Love and emotions 2 – Ishra Arshi (4 shots) Part 2


Love and Emotions Season 2 Part 2

Raman:Aarav,you can’t break my daughter’s heart and leave.
Aarav:I am sorry uncle.I’m helpless.
Ishita:This is too much Aarav.This was never expected from you.
Ruhi burst out:WhyAarav?I know the reason.Because you are sick and you think you are spoiling my life.Right?Trust me Aarav..We are doing the right thing by getting married to each other.We love each other and we should be one.
Aar:No Ruhi.I don’t love you.
All were shocked.
Aar:You mistook our friendship for love.Your parents brought proposal to my house for your happiness.Since weare family friends for everyone’s happiness I had to agree for our engagement.Actually I don’t love you.But I cant fool anymore.I can’t get engaged to you for namesake.

Ruhi was numb while all were shocked.Adi lost his control and raised his hand to hit Aarav.Ruhi held his hand.
R:No Adi bhaiyya.Don’t hurt Aarav.He is sick.He will go weak.
Adi:See Aarav.You hurt Ruhi.Still she is supporting you.

Aara:That’s not my fault.
He walked out.Arnav-Khushi walked after him.
Shravan couldn’t move due to shock.
Adi:Look at his arrogance.
Adi looked at Amrit:You were supporting your cousin brother.See what has he done to my sister.
Amrit had no words to utter.She went near her parents Rahul and Anjali.
Amri:What is all this Maa Papa?

Anj:We don’t have any idea Rajkumari.

Rahul:My choti si Rajkumari…don’t worry.We will sort out the matter..

Raman-Ishita held Ruhi.
Ruhi:I am fine Ishi maa and papa.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
R:He is lying Ishi maa.He loves me a lot.
R:I’m not saying this to console myself.But it’s the truth.
Ishita was confused.

Arnav shouted at Aarav:Even though you are a patient Ruhi accepted you.You could have lived happily with her.But you insulted her by breaking ties with her on the engagement day itself.You made fun of her love.You really wounded her heart.
Khushi:Aarav…what did you do?I didn’t expect this from you.
Aarav burst out:Mom…I thought at least you will understand me.As parents you all were happy about me and Ruhi becoming a couple.But have you ever thought about Ruhi’s condition if I die after marriage?

She will be tagged as a widow and taunted by the society.
Khushi was broken down.
Arnav:No Aarav,nothing like that will happen.I am giving you the best treatment and I will even take you abroad.
Aar:You can give me treatment.But can you give me 100% guarantee that I will be cured?
Arnav’s mouth was sealed by his words.Aarav walked away.
Arnav-Khushi remembered the childhood moments with Aarav.

K:Our Aarav is so big that he takes decision on his own.
Arn:He is just like you Khushi.Always ready to sacrifice happiness for others.
You were not interested to marry me.But I was obsessed with you.So I threatened you that if you don’t marry me I will stop your jeeji Payal’s wedding with my brother Akash.So you agreed to marry me.I grabbed your hand mercilessly and dragged you to the temple

and married you ignoring your tears.
My Anjali di and others questioned us about our sudden marriage.

You could’ve opened your mouth and spilled out the truth that I was the culprit.But you never did that.You saved my reputation.You sacrificed your happiness and reputation for me and Payal.
K:But the biggest truth that after marriage I realized that you were soft at heart and I started loving you.
They shared an emotional eye lock.

Rahul,Anjali,Akash,Payal came.
Khushi wept:Aarav loves Ruhi so much that in the last moment he backed out of the engagement as he doesn’t want Ruhi to take a risk by marrying a sick boy like him.
They all were in tears.
Arnav cried:When Aarav asked me if I can give him guarantee that he will be saved I couldn’t even utter a word di..
Anj:Chotte…nothing will happen to our Aarav.

Khushi went to her room and cried.Arnav came:Khushi!
Khushi burst into tears:Arnavji..
They cried in each other’s arms and slept off.

Ruhi cried:Come back to me Aarav.I miss you.Why don’t you understand?

Ishita saw this and her tears fell down.
Ishita tried to get in,suddenly Raman held her hand.
Raman:Leave her alone for sometime.
Ishi:How can I?She needs me now.
Raman:Come with me.
He took her to their room.
Raman:Ishita…stop crying.By crying we can’t change what happened.
Ishi:Raman…poor Ruhi thinks that Aarav still loves her and she is still waiting for him.I am not even able to console her.

Raman:I will not leave that shameless Raizadas.That Aarav….I will punish him for hurting my daughter.
Ishi:By punishing Aarav,will our Ruhi get Aarav’s love Raman?
Raman became upset.

Shravan-Arshi met.
Shra:Yesterday I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do.You know Arshi…Even though since childhood Ruhi and I always end up fighting I can’t bear her pain.
Shra:Arshi…everything was going so well.Then what happened suddenly?
Arshi:I don’t know Shravan.All I know is..Aarav bhaiyya didn’t have any bad intention to hurt others.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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