Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 17

Hiiiiiiiii! Here is 17th chap thanks all for commenting

We saw/read that Aliya tried to kill Sanchi but failed

Today’s chap:

Kabir was in his cabin lost in some thoughts

Kabir:I should really propose Sanchi now I can’t hide my feelings any more yeah I’ll propose her soon

While Sanchi was with Isha and Pragya

Isha:yrrr go and tell Kabir that u love him

Pragya:yeah or else he will be of someone’s else


Pragya:ok ok sorry but  yrr seriously u have to tell him

Isha:yes…….and don’t worry we have seen love in his eyes for u

Sanchi blushed

Pragya elbowed her

Pragya:wowwwwwww Sanchi is blushing not bad

Sanchi:u both go to ur work and let me do my work

She went

Isha:here we r trying to help her and she………always work work work…..

Pragya:we have to do something

Isha:but what…..

Pragya:we’ll decide it later but for now come let’s do our work

They also went

At night:

Aliya was waiting outside of hospital for Sanchi to come

She went to a guard and asks him about Sanchi

Aliya:hello can u tell me which is Sanchi’s car

Guard:ma’am it is Sanchi ma’am’s car

He said pointing towards a car


Aliya:thank God today she came in her car

After sometime

Sanchi came out of hospital and sat in the car to go to hostel

She was driving when she noticed that a truck was following her

She got scared and started to drive fast

Truck driver hits her but fortunately nothing happened to her then the triver hits her hard and her car falls from the cliff

Then truck driver calls Aliya

Driver:ma’am ur work is done

Aliya:good now listen I’ll send u someone’s number tell her that Sanchi’s car falls from the cliff and yaa if she asks u how u got to know about it then just say that u saw her car falling from the cliff and u got her phone and ID card

Driver:ok ma’am


She sends him Pragya’s number as she doesn’t have Sanchi’s family’s number

Then Driver called Pragya and told her about Sanchi

Phone falls from her hand

She told about this to all and all got shocked to hear this all were crying

Veer came running to Kabir’s cabin

Veer (sobbing):Kabir……Sa…..San…..Sanchi

Kabir stood up

Kabir:what happen to Sanchi

Veer:San……Sanchi’s caa….car falls….fro…..from cli…..cliff

Kabir stood there like a statue

That’s all for today guys my eyes r burning so can’t write more



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