Love and emotions 2 – Ishra Arshi (4 shots) Part 4 last episode

Love and Emotions Season 2 Part 4
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Shravan cried remembering his childhood moments with Ruhi.

Aarav cried:It’s all because of me.

Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena
Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena(Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania ).

Arnav,Khushi and Arshi shed tears.
K:No Aarav beta.
He hugged Khushi and cried.
Khushi went near Arnav.
K:Arnavji…when Aarav hugged me and cried I remembered him hugging me and crying when he was small.

That time I could assure him all happiness.But now I failed to console him that Ruhi will be fine.Will Ruhi’s life be saved?
Arnav was upset.

Khushi walked forward,but she slips and was about to fall down.But Arnav held her preventing a fall.
K:Why did you hold me Arnavji?You could have let me fall.Our son has fallen down,then why should I get protected?

Khushi removed his hand from Arnav and moved away.Suddenly Arnav held her hand.

Arn:Our son has’nt fallen yet Khushi and I will never let him fall. And I won’t let you fall Khushi.

Khushi’s tears rolled down her cheeks.Arnav’s eyes were full of tears.

The doctor came:Luckily there is no head injury and Ruhi will fine now.
All are relieved and happy.

After some time Ruhi became conscious.Raman and Ishita were in tears.
Raman:Are you alright Ruhi?
Ruhi nodded her head though she was weak.

Dil se dil ka rishta juda
Pal do pal mein mit.ta nahi
Bandhan dilon ka toot.ta nahi
Bandhan dilon ka toot.ta nahi

Ishita hugged her crying.
Ishi:I told you many times to drive carefully.But you are so careless Ruhi.

Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hai

R:Sorry Ishi maa.I became careless.I lost my mind for some time.Now onwards I will be careful.

In aankhon se har aansoo
Mujhko churana hai
Mujhko churana hai..

Ishita,Raman,Adi and Shravan smiled.

Mujhko churana hai..
Mujhko churana hai(Koi aap sa).

Aarav came.They all left leaving Aarav and Ruhi alone.
Aarav sat near by Ruhi who was bed ridden.

R:You got scared?

I did this to teach you a lesson.
Aar:Ruhi,never do this again.

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

R:I didn’t try to die Aarav.But it’s true that I didn’t feel like living without you.
Aarav became emotional:Ruhi!

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

R:Aarav…we don’t know how long we will live.But let us live together as long we are alive.Please don’t say no.I beg you.
He held her hand with tears in his hand:Ruhi!
They both smiled with tears in their eyes.

Main tenu samjhava ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawa ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

(Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania ).
Raman-Ishita,Arnav-Khushi,Adi-Amrit,Shravan-Arshi smiled happily seeing their reunion.
Arshi:Finally Aarav bhaiyya got his love.
Shravan:And Ruhi’s long lived dream to get Aarav as her Prince got fulfilled.

Aarav-Ruhi,Shravan-Arshi got engaged.

Raman:Why don’t we conduct both the couples’ wedding on the same mandap at the same time?
Bala who is Shravan’s father:Why not?
Shravan:Sorry appa..Arshi and I have decided to have a Christian wedding.
Arnav:What the!
Vandu(Shravan’s mother):Shravan…what did you say?
Mrs.Iyer who is Shravan’s grand mother:Ayyo Muruga!
Ishita:Amma…we should fulfill children’s wishes.Right?
Mrs.Iyer nodded her head.
Arshi:Since we can’t have Church Wedding we want to have a register marriage dressing up like Christian couple.
Vandu:Not bad.
They all smiled.
Adi:There is a happy news.
Raman:Yes tell Adi.
Adi was shy.
Ishita:Adi and shyness?Impossible.
Adi blushed:Nothing like that Ishi maa.Actually…actually…today morning we realized that Amrit is pregnant.

Amrit was shy.
All were surprised.
Arnav:I can’t believe that my di’s Princess is going to be a mother.
Khushi smiled.
Rahul-Anjali’s happiness had no bounds.

Anjali and Rahul hugged Amrit.
Anj:My Rajkumari…you gave me the biggest happiness.

Rahul cupped her face:I can’t believe that you have grown so big.I can’t wait to see my grand child.
Amrit was blushing a lot.

Days passed…
The wedding day of Aarav Ruhi.
Aarav seeked Arnav Khushi’s blessings.He touched their feet.They blessed him.
They were very emotional.
Meri aankhon mein tu muskuraaye meri dhadkan pe hai tere saaye

pujti hai nazar tujhko aath’o peher kaun tere siva yaad aaye

zindagi ke karam tujhse har khushi har gham tujhse

vaade aur kasam tujhse har khushi har gham tujhse

K:Aarav…you are our first child and you will always be special.We bless you all the happiness.

aake dekhe koi yahan apne hote hai kaise

jashn khushiyan manaati hai ghar jannat ho yeh jaise

ek duje ke bandhan mein bandh gaye hai hum aise

koi shikhwah na ho dor jaise bhi ho

faasla beech mein aa na paaye

Aarav hugged Khushi.

kabhi roote na hum tujhse har khushi har gham tujhe

vaadein aur kasam tujhse har khushi har gham tujhse

zinagi ke karam tujhse har khushi har gham tujhse

Arnav patted his shoulder:Be always happy with your love and lead a happy married life.

muskurake jab tu mujhe pyar se samjati hain

tere chehre mein us pal mujhko maa nazar aati hai

Aar:Thank you dad.
He hugged Arnav.
teri dua har uljan mein jeena sikhati hai t

era ehsan hai mera armaan hai

tujhpe kurbaan dil ho jaaye

Aarav-Ruhi had a tamil style wedding as per Ishita’s wish as she is a tamilian.

Arnav-khushi were very happy.
K:I am so happy that true love won.
Arn:Yes Khushi.Ruhi is an Angel sent by God for our Aarav.
She smiled:You are right Arnavji.

Ishita-Raman became emotional seeing Ruhi getting married.
Ishi:Finally Ruhi’s biggest dream to marry her love Aarav has been fulfilled.
Raman:How happy is Ruhi!As parents what more do we need?

Later Shravan-Arshi had a Christian wedding.

5 years passed…

It’s been said that happiness can give us long life.In case of Aarav it became true.Ruhi’s love filled Aarav’s life with love and his life got extended.God took his disease back.Aarav-Ruhi were blessed with a sweet baby girl whom they named Pari.

Adi-Amrit are leading a happy life with their son Om.

Shravan-Arshi are happy with their cute daughter Megha.

The end.

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