Love Dose – SWARAGINI (Chapter 3)


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Swara and everyone was shocked they thought ragini was dead and the biggest thing they did the funeral and all
Laksh was most depressed with that he remembers the day when laksh hold ragini’s hand for the last time , for the last day
A tear skip from his eyes he wipes it
He remembers the moment when she cut the rope of his with out her love she used to give him everyday
He closes his eyes and remember the time when he got wounded and ragini was hell worried eventually he just acted to thank her and make swara jealous he remember she cared for him truely

Laksh open his eyes and start to look around swara health was very bad she was crying well it was freak out cry
Eventually sujata had no heart for ragini she just got a little piece essemble for her
Laksh start to see pari bhabhi who told ragini that she trusted her and she betrayed and now could never ever be caller her bhabhi had tears in her eyes , Annapurna who slapped her had tears in her eyes and everyone was consoling swara

Laksh has sweat on himself he cleaned it the cold breeze flow through his body
He start remembering moments and then said to himself why I am thinking about her so much and other heart who has melt
Should my heart also melt for her deed was great although she hid her identity or her owhaidentity was hidden in herself
Why should he care
Maybe because that all happen in front of his eyes

Laksh was thinking why is he thinking this all stuff and then also go and consoled swara

Swara ran from mm and reached baadi
She bang the door loudly
Everyone come out and swara told everything
Everyone is like how all this happen and what is isha thing
Everyone is hell shocked

PRECAP- isha goes to park andet some one

I am sorry I just posted the second prwcap the first prwcap will come soon so that’s why I posted next line 😉

Credit to: Isha

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  1. awesome dear,want to see ragini like positive and strong

  2. Akshata

    is ragini suffering from memory loss? but i love this strong ragini.

  3. Megha123

    Awsm part

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