Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 18

Hellooooo! so here is 18th chappy………thanks guys for commenting so now we should move to the plot without wasting much time

We saw/read that Kabir decided to propose Sanchi and Sanchi’s car fell from the cliff

Today’s chappy:

Veer told Kabir about Sanchi’s accident and he stood there like a statue

But then Isha came running

Isha:San……Sanchi came

Veer and Kabir ran there

They reached there and saw Sunil hugging Sanchi

Sanchi has gotten little injuries on her hands and head

Kabir felt relaxed seeing her he just wanted to go to her and hug her tightly

But first he wanted to know if Sanchi is here then why Veer said that her car falls from cliff

They made Sanchi sit on couch and gave her water

Pragya:Sanchi if u r here then why that man said me that u fell from cliff

Sanchi told them everything happened there

Sanchi:……..and then I was about to fall from the cliff but I jumped and then hide behind a large stone so luckily that man didn’t saw me he was the one to call Pragya but before that he was talking to a girl and I think she was the one who said him to kill me

Veer:but who was that girl

Sanchi:I don’t know

Isha:Sanchi come u have gotten injuries come I’ll treat it

Sunil:yeah beta go with Isha

They both went

After sometime:

Sanchi was alone…….Kabir came and hugged her tightly

Kabir:thank God u r fine I was so much scared I thought I’d lose u for forever

He said breaking the hug

Sanchi:u r here na then what will happen to me

They share an eyelock


Aliya was standing outside of the hospital with a man

Aliya:u stupid dumbo u can’t do a work properly can’t u just check that she died or not just came here seriously…….

Driver:ma’am I didn’t knew that she didn’t died

Aliya:u…………I’ll not leave u

She takes out a gun and points at the driver
Driver got scared and tried to run but she hit him with gun and then killed him

Someone was recording it he got shocked to see this

He ran from there and went to others

All were present there

Isha:Veer…….Veer what happen why r u so scared

(So yeah Veer saw Aliya saying all this to truck driver)


He shows them the video and all were shocked especially Kabir he was dumbstruck+extremely sad to see this but he handled himself

Veer:I already called police

Kabir:and I’ll call Aliya here

Isha:yeah call her fast

He called her and said her to come here and she went without thinking even once

When she reached there

Kabir held her by her shoulders angrily

Kabir:why u did all this……why the hell u tried to kill Sanchi and u even kill that driver

Aliya became shocked and tensed

Aliya:what r u saying Kabir? I can’t understand anything

Kabir:don’t try to be innocent tell why u did all this I thought u as my friend and u……what u did……. these r ur true colours

Aliya finally spoke out

Aliya:this is the only problem u just think me as ur friend but me…..I love u…..I love u madly…..I won’t let anyone to come in between us whether it is Sanchi or anyone else I don’t care

She takes out the gun and points at Sanchi but Kabir snatch it and till then Police also came and arrested Aliya but Kabir stops them

Kabir:did u killed Akash?


Sanchi:but why what he did?

Aliya:bcz he was not ready to help me

Kabir:inspector plz take her I don’t want to see her face

Police takes her all looks on

So Aliya’s role also ended now just proposing scene is left and then this ff will end…..hope u all like it?

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