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Plz see my comment in next in siya ke ram article regarding lav kush incarnations

Kumuddhati is a beautiful girl in her 20. She ws going to river to enjoy the boat ride, she thought – why can’t I swim, weather is so nice. she was swimming but a crocodile came in front of her, she was sure that no one can save her, she took god’s name and remembered of his brother, the crocodile was about to eat her but a strong hand graped her and killed the crocodile, it was a demon in form of crocodile.

Kumuddhati sees it was the same man whose baseband she found and returned to him.

Her brother Kumud kept a swayamvar for her.

She has given her heart to kushwati naresh kush

God listened to her and kush came with her brother lav and she garlanded him and got married and looked at each other as they are proposing their love.

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  1. NABANITA626

    Any story about luv?I once listened that he married a nagkanya but I have not any detailed information or reference about that.

    1. Aman

      sis, Kumuddhati is nagkanya I read

  2. Padmaja

    Dis stry is abt luv kush.. really it help me to know many things… because I dono much abt dem.. and I liked it..

  3. Thank so much ..Aman bro..any thing about luv??

  4. Nice article abt luv story of kush and kummudhati! Do u hv some info on lav, angad, chandraketu? Plz share @aman

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