Love Dose – SWARAGINI (Chapter 2)


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8 months leaps
we could see some decoration and out side of the home there is a mandap set for marriage
many people are there , some are eating and some are talking with each other
the groom has sat on the seat and the bride has also sat
the groom is sanskar and the bride is swara
they both are getting maried and everyone is showering the flowers on them
Their love story is complecated but they are happy and laksh is also showering flowers (happily )
after that there iss grah pravesh of swara

swara was making her kheer and suddenly some people enter the house with guns and make everyone come out they took annapurna under there gun so they can’t do anything the door was open from front gate so they were escaping and waiting for others to come out with all the loot
suddenly a bike came and see that the house was on danger
the lady take out the helmet and we can see her lips to eyes but not her face
she enters the house but as everyone was focused on annapurna the didn’t see her suddenly that girl came behind the man and twist his arm tightly back wards that cracking sound start to come and slowly his grip to knife was left and he fell uncounsious
annapurna slowly moves back and see the lady and feel shocked

Before she could say anyone or anything
the other goons came and attack on them
all others were tied and they could not do anything
lady took the knife and came to them
goon-2 -bhai lagta iss ladki ko sabak sikhana padega
goon-3 -chal dikha de
everyone see the lady and is shocked
the lady has weared skinny jeans and tight top with a black jacket
the goons left the loot and all 5 ran to her the lady dodge and swip and jump and down and then make them fall down and loss consiouse of them
everyone shocked (the men felt hesitation )
she come and through knife cut everyone’s rope at last she cuts laksh ropes
sujata come and hugs her and then see her face and backs out
the lady says-namaste everyone
swara came running out of the house and see the lady she comes and was about to run when one more theif was there and put a gun on her head
the lady came inbetween the gun shot sounds but neither on swara or lady
It was that goon
everyone was shocked
swara hugged the lady and the lady was confused
she hugs back and feel warms then she breaks the hug
lady turns to everyone and say – I am sorry agar kisi ko hurt hua ho
mei isha hu aur mughe laga aapko madat chahiye hogi and then i just helped you sorry agaar kucch
ap came and hugged her tightely
ap-tumne kucch galat nahi kiya ragini tum ham sabki jaan batcha li
isha (yes she looks extact like ragini )
isha-ragini ? ragini kon nahi nahi aunty mera naam isha hai
aur mei mumbai se yaha kokata shift huo hu
swara came running to her
swara-nahi nahi tum meri ….
ap signals her
swara-tum meri protector ho thank you alot
sorry for the misunderstanding

isha-chaliye mei ab chalati hu
swara-mei aapko drop kar deti hu i mean with my husband
isha-nahi nahi i have my bike
swara-magar aapne hamari help ki
isha-its ok its my duty
swara-duty ???
isha-sorry meine karate or judo and other techniques sikhi hui hai toh mughe aat ahai toh jo bhi mushkil mei hai mei unhe jarur help karti hu
everyone bless her
then she goes on bike
swara indicates sanskar sanskar ran to the car and follows her
her bike goes to the poorest area he hides the car and hide himself and sees ragini is giving food to everyone (poor)
he become happy after 2 hours she moves he follows her she then go to an apartment near kaali badi where swara and gadodiya lives
sanskar notes the address and then go back to maheshwari
he tells everything to swara and the members
swara cryingly -voh mughe pehchan kyu nahi rahi thi

PRECAP-isha goes to kaali baadi and then she meets someone at the park

Credit to: isha

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