Love Dose – SWARAGINI (Chapter 1)


Hii guys i am isha
I am a new fanfic editor but i am sure you will be impressed by my ff
Well hope so
Now that i have come then lets start


Ragini truth was revealed and laksh throw her out of the house and say that he only love swara more than ragini he will never loe ragini even she is the last person in the world . heartbroken ragini went to gadodiya home but no one was supporting her . eventually shomi showed up she told her that children do mistake and if elder dosn’t help then how will they live .
Ragini huged shomi and then went to her room and locked the room , she lay on bed lifelessily
At night at 2 am she wakes up and see no one is there
She runs out of the house and go to the bridge where she throws swara in the river
she cries at the bridge and say- oh god i have done alot of sins now is my time i will die
Swara ke saath hamne itna sab kucch kiya uski galati kya thi laksh se pyaar karna
Hamari galati kya thi laksh se beinteha mohabbat karna
sanskar jo hame iss raste pe laye voh toh sundhar gaye magar ham nahi sudhar paye
She was going to jump
when a strong hand hold her she saw up and to her surprise it was laksh
Laksh- kya kar rahi ho
Ragini-jo hame pehle kar lena chahiye tha
ragini-nahi laksh ham aapse bahut pyaar karte hai magar ab ham aapki jindagi mei kabhi interffere nahi karenge
Laksh – yeh baat baad mei karna pehle utho
Ragini scratch one of the nail on his . it pained laksh but he didn’t let her go -ragini kya ker rahi ho
Ragini-iss duniya mei hamre sirf aap the magar ab ham apni maa ke paas jana chahte hai
Laksh-nahi , mei swara ko kya kahunga
Ragini-ki uski behen magar gayi
sayin this she lossen her grip and falls down in river drowning
The water was very deep and there was no reason to jump until you also wanna die
Laksh in shock-R-ragini ……………

He ran to shore thinking shemay come here there but he didn’t see her
A tear or two come out of his eyes
Laksh ran to gadoiya house
AT 3 am
At a loud noise of bang
everyone wakes up and shomi comes to open the door
dadi thinks that ragini eyes open at the siletest noise but she hasn’t come even for laksh
and then she think -dramebaaz

laksh enter and everysee him crying and it could be seen he has ran to here without a stop
swara who was confused that he has came for her but she avoided eye contact

Laksh drank water and was going to hug swara but she stops him
swara-tum mughe gale nahi laga sakte mister maheshwari
laksh-magar s-swara
swara-tum mere behen ke pati ho mr. m-


everyone shocked
swara slaps laksh

swara-how dare you say that voh apne kamre mei hai
dadi thinks for a min and ran upstairs and saw no one
she shouts to everyone to come up there
and found a note on bed

Dadi , baba , dada ji , swara and maa hame maaf kar dijiye hamne jo bhi kiya tha apne pagalpan mei kiya tha laksh se pyaar karne lage the voh bhi beintehaan dekhiya kya ker diya pagal pan mei magar ab kucch nahi hoga , ab laksh or swara bhi ek ho jaenge or ab chale gaye hai naa magar haan ham vapas kabhi nahi aaenge , galati se bhi nahi -ho sake toh hame maaf kar dijiye
swara ab tum laksh se pyaar kar sakti ho
mera pyaar tumse jyada bada nahi hai
maa , baba , dada ji and dadi maa hame maaf kar dijiye iss ke liye nahi hamari galatiyo ke liye
kabhi nahi milenge ham

-aapki ragini (she cuts maheshwari )

Everyone had tears in their eyes even baba and dada
laksh was standing just looking what the hell just happened
swara-r-ragini ……..
she shouts her name
everyone moarns for ragini
leavinig laksh everyone was crying and tensed

suddenly swara come to him
swara-tumhe kese pta chala ki ragini mar gayi hai ? tumne toh nahi ?
laksh-pagal ho gayi ho kya mei tumhe khuni dikh raha hu
swara-tumhe kese pta chala
laksh-mei brigde pe gya tha kucch same akele bitane ke liye
tabhi meine ragini ko bhagte hue aate hue dekha
tabhi voh chila chila ke apne gunah kabul karne lagi
or uske baad kudane jaane lagi hi thi tabhi meine pakad liya
usne mughe naakhoon mar diya (he shows the nail marks ) or dard ke maare meri grip chut gayi aur voh gir gayi

everyone hell shocked

PRECAP-new entry and swara slaps lucky and a new lady

so howdo you like the episode pls comment and give rewies and share

Credit to: isha

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  2. Wow isha.. It’s nice. You have well imagined the story. But write dialogues in English.. The scene when Laksh held Ragini’s hand..aww..??
    Is that new lady kavya?

    1. Thanks alot
      I will try

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  4. It is superb dear

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  5. superb.

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    nice is the new lady kavya

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