ishi Maa.In that anger I kept ourselves away from him for years.But now I feel he did’nt deserve such a big punishment.I should have atleast forgiven him now as he repents a lot now.Atleast I should have let Ishi Maa forgive papa.But I forced Ishi Maa to ignore him.Because of that papa is in this condition and my Ishi Maa is in the worst pain.How cruel I was?I told papa to leave.I curse myself for saying those to him.Will he really leave me and go?
Aarav caressed her:No Ruhi.Your papa will never leave you and go.God will save him.
Ruhi:Just one moment made me realize that I can’t hate my papa and I want him back.
Aarav:You will get your papa as healthy.You will get not only your papa,but also your whole family.
R:I really hope so and I am praying for that.

Ruhi saw Adi and Ishita together.Ruhi came near them.Adi and Ruhi looked at each other.
Adi :Ruhi!
R:Adi bhaiyya!
He gave her a brotherly hug.
Pihu came towards Ishita:Amma!
Ishita was stunned to see her.
Ishita hugged her emotionally and kissed all over her face.
P:Why did you leave me and go?
I:I am sorry Kanne…
P:Promise me that you will never leave me and go.

I:Yes,I promise you that I will never leave you and go.
Ruhi held her hand:You have a sister too my little girl.Ruhi Akka.
Pihu smiled at Ruhi:Ruhi akka..
Ruhi kissed Pihu’ss cheek.
The doctor came:It’s minor attack.
All were shocked.
Dr:But now he is fine.
All were relieved.

Ishita went near the unconscious Raman and sat besides him.She caressed his head.

I:Raman…I won’t let your heart pain anymore.Your Ishita is back.I will fill your heart with so much of happiness that your heart will never pain.Open your eyes Raman.

Jaane hai tu bhi ye
Jaane ye saara jamana

Her tear drops fell on his face.Slowly he opened his eyes.Ishita smiled tearfully:Raman!

Ho.. kabhi kam na hongi ye chahate
Pal pal badhe, ye hai moabbatein

Raman:Ishita,will you forgive me?

Ishita shed tears:Raman…

Dil kahin rukta nahi
Dil kahin rukta nahi,

Raman:Ishita…I know when I thought I lost Ruhi forever I blamed you.I kicked you out.But trust me later i regretted.Every moment I missed you.I suffered a lot of pain.So I searched for you a lot.But I could’nt find you.Without you living life was not easy Ishita.But because of my stupid ego I pretended to be not bothered at all about your absense.That’s the biggest mistake I did.
Ishita:No Raman.The fault is mine too.I should have informed you about me and Ruhi.Ruhi was a child.I should not have listened to her childishness and hid ourselves from you.I am sorry Raman.
Raman:Don’t apologize to me Ishita.It’s because of my behaviour that Ruhi compelled you to do that.Ruhi was right on her place.Tell me Ishita…won’t you forgive me?
Ishita held his hand and smiled tearfully.

Chalta hi jaaye teri ore
Dil meri sunta nahi

Raman embraced her happily:Thank you so much Ishita.

Ho.. saari fizaaon mein hai,
Mehki hawaon mein hai
Tera aur mera fasana
Ho.. jaanu main bhi ye,
Ruhi came near him.She was in tears:Papa!I am sorry.I wronged to you.

She held his hand and cried.He caressed her:Ruhi…my beta…Don’t say like that…
Everyone smiled seeing it.
Arnav wiped his wet eyes.Khushi smiled:Laad Governor ASR shed tears for someone else.Impossible.
Arn:I could’nt control myself Khushi.
Khushi held him closer and patted him to relax.
K:For many years they were away from each other.Still they love each other without any limit.
Arn:Yes Khushi.I am touched by it.

Ruhi went towards Aarav in happiness:Aarav…I got my papa back.He is fine now.He came back to life for me and Ishi Maa.Now I have my whole family with me.

Aarav smiled:I told you that you will get whatever you lost years back.
She smiled.

After some time…
Ishita and Raman were in each other’s arms.Slowly Raman slept on her shoulders.She was felt nice feeling him on her shoulder.She held him close.

Dil kahin rukta nahi
Dil kahin rukta nahi,
Slowly she also slept on his shoulder.

Chalta hi jaaye teri ore
Dil meri sunta nahi

After some time Ruhi came with tea.
R:Both are sleeping?
Hearing her voice they both woke up.
Ruhi:Sorry for disturbing your sleep.But felt happy to see papa and Ishi Maa sleeping on each others shoulder.
Raman and Ishita smiled at each other.
Ruhi:Tea for both of you.
She gave them tea.
Ruhi:The good news is that papa can leave the hospital.
Raman and Ishita smiled.
Raman:But the real good news is that my Ishita and Ruhi are coming with me home.
Ishita and Ruhi smiled.Ruhi left the room.
Raman and Ishita sipped tea.Raman’s eyes gazed at her secretly.

Ho.. saari fizaaon mein hai,
Mehki hawaon mein hai

Raman thought:Good that Jhansi Ki Rani is not seeing me observe her.Otherwise she will tease me to the core.

Ishita looked at him.Immediately he turned off his face.

Tera aur mera fasana
Ho.. jaanu main bhi ye,

Ishita said in her mind:Ravan Kumar…I know that you can’t take your eyes off me.But your Jhansi Ki Rani enjoys it.

Slowly Raman looked at her.Seeing her giggle he also burst into laughter.

Jaane hai tu bhi ye
Jaane ye saara jamana

After 2 days…
Khushi saw a red saree on the bed.She blushed reading the note,
“Happy wedding Anniversary”.
She wore the saree.Arnav came and caressed her face romantically:Happy wedding Anniversary Khushi.

K:Happy wedding anniversary Arnavji.After a long time you showed your romantic side to me.Why are you hiding your romance in your mind?

Arn:Khushi..I know we fight a lot.But after a long fight getting romantic is more sweeter.Right?

K:Yes.That’s our love.
They brushed each other’s forehead with theirs.

Arnav held her closer and led her to the hall where all people were gathered.

Everybody clapped their hands.

They wished them:Happy Wedding Anniversary…
Khushi was surprised.Aarav and Arshi hugged Khushi and Arnav:Happy wedding anniversary mom dad..
Aarav:We really wish that you both continue fighting all your life.

Arnav-Khushi as well as others were stunned.
Khushi:What?You want your parents to fight?
Aarav:Yes sure.
Arshi:Did Aarav bhaiyya say anything wrong?It’s true that we both want you guys to fight always.

Aarav:Because fighting is your way of romancing.
Arnav-Khushi became shy while others laughed.

Aarav and Ruhi came on stage together: This is for you both mom dad…

Aarav – Ruhi danced.

Ho.. ho jattpure ki Jatti
Jo fashion ki hai patti
Hai aage peeche, aage peeche mere
O jaan-e-jaan tu dola
Mere dil mein chaahe cola
Hai aage peeche, aage peeche mere
– Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Khushi hugged Aarav and Ruhi:That was too sweet.
They smiled.
Arnav-Khushi cut cake together
and fed each other.

Everybody clapped their hands.
Khushi fed the cake to Aarav,Arshi..then called Ruhi near and fed her too.
Ishita:I am so happy to see our Ruhi being accepted as your daughter.
Khushi smiled:Yes,Ruhi is our daughter.
Ishi:Like this please give us a chance to pamper Arshi as our daughter.
Arnav-Khushi were confused.
Ishi:Please give Arshi’s hands to our Adi.They love each other a lot.
Arnav,Khushi and Raman were shocked while Adi and Arshi were tense.
Adi:Oh God..I hope everyone will be alright with our decision.

Arshi:Me too hoping for the same.Hope that my mom dad don’t fight over this and bore me and Aarav bhaiyya.

Adi:Are you joking when a serious discussion is going on?
Arshi:I am not joking Adi.You don’t know how much mom dad bore me and Aarav Bhaiyya by their senseless illogical arguments.

Aarav:Oh God…
Ruhi:Aarav…what do you think?Your parents will agree?
Aarav:Mom will surely agree.But we can’t predict dad.
Ruhi:Oh no…

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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  4. It’s soooooooo nice yaar…its the first time I read dis fanfiction.
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