Love and emotions 2 – Ishra Arshi (4 shots) Part 1


I had posted season1 and season3 of Love n emotions.Now I’m posting Love and emotions season2 which I had posted on IF before.

Love and emotions Season2 Part 1
This is the season2 of my old TS ‘Love and emotions’.
Due to public demand the grown up Ruhi will be Alia,Adi will be Karan Kundra,Aarav will be Karan Wahi and Arshi will be Sanaya.

Ruhi wore a grand Lehenga and jewellery for her engagement.Her parents Raman Bhalla and Ishita caressed her.
R:Papa…Ishi Maa…Do you both think that to marry Aarav is a wrong decision?

I:No Ruhi beta.Your decision is correct.My Ruhi has become so big and mature that she knows what is wrong and right.
Ruhi smiled,but her eyes were gloomy.
She looked at Raman:Papa…
Raman:As a father I was upset with your decision first.But if my daughter’s happiness is with being her lover,I can’t object it.

He held Ishita closer.
Raman:Because I know the importance of love.
Aditya and his wife Amrit came.
R:Adi bhayya!
Adi left the room without saying anything.
Amrit:Adi…this is too much.You broke Ruhi’s heart.
Adi:How can I wish her a long happy married life after knowing that it’s not possible?Because Aarav is a dying patient.
Amrit:Adi…Aarav bhai is just a cancer patient.Don’t call him a dying patient.Only Godcan decide when a person will die.Who knows whether I will die before Aarav bhai?
Adi:Amrit,why are you talking about death?I can’t live without you.
Amri:You felt pain when I talked about my death?Then how will Ruhi feel when when you always talk about Aarav bhai’s death?She loves him that much.

Adi felt sad.
Adi:I objected Ruhi-Aarav’s relationship after knowing that he may die at anytime I was not able to let my sister marry him.I hate to see my sister as a widow.
Amri:Adi…if I was a dying patient would you have refused to marry me?
Adi:Amrit!How could you ask me this question?
Amri:Answer my question Adi.Answer…
Adi:I would have married you even if you were dead.Because I love you.
Amri:Ruhi also loves Aarav bhai.That’s why she put her foot down to marry him.She needs your blessing.

Ruhi wept thinking of the fun she had with Adi when they were young.

R:Adi bhaiyya..I miss our childhood when we were so happy with each other.
Suddenly she felt fingers on her cheeks wiping her tears.She couldn’t believe her eyes.
R:Adi bhaiyya!
Adi:Sorry Ruhi..I hurt you a lot.Please forgive me.Like always I will support you in this decision also.May be you are right by accepting Aarav.
Ruhi became happy:Thank you Adi bhaiyya.
She hugged him.Ishita became happy seeing it.
I:Can I join you both?
They smiled and hugged Ishita.Ishita was reminded of her beautiful moments with Adi-Ruhi when they were young.

Ishita’s sister Vandu and Bala’s son Shravan who is Ruhi’s best friend came. you look like a Disney Princess.
R:Buddhu…I am wearing an Indian attire.Then how can I look like a Disney Princess?
Shravan smiles:Sorry,anyways you look like the Indian Princess Damayanti.
They laughed.

Khushi dressed up.
Arn:Khushi…are you ready?
Khushi nodded her head in pain.
Arn:What happened Khushi?Why are you looking sad?
K:Arnavji,I feel guilty.Are we doing any mistake?

Arn:Why do you feel so Khushi?
K:Our son is deseased.Still Ruhi is getting engaged to him because of her love for him.But are we exploiting her love?
Arn:What do you mean Khushi?
K:Is it right to get her engaged to our diseased son?Are we not selfish?
Arn:Oh stop it Khushi.Be happy that our son is getting true love….someone who is accepting him inspite of his illness.Don’t think you are spoiling Ruhi’s life.Because I will give the best treatment to Aarav and he will have a long happy life to be with Ruhi.

Khushi was still in dilemma.

Arnav,Khushi,their daughter Arshi,son Aarav,sister Anjali,husband Rahul,Arnav’s cousin Akash whose wife Payal is Khushi’s sister went to Bhalla house for the engagement function.Shravan blossomed seeing Arshi.His smile made her blush.

Ruhi was brought by Ishita,her sisters Vandu and Mihika.Seeing Aarav, Ruhi blushed.But Aarav couldn’t smile.
Aarav-Ruhi sat together.Rings were brought.Seeing the rings Aarav felt guilty and stood up screaming:Nooooooooooooooo
Sorry…I can’t get engaged to her.
All were shocked.
Arnav:Aarav,what are you saying?
Aarav:No dad..I can’t…

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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