Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 7

Hello here comes the 7th chap…..thanku all for commenting liking disliking let’s move to the story:

Today’s chappy:

Next morning

Sanchi was alone in cafeteria Ria saw her nd came to her nd sat beside her

Ria:hi Sanchi

Sanchi:hi Ria…..thank God u came yrr I was getting so bore…..

Ria:Sanchi….ummm…..i wanted to ask u something……u consider me as ur friend na

Sanchi:ofcourse Ria but why u r asking this

Ria:Sanchi…..i wanted to ask u that is something is going on between u nd Kabir

Sanchi:no yrr there is nothing between us….but why u ask??

Ria:actually yesterday I saw u both together…..

Sanchi (interrupted):actually I was teasing him so he did that

Ria:that means nothing is going on between u two


Ria:thanku thanku….thanku yrr so much (she hugged her)now bye break time is over (she said breaking the hug)


Ria goes Sanchi looks on

like that 3 months passed nd Kanchi were coming extremely close but still they fight…..nd it was time for Veesha nd Satgya’s marriage nd today was haldi

Raj to the servants:is everything ready I don’t want any mistake

Kabir:bhai relax everything is perfect nd I am here na

Raj:usi baat ka to darr hai

Kabir:not fair (he said with a cute pouting face)

Raj:don’t do over acting come


Dia from behind:Raj plzz come here

Kabir:yaa yaa go to bhabhi after all she needs u

Raj:shut up (Raj goes)

Kabir recieved a call

He was talking on the phone nd from the other side Sanchi was coming with haldi powder both bumped nd the haldi powder spreaded all over

Sanchi was cleaning her clothes nd she cleans her scarf due to which the haldi on her scarf got on Kabir’s face

Kabir looked at her in disbelief

Kabir:what u did……can’t u see while walking

Sanchi:first of all can’t u just see I was coming but u………. do u have eyes or button???

Kabir:huh…….God can’t do such a big mistake with me…….surely the one with buttons instead of eyes will be u

Sanchi:very funny

Kabir:ofcourse it is



They both went in opposite direction

After sometime haldi started

Everyone applied haldi on them

After sometime it was time for mehndi

In sanchi’s room

Sanchi was selecting dress for herself

Sanchi to herself:this will be perfect I will wear this

Someone called Sanchi nd she went

Then a boy came who pours colour on Sanchi’s dress

Boy to himself:hahahaha… just wait nd watch

The boy went nd Sanchi came she saw her dress nd got shocked

Sanchi in mind:my dress……..who did this….yaa……i am sure Kabir is behind of all this…..i will not leave u

She went…..she was going in anger when she saw Kabir she went to him nd starts to shout on him

Sanchi:u idiot brainless stupid fool……why u did that

Kabir:what I  did

Sanchi: don’t be innocent….u know what I am talking about

Kabir: but I really don’t know

Sanchi: don’t u feel ashamed on urself saying this……idiotic….(Sanchi went)

Kabir to himself:yrr…..seriously this girl….why she always think that every mistake is done by me….but what happened

On the other side

Veer nd Pragya were laughing seeing all this

Pragya:yrr what  a plan…..everything is done  by u nd blame on  bhai

Veer:It was so much fun yrr……now just see……Kabir never say sorry about the mistake he never did…..nd Sanchi never forgive anyone easily …………so if Kabir say sorry to her that means he likes her….nd if Sanchi forgive him that means she also likes him

Pragya:yup…..but u spoiled her dress nd also Sanchi scolded him so much……ohh… bhai nd my future bhabhi

Veer:noutanki……now come we have to spy on them (they went)

While Sanchi was roaming around the house in anger nd Kabir was roaming behind her continuously saying something

Kabir:listen na……atleast tell me what I did

Sanchi:just go to ur way don’t come behind me

Kabir:no first tell me


Kabir:plzz yrr

Sanchi:I said no

Kabir:I am sorry

Sanchi stopped nd said

Sanchi:u wanted to listen na what u did come with me

They go nd Sanchi takes him to her room nd shows him the dress

Sanchi:u spoiled my dress

Kabir:I didn’t it

Sanchi:don’t lie

Kabir:I swear I didn’t

Sanchi:if u didn’t did it then who

They were thinking this when they heared sounds of laughter from the door they were of Pragya nd Veer Kabir nd Sanchi understood this nd looked at them

Pragya noticed this nd elbowed Veer he also stopped laughing nd they both found Kabir nd Sanchi giving them death glares they gulp in fear

Kabir nd Sanchi moved towards them

Kabir with a smile:oh my brother……what u did this is not fair na…..i think I should…..ahh wait a minute ok…..(Kabir called Isha nd Satish…..they came nd ask what happened)….so Veer I should tell Isha about Shivani Sakshi Ananya ri8

Veer pleaded him but he was not going to listen

Isha:who r these girls

Kabir: Veer didn’t told u about them…then with so much cheesy way he proposed Ananya nd gift beautiful makeup sets nd dresses to Shivani nd he take Sakshi to the shopping nd cinema at least 4 times in a week

Isha (angrily):What u have 3 girlfriends before me nd u said I am ur 1st love…..u proposed me in such childish style…..u never gift me anything….nd u take me to shopping nd cinema just 1 time in 2 weeks…..that means u don’ love me……huh (she goes)

Veer to Kabir:what u did….what if she breaks marriage with me…..nd if she tells it to Kailash uncle nd Kusum aunty they will kill me…..oh no

Veer goes behind Isha nd now Kabir turned to Pragya

Kabir:u know Satish my dear sis was very traditional she don’t had any boyfriends before u……except 4

Satish:u had 4 boyfriends before me…..don’t talk with me (Satish went Pragya also went behind him while Kabir nd Sanchi burst out in laughter nd give high-five to each other)

After sometime it was time for mehndi

All got ready

All enjoyed nd dances

Sanchi dances on Kala chashma

Isha dances on Drama-queen

Pragya dances on Cutie-pie

Jaya Kusum Savitri dances on Nachde ne saare

Veer was dancing on Khukada-kamal da but  Kabir changes it into Maar dala nd ask everyone to shout so that he will be forced to dance on that song nd Kabir sucessed nd poor Veer dances on Maar dala song making everyone burst out into laughter

Satish dances on Aa to sahi

Kabir dances on Gulaabo

Then All dances on Galla gooriyaan

After sometime all the elders nd other guests went….only gang were here

Chap 7 ends here………nd sorry if there r any mistakes…..i can’t repeat it after writing it…..bcz I am writing it 3rd time nd i am very tired… goes to my my dear joker cousin who is snatching mob from me nd spoiling everything??……ok leave it I am sure he is again going to do it…..if u like it then press the like button if don’t then dislike as well as comment… between

Lots of love to all??

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