Love and emotions….Arshi Ishra FS Part 2


Love and emotions Season3 Part 2
Pihu will be played by Aditi Bhatia who plays the teenage Ruhi on the show YHM

Ruhi:Ishi maa is right.

Arnav:What is this?Mr.Raman Bhalla is alive?Then why is he not here?His name is also cut off from Ruhi’s name.Why is he disowned?Why?
Khushi was also restless,but she controlled it.

Ishita wept.Ruhi who looked bold and tough till now lost her control and wept.
Aarav,Arshi,Khushi and Arnav felt bad by seeing their pain.
Arnav: Sorry if I was rough.Please think from our position.Our son’s life is also related to this and we have the right to know the family back ground of his would be wife.Right?

Khushi:Please don’t feel bad.Sorry if we really hurt you.But we really did not intend to hurt you all.

Ishita:We understand Khushiji.You all have the right to know everything regarding Ruhi as you all are also her family.But…
Ishita’s tears rolled down her cheeks.
Everyone felt sad.
Khushi to Arnav:Arnavji…I think we should give them more time.They will give us an answer for sure.Please be patient.Please don’t take out your ASR mood.

Arnav got irritated:What do you think Khushi?That I will blast at them?I am also a human being.I also have a heart.I understand their emotions.Why don’t you understand that?

K:Ok..but please don’t get angry.Arnavji.I understand.Please be calm.

Arnav kept silent.
Ruhi was in tears.
Aarav wanted to go near Ruhi and embrace her to console her,but seeing Arnav-Khushi near him he had hesitation.
Khushi to Aarav:Aarav,only you can talk to Ruhi about this matter.Her heart is being wounded by some painful memories.Only you can heal her wounds.

Aarav went near Ruhi and held her hand.Ruhi looked at him.Her eyes were wet.

Arshi thought painfully:Raman Bhalla?Ruhi bhabhi is Raman Bhalla’s daughter?Shocking.

Anyways it’s so nice that Aarav bhaiyya is there as a comfort for Ruhi bhabhi in this condition.

Aarav-Ruhi in the garden…
R:When I was small my papa’s enemy Nidhi aunty kidnapped my little sister Pihu and threatened to give me to her if they wanted Pihu back.She warned not to inform the police.But ishi Maa was so scared that she informed the police.In that anger Nidhi aunty ran away with me throwing the baby.Luckily our baby…our Pihu fell in Ishi Maa’s hands.But our car met with an accident.Everybody thought that we died.Papa blamed Ishi Maa that its because of her that they lost me.

Flash back…

Raman shouted at Ishita:Nidhi had warned not to inform the police.Still you called the police?
Ishita’s lips shivered:For safety I…
R:Safety?Instead of safety what happened?Because of your decision we have lost our Ruhi.You proved that you are only her step mother.If you were her real mother you would not have done this.You killed my Ruhi.
Ishita was shattered.
Ishi:No …my Ruhi can’t die.If she was dead I would have been dead.My heart beats because of her.She can’t die.My Ruhi is alive and that’s why I am still alive.

Raman:Just because you lied truth can’t be changed and you can’t be justified.I hate you Ishita.Leave from my life and never show your face to me.

Ishita could’nt believe it..She touched him shivering her lips:Raman,what did you say?

He removed her hand from him and stared at her:I said leave from my life.
Ishita was shattered.She cried leaving the Bhalla house.All were in tears.


Ruhi:Ishi Maa was kicked out by my papa.But her inner voice kept telling that I am alive.So she searched for me.When I opened my eyes I found myself on the hospital bed.

Flash back….

Ruhi’s eyes got welled up with tears seeing Ishita near her.
R:Ishi Maa…
Ishita cried caressing her face:Ruhi..
She hugged Ruhi:Don’t worry.Your Ishi Maa is with you.
oh dil se dil ka rishta juda
pal do pal mein mitta nahi

Ruhi held her hand smiling tearfully..Ishita kissed her forehead.
bandhan dilo ka tutta nahi
bandhan dilo ka tutta nahi

R:How come I am here?
Ishi:I searched for you in the possible hospitals and found you here.Thanks to Murugan.You are fine Ruhi beta.Always goodness wins over evil and it happened.Your life is saved,but doctors could’nt dave the life of Nidhi who tried to harm us.
Ruhi was relieved.
R:Where are Papa,Pihu,Adi bhaiyya and…
Ishita’s tears rolled down her cheeks.
R:Tell Ishi Maa..


Ruhi:I realized that papa disowned Ishita Maa because of me.I could’nt bear it.How could papa do it to Ishi Maa?


After a few days…
Ishita:Happy news Ruhi.Today you are going to be discharged.Now we will leave the hospital Ruhi.

Ruhi :We will leave Ishi Maa.But we won’t go to our house from where papa kicked you out and others looked that helplessly.I don’t want to go to a place where you have no place.
tere dil ka mere dil se
rishta purana hain

Ishita cried:What are you saying?

Ruhi wiped Ishita’s tears.
R:Ishi Maa..We both will stay together in some other place.
in aankho se har aansu
mujhko churana hain

Ishi:Ruhi,you know what you are saying?Nobody even knows that you are alive.
R:I don’t care.I have you and that’s more than enough for me.
We are going to stay separately from them.That’s it.
mujhko churana hain
mujhko churana hain

Ruhi hugged ishita.They both wept.
tere dil ka mere dil se
rishta purana hain-Koi Aap Sa


Ruhi:Thus because of my stubbornness Ishi Maa agreed and we both started living separately from our family.Actually we both are very happy with each other.

But however we tried papa has not gone from our heart.Though i control my emotions every moment Ishi Maa cries thinking of papa,Adi bhaiyya,Pihu and our family.
Ruhi burst into tears.
Aarav held her closer to console her:Ruhi…don’t cry…Everything will be alright.

Ruhi:Nothing is going to be alright as broken relationships can’t be mended.But after sharing all this with you I feel relief Aarav.
He held her hand and caressed it:As far as I am with you no need of carrying any pain in your heart Ruhi.
Ruhi:I know Aarav.That’s my only peace.
They shared an emotional eye lock.
Arshi who over heard this was in shock.
Ars:I can’t believe this.So painful!So much of pain caused by misunderstandings.All are living in darkness.I should remove this darkness and fill their life with light.

She wiped her tears.

Ishita saw the framed photograph of Raman and Adi on the table.She took it in her hands and looked at it.
Ishi:I really miss you both.

Ishita wept:Raman..I know you hate me.But I love you and I really pray that you are happy.

Arshi went to Bhalla house.Seeing her Toshi who is Raman’s mother hugged her:Arshi beta!
Pihu came running and hugged her:Hello Arshi di….

Arshi kissed her cheek:My Pihu darling..

Toshi:Arshi beta…I can’t keep your secret of love anymore.My heart is beating heavily.Bhallaji and I can’t wait to discuss about you and Adi with Raman.Be my potha bahu soon.

Arshi smiled.
Ars:I am also waiting for that moment dadi.

But before that I need to do something very important.
Toshi became serious:What do you have to do?I did’nt understand anything.
Ars:You will understand it soon Dadi.
She walked to Adi’s room.She looked for Adi.Suddenly Adi embraced her from back.
“Hi sweety”.
Arshi was dull:Adi,tell me if you know Ishita Iyer and Ruhi.

Adi’s smile vanished.He was stunned.He removed his hand from her.Arshi turned and stared at his face.
Arshi:Tell Adi…

Adi’s lips shivered with tears in his eyes.
Adi:Ishi maa…my Ruhi…I don’t know where my Ishi maa is and I lost my sister Ruhi.
Arshi felt sad.She cupped his face in her arms:I know everything Adi.But trust me..your Ishi maa and Ruhi are safe.
Adi was shocked.Toshi,Pihu and Mr.Bhalla who heard it from the door way were shocked.
T:What?You know where Ishita is and our Ruhi are alive?
Pihu wept:Where is my mother?I want to see her.
Raman who came hearing this was numb.
Tos:Did’nt you hear this?
Raman was frosen.His eyes got filled up with tears:No,this is not possible.

Ars:It’s true.I saw Ishita aunty and Ruhi.Ruhi and our brother Aarav are in a relationship.
They could’nt believe it.
Adi:Papa,I want to see Ishi maa and Ruhi.
Raman was silent.
Adi:Why don’t you say something?How long will you hate Ishi maa by accusing her of killing ruhi?Did’nt you hear that Ruhi is alive?She is with Ishi Maa.So don’t blame Ishi Maa again.
Raman was numb.But tears rolled down his cheeks.

Ruhi opened the door.Aarav and Arshi were there.Arnav and Khushi were standing on a corner.Ruhi smiled.Aarav and Arshi moved apart and Ruhi’s smile faded seeing Raman there.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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