Love!!!! A dream (krpkab) part 8


Hello guys i know am very late sry becoz frm now i would b posting only a episode in a week as my clg are opened now sry once again happy reading
Dev wantz a bst interior designer for renovating his office n designing his new palace Sona has been apointed for this n she had renovated all his office in two months except his cabin n the would never end if they won’t fight but aftr the accident there lifes changed becoz they came to know a biggest truth that his patents n her mother along wid his brother had died in a deadly accident but dint share wid each other aftr 15 days his cabin had also been renovated n Sona had asked for two days leave but at that nyt both families had dine together in the restaurant n at last thinking abt eo they slept
Next morning

Dev- Neha my breakfast

Neha- ya bhai coming

Dev- plz fast am getting late n whn did mamaji is coming

Neha- more 3 months

Dev- it look like u would also take 3 months come frm kitchen

Neha- Bhai!!!!! acha u remembered there are only 15 days now aftr that where would go

Dev- am searching a flat that will b our own becoz am fed up of owner uncle

Neha- ok bhai but b fast

Dev- hmmm

At Bose mansion

Sona got up late as she was on holiday she was hading her breakfast her phone beeped it was dev

Dev- hello

Sona- hi

Dev- i want to say something

Sona- hmmm

Dev- plz don’t ask them that hw would b tgere rooms n hw they wanted there house

Sona- so to whom i shld ask

Dev- to mee

Sona- thats a difficult task

Dev- wat????? I dint get it

Sona- itz it would b nyc for u

Dev- k bye

Sona- bye

At 12 noon Sona was doing her work Bijoy came there n had give her a envelop she took it n put it in drawer wid out seeing it n asked Bijoy

Sona- watz this

Bijoy- it contain a pic of boy wod his bio data

Sona- baba am not ready yet

Bijoy- but once u see it na

Sona- sry baba am bsy i would see it aftr sometym

At dev house

Mamaji called Dev

Mamaji- i had snd an envelop which contains a girls pic with her bio data so check

Dev- mamaji am not yet ready

Mamaji- ya i know but once u see

Dev- ok

Dev without seeing put it laptop bag in that which he had never opened unknowingly while working on laptop

Precap- Sona- sry dev i cant start designing ur house for nxt 15 days

Wat would had hppned that she is not designed n will they see the envelop or they will b in drawers only for knowing wat would happen keep reading n cmnt
Sry for mistakes becoz i haven’t done proof checking
Till thn
Ba bye

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  2. nice one dear

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    Good one….?

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    Superb episode..

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      Thank u soo much Aarti

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    good one…curious to know what is gonna happen now?… images r still a mystry?..i guess i know person in images..don’t u?…never mind…just kidding…eagerly waiting for next one…till than waiting for u to come back…bye bye…love u

  6. Ridzzzz

    Thank u sooo much n ya i know the prsns in it ur wait would b over in two days becoz on sat or sunday i would post n han urs ff is also mindblowing

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