Love!!!!!! A dream (krpkab) Episode 13


Hello guys it’s sad that our fav show is going off air n we can’t do anything n all of that everything has an end but it is vry soon and am also ending my ff next one will be the last part and ya if u guys want me to be back with season 2 then comment below and season 1 will soon be on wattpad now enough of my bak bak letz start wid epi
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After sometimes the boys said that they would cook n girls can enjoy the holiday

Zoya- mr. Khan can u cook

Aliya- Zain do u know how to cook?

Asad- ya we can

Zoya- no no last time when u cooked u had messed up all the kitchen

Aliya- same case

Dev- I would help them don’t worry I know how to cook

Sona- mr. Dixit do u know how to cook???

Dev- yes ms. Bose
I think u don’t know how to cook

Sona- ya i don’t know how to cook but how come u know there is a cook at ur house ryt

Dev- ya but i have learned how to cook

Zoya- ok ok fyn

Aliya- lets do our work

Sona- ya come on

They wnt into the room took out the some packets of ballons ribbons n many other things of decoration and start decorating the room

Zoya- Sona do u order for the cake?

Sona- yes n it would come in evening

Zoya- ok

Sona- i would be going in afternoon as i have some work

Aliya- then we would celebrate it night and tommorow we would take our flights

Zoya- ya i too have some work

Aliya- Sona can i ask u a ques

Sona- ya sure

Aliya- wat do u think abt Dev
I mean wat is ur pov

Zoya- ya i too want to know this tell us

Sona- i like him he is a nice guy he is workolic, loves his family alot, he smiles very rarely as there is a tax on smile, he is handsome yet a angry young man
I like him

Zoya- hmmmm……..

Aliya- its like start loving him

Zoya- ya becoz when u were telling about him u had a big and brightest smile on ur face

Sona- did i started loving him?

Zoya, Aliya- ya

Sona- its so much confusing

Aliya- love is like this only

Zoya- when it happens no one knows it

At kitchen almost everything was ready

Asad- Dev what r u doing in new york

Dev- i said na i have a meeting

Zain- don’t lie

Dev- what do u mean

Asad- u better know it

Dev- u guys r telling that i am following Sonakshi

Zain- we dint tell that

Asad- ya exactly thn

Zain- it means what u were telling was ryt

Dev- ya did i start loving her?

Asad- may be

Dev- its soo much confusing

Zain- then this is only the love

Girls came out of the room locked it and ask for the lunch becoz by the time they cook it had lunch tym

Boys- here it is

They have there lunch got ready and left for the meeting n our Dev followed Sonakshi there she met with Jatin took the blue print of company chit chatted for almost an hour which makes Dev more jealous then they left fir the house there the three couples met by the time all had gone for changing

Girls came down by wearing jeans n same colour tops

Boys came down wearing jeans with black T-shirts with printed on it best friends forever n this was gifted by girls to make them spcl

After that they celebrated the friendship day took there flights and gone to their respective home promising now they wont depart

Dev and Sona reached Bose mansion

Bijoy- Dev if u don’t mind celebrate raksha bandhan with us becoz it has been many since we haven’t celebrated it

Dev- ok

NRN- it would be nice

Nikki- i am feeling very hungry lets start na plz

Dev- ok ok fyn
I would change and come

Neha- ya bhai

They went to thier rooms Sona locjed herself in sourabh’s room and started crying seeing his things were Elena and bijoy too accompanied her after the finish of function they left for their homes

Precap- confession and birthday celebration with a happy ending

Sry for the mistakes n guys if u dislikes also plz comment it below too know were to correct ourselves till then
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