Love and emotions….Arshi Ishra FS Part 1

This FS is basically on the post leap track of YHM where Ishra,Ruhi,Adi and Pihu got separated.
Due to public demand Aarav will be Varun Dhawan ,Ruhi will be Varun Dhawan and Adi will be Mohit Sehgal in this FS.Arshi will be Gia Manek.

Arnav raised his voice against his son Aarav:Why you don’t want this marriage Aarav?What was wrong with the alliance I brought?

Khushi:Arnavji,why are you over reacting?Have this cold coffee and cool yourself.
Arn:Keep it with yourself.I don’t want anything.

Arn:I brought the best alliance for him and he rejected it.
Khushi:Arnavji,you brought your business partner’s daughter’s proposal.But first you check what is there in your son Aarav’s mind.
Arnav said in a sarcastic tone:So I should always open his mind and see what he has hidden there?Very nice.It’s a dad’s duty.Right?
K:This is not a joke.The kids have grown up.So we need to consider their opinion too.
Arn:Khushi…you also?
K:Arnavji..when you were an adult you took all the decision by yourself.Right?Did you listen to any other member of your family?You were known as the biggest arrogant person in the world.Now also you are not different.You never consider others while taking a decision.You are doing what you like.

K:Aarav is just like you Arnavji.That’s why he is having his own opinion.
Arn:Ok I agree.the problem is with my genes.Happy?
Aarav:Dad…sorry.I did’nt mean to hurt you.
Arn:How easily you said sorry!You said sorry and everything is over.Right?
K:What is wrong in saying sorry?Only great people can say sorry.
Arn:Khushi…you have taught all great things to our son.
K:Oh…I forgot that there is no sorry in ASR’s dictionary.
Aar:You guys don’t argue in my name.I rejected this alliance as I love someone.
They were shocked.
Arn:What?You have a girl friend?How?
K:Arnavji,you also had a girl friend.Right?Did you forget that we did love marriage?
Arn:Yes,I did love marriage with you.Actually I did a big blunder by marrying a foolish girl like you.
K:Really?I also did a big blunder by marrying an arrogant angry man like you.
Aarav:Please stop it.

Arnav Khushi suddenly became silent and looked at Aarav.
Aar:Seriously you guys are an unusual couple.You guys romance by fighting.This is how you guys love.You guys are the weirdest couple ever.
Arnav-Khushi were embarrassed.
Aar:Instead of arguing you please tell me whether you guys can approve of my relation.
Arn:Tell me about the girl.
Aar:Her name is Ruhi Iyer.
Arn:Tamilian?Ok…no problem.Leave it.
K:Good that at least you did’nt make a fuss about that.
Aar:She has only her mother Dr.Ishita Iyer.
Arn:Anyways we will visit them.Inform them.
Aarav and Khushi smiled.Khushi cupped Aarav’s face in her hands:I know my son must have chosen the best girl in the world.
Aarav:Yes mom.She is the sweetest girl in the world.You will like her for sure.
Khushi smiled:I already liked her.

Aarav smiled.
Arshi came back from college hearing that.
Ars:What?Bhaiyya has a girl friend?
Aarav blushed.
Arshi:What’s her name?
Arshi hugged Aarav:I am so happy for you bhaiyya.Now tell me.How is bhabhi?I can’t wait to see her.
Aarav:Relax Arshi.
Khushi:Even I am getting restless to see Ruhi.So tomorrow we are going to see her.
Arshi was excited:Really?I can’t wait to see my bhabhi.Tomorrow is a special day as we all are going to bhabhi’s house.So I’m going to beauty parlour.
Khushi:Are you mad Arshi?Just to go to Ruhi’s house you need to go to the parlour?
Arshi:Yes mom.First impression is the best impression.Bhabhi should not feel that her nanad is not beautiful.
Khushi:Oh this girl is mad.
Arshi:Come Aarav bhaiyya…drop me to the parlour.

Khushi:You are spoiling Arshi.
Aarav held Arshi closer:She is my only sister.I can pamper only her.
Arshi:That’s my sweet brother.
Khushi smiled seeing their love.

Ishita and Ruhi were excited by Raizadas’ arrival.
Ishita was arranging the house properly.She cleaned the table.

She kept things on the correct place.
Ruhi:What are you doing Ishi Maa?
Ishi:I need to do a lot of preparations.
R:Ishi Maa relax.It’s not my wedding.They are just coming to see me.
Ishita smiled caressing her face:So what?They are my daughter’s going to be in laws.I have to welcome them grandly.
Ishita hugged Ruhi.Ishita’s eyes became wet thinking of the happy moment with Raman,Adi and Ruhi.

Ishi:If Raman was here…if Adi was here…if all our family members were here…

Ruhi saw her tears.
R:You are thinking of papa and crying.Right?
Ishita wiped her tears and smiled:No,why should I cry?Dust got inside my eyes.That’s why eyes became wet.

Ruhi said painfully:Don’t lie to me Ishi Maa.Who knows you better than me?How can I not recognize your tears?Your pain is my pain too.

Ishita burst into tears and hugged Ruhi.Ruhi also cried silently.

Arnav,Khushi,Aarav and Arshi came.Ishita and Ruhi welcomed them.Khushi’s face blossomed seeing Ruhi.
Khushi caressed her face:I am so happy to see my bahu.
R:Khushi aunty…you don’t remember seeing me before.
R:Actually Aarav and I were school mates.Once after school picnic I had come to see your house with Aarav.
Khushi suddenly remembered her moments with little Ruhi.

Khushi was surprised:Ya…now I remember…how cute you were!Still you are very cute.
They all smiled.
Ishita:Its so nice to hear that Khushiji and Ruhi knew each other during Ruhi’s childhood days.

Khushi:Really Ishitaji.It is a surprise for me.
Ishita:It’s God’s game that Khushiji and Ruhi bonded quite well during Ruhi’s childhood days and now Ruhi going to be Khushiji’s daughter in law.
Khushi:Not daughter in law..daughter.
Aarav,Ruhi and Ishita smiled.
Arshi:Aarav bhaiyya…your selection is so nice.Bhabhi is really pretty.Bhabhi…your smile is too cute.
Aarav and Ruhi smiled.
Ruhi:You are also having a cute smile Arshi.
Arshi went and hugged Ruhi:Love you bhabhi.
Evetybody smiled.
Ishi:It’s Ruhi’s luck that she is getting such nice in laws.

Everybody smiled.
Khushi:It is our luck to have Ruhi in our life.
Ishita and Ruhi smiled.
Ishi:I will bring sweets.

Ishita served them sweets.
Arn:No thanks.I am diabetic.
Ishi:Oh sorry.
Ruhi served him snacks:These are not sweets.
Arnav took it:Thank you.
Arn:Ruhi’s father?
Ishita and Ruhi became sad.
Khushi pinched Arnav:What is this Arnavji?Don’t you know that Dr.Ishita is a single mother?Means Ruhi’s father is not there in this world.Then why are you asking them about him?Don’t ask them about him and pain them.

Ishita:Ruhi’s father’s name is Raman Bhalla.
Arn:Raman Bhalla?Then how come Ruhi’s full name is Ruhi Iyer?
Ishita became upset.

Ruhi:Because I decided not to keep Bhalla as my surname.It was my decision to add Iyer to my name.

They all were confused.
Ishita was upset.Khushi noticed it.
K:Sorry,we should not have asked about Ruhi’s father.Aarav had told us that Ruhi has only her mother.
Arn:Sorry for hurting you all.I should have remembered that he is not there in this world.

Suddenly Ishita burst out:My Raman is alive.
They were shocked.

In Bhalla house…

Raman stood near the window recollecting his moments with Ishita and Ruhi emotionally.He was sweating badly.

Raman’s tears rolled down thinking of Ishita and Ruhi.
Adi came:Papa,you miss Ishi Maa.Right?Then why don’t you bring her back?
Raman blasted at Adi:No..I don’t miss her.I hate her.Because of her we lost Ruhi.
Adi:No papa.My Ishi Maa can’t be wrong.
Raman:Just stop it Adi.

Raman left the room .All Bhallas stood there watching it with tears.
Raman sat in another room and cried out alone.
Raman:How long can i wear the mask of rudeness and anger?Why still my eyes are getting wet thinking of Ishita?Why I am not able to forget this pain?

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