Love dont need words (OS)


hey guys, i am literally on cloud9 bcz of ur love to my first os and ff.

so here is the treat for supporting me people.
u guys know i love u alll soooo much…

here we go

A girl was sitting in a park on a bench as if she was waiting for someone.

waiting bt for whom?? dont know…. bt till the tym the persone comes lets know more about the girl. She was wearing a short red coloured top and a blue jeans. She was looking so beautiful. Her long french plaited hair. A lovely smile on the lips and most imp. twinkling eyes from here we can guess tat she is none other than twinkle…. She was humming a song.

after few minutes she saw someone sitting on the opposite bench. seeing him she smiled brightly and mouthed a hello. he replied by waving a hand. he was also looking so handsome and breathtaking. bt today dont know why i fl so he wanted to say smthng by looking in his eyes. dont know may be i am mistaken.
leave all that and ya his name is kunj……
They sat over their nearly abt an hour and talked thru actions. This was their daily routine from last 1 month. They feel so happy talking and seeing each other bt they maintain a distance that is why they sit on two different benches, opposite to eo separated by a park in b/w..
Actually tw’s mother always said her to maintain distance from strangers and never allow her to talk to them. This park is the only place where she is allowed to go….

Bt this day was nt same as usual days. Suddenly a boy came and sat behind tw Nd kept his hands on her shoulder and take her away wid her before the routine tym. This made both twinj sad. Kunj was extremely very sad wanna know why ???

kunj( in mind) yaar after soo much practice i was going to tell her wat i feel for her bt this man…. Ahh I hate him bt i love u Twinkle…

( see guys i am a gud eye reader i told u na he is wanting to say something 😉 bt u people dont took me seriosly now see)

While going tw was turning towards him and she mouthed bie and again he waved a bie and also he spell
I LOVE U wid his hands and fingers.On seeing this tw was soo happy that she jst wanted to run and hug him bt something stopped her back. Dont know wat was going in her little mind bt she turned and left the place. kunj who was flying in the sky after her smile was now heartbroken and tears came down his eyes……. 🙁 .bt till now he was sure that she loves him and is doing smthng for a reason and he instead of losing hope bcme more determined to get her.

Guys love is very strange isnt it. Kahin bhi kabhi bhi kaise bhi ho jata hai as we all know that they never have any verbal chat b/w dem bt still were able to read the expressions of eo. This is called true love.

@ mansion
That man told a lady abt kunj and the signs.
The lady gets hyper and goes to tw’s room and wen she reached their she was extremely tensed on seeing her one and only lovely daughter crying very hard while lying on the floor…

she ran towards her and hugs her tightly
Tw- maa meri kya galti hai maa i love him sooo much bt…… i wnt to die my plz kill me….and she cries..
Leela consoles her and make her drink water. And make her ly on the bed after sometime leela makes her understand that i told u to stay away from people it will hurt u only bt u……. tw he dont know bt u know that u cant hear ( in sign language) bt
Tw- maa i m sorry i am very bad i played wid someones emotions. I ws nt knowing that he will also love me. Maa he is very gud from tomorow i will nt go to park. Leela consoles her and make her sleep.

Leela- baba g meri beti ke naseeb mein dukh kaam the jo apne aur de diye.pehle hi yeh bachpan se hamesha lekin…..and she also cries and sleeps besides her.

Next day kunj reached the place bt ws nt able to find tw. He waited for sometime and left the place. This goes on regularly for one week now kunj was loosing his hopes…….
Bt one day he saw the same man and encounters him. Before asking the man told him
Man- plz… stay away from tw plz… It hurts her. She loves u bt she cant hear anything so before u reject her. She left u.
Kunj leaves silently he was nt able to hold back his tears…..

Kunj goes to his house and writes something on the ppr and next mrng straight he went to tw’s house…. And enters her room secretly. Tw was drying her hair wid the towel at that tym. He was jst list in his saw herself in mirror and also the reflection of kunj saying i love u via his fingers. She smiled first and then turned in shock. She was abt to fall but before that kunj holds her and they share a passionate ilock. Suddenly tw comes in her senses and pushed kunj away. But before she cud say anything kunj goes behind and opens a half to half chart sized ppr longer in breadth and show it to tw

Twinkle i know u cant hear bt how cud u think that my love will get vanished bcz of this.
Twinkle eyes get moist on reading this…

Next ppr

I love u tw. Will u marry me?? No matter wat i will never leave u and will always love u.
My love is incomparable and will never change.

Now tw also loves him how long can she hold herself back. She ran towards him and hug him tight and said i love u too

Leela who was jst standing at the entrance of the door was shedding tears of happiness.

But suddenly kunj departs himself from her and started moving back which shocks tw and leela both.

Guys now wat ab kya hoga????w8 lets see uff sorry read 😛

Kunj opens the last chart and it reads

Sorry tw bt i am deaf i cant hear ur saying. Will u accept me like this. 😉

Twinkle was surprised to read this bt she again reached to him and hugged him tight. Kunj reciprocates her hug.

After sometime they were married happily.

Happily toh hona hi tha na kyunki ek biwi ko kya chahiye ki uska pati usse zuban na ladaye aur pati ko ki woh apni patni ko kuch bhi keh de bina dare…..lolz 😉

The end

Hows this guys???
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Credit to: ridhima

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  1. Nice episode funny at the end loved it

    1. Thnk u dr

  2. Sorry guys a mistake
    last ppr reads
    sorry tw i am dumb i cant speak anything.Will u accept me like this.

    From here u can understand ki how fastly i wrote it ………
    Guys i am very sorry for this blunder

  3. concept is very nice i liked it 🙂

    1. Thanks dr

  4. Nice episode . Pls Continue writing such stories

    1. Thanks dr

  5. U made cry…..awesom…..emotions very well depicted….

    1. Thanks dr
      i am sry i seriously dont want u too cry bt …….

  6. nyc one ….. lykd it …..

    1. Thanks dr

  7. I luved it..carry on wid more os..

    1. Thanks yar will try if i get ideas

  8. Awsum …
    I like ur both One shots…

    1. Thank u sooo much dr

  9. It’s cute but when are you going to post school love?

    1. Thanks yar
      bt i have writn it in half an hour
      dont want to rush wid schol luv wen will get more tym i will post it
      probably by noon
      and really sorry for making u w8

  10. Osmmmmmmmm n amazing dear loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much n sry 4 late commenting luv u

    1. Thanks dr
      and no need of sorry

  11. It’s so sweet os really your os made cry…but it was awesome..but when u will post school love waiting for that soon..and plss write more os like this

    1. Oh sry for making u cry
      bt thanks for ur love and support
      posted schol luv waiting for them to upload
      will try to write more

  12. Osm yr i luvd ur os amazing u r a gud ritr luvly ridhima i luvd it

    1. Thanks yr
      thank u soo much

  13. wow..different storyline..great

  14. awesome ridhima shows her hidden talent

    loved it

    1. Thanks dr

  15. Awesome episode Ridhima….very good….keep it up

    1. Thanks dr

  16. It’s awesome os ridhima..u r very talented….your story line is also diffrent..good..

  17. thanks fiona and princess
    thanks alot

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