Love is earth’s heaven (Episode 1)


This is short n sweet some parawise n some dialoges….n the people r all sme..its gonna start from the time yug throws phone n manjima….
Hope u like it

Kaali tensed n heading to go temple
Kaka(servant who gave yugs watch):kali bitiya have u returned yug his watch
Kali-no i ll,later now i m going to temple
Kak:r u fine what happened u look tensed
Kali:no just…..bye
She leaves

At temples she says to god tht ramji in what bad situation have u put is well n there is cliff end(khaai ?)…what do i do.. how do i convince them…they want me to marry tht raavan n i want to marry my ramji…at times i wish i cud run away….now u only do something

Yugs residence
Pishima:yug why dont u make them all understand that kali dosent want to marry..n why dont u tell kali tht he is not the guy she is looking for
Yug: your kali wants to be the gr8est godess of godness by handling the remote of her life in other hand
Kaali enters ..
Manji:kali u r here ,is everything fine
Kali: till now atleast,wonder how long it will stay..
Manji: have they still not..(kali nods)…when will gaur stop her kidishness
Yug from behing:when ur kali will leave her
Pishima:stop it yug
Kaali:i came here to return ur watch

Yug:my watch?
Kali: yes u left at home yesterday
Yug:what? is not my watch
Kali:then whose is it..
Yug:wait..i …i ..i think it is of aryan..ur future husband,huh
Kali:i told u na yug tht i won’t
Yug:oh so u will let them starve

Kali:no…bt…i will give to him…u wanna come?
Yug:no i have some imprtant work
Yug:yes u go…i need to go to police station
Kali: wht happened?
Yug: there is a red earthen pot maker near to it ..dadi asked to buy it.

Kaali goes to aryan
Kali: is this your watch
Aryan :yes this is …thank u so much…*(tries to gt close to her)
Kali:aap yeh kr kya rahe hai..
Aryan:nothing m jusr..anyways..i wanna tell u somerhing
Kali:i have lot of work to do
Aryan:bt we r getting married
Kali:we won’t..
Aryan:why? U r beautiful n i am handsome
Kali: stop it
He tries touching her n does cheap talks…

Yug:give 5 pots

Poter:wait for 5 mins..
Yug is roaming when his eye get to a phot stuck on police station wall of criminal…he then see back again..he couldn’t believe , to his utter shock aryan pic is there..

Aryan tries to gt very close to kali..n kali tries to stop him speaking in mind ramji help me yug pls come..he is going to kiss her whrn….

Bang.this always happens in hero story..yug arrives
He seperates them, kali goes behind yug as yug puts his hand and tells her to do so, yug n aryan fight..yug!yug!yug! Yug beats him badly bt get hurt at once…he gets dizzy,kali screams yug n aryan is set to give him next injury…kali uses a stick n hits aryan….aryan last sentence before fainting is:kab takk bachogi kaali..kal shaadi toh ho kr rahegi…muje vo jo chaheye…
He fell

Kaali n yug hug
Kaali:yug aap threk ho
Yug:i am fine …r u fine
Kaali:i am also…
Kaaki:i want to tell u something urgent
Yug:what is it
Kaali: it is verg…umm…u r my ramji
Yug:i luv u too kaali..

Precap:kaali is forcibly doing her phera with aryan …mad is there

Credit to: Just a kayu fan

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