Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 16

Hello! Sorry for my irregularity while being on vacations? and when it comes to write my article I am too lazy for that but I’ll try to post regularly and thanks to all of u for commenting and liking/disliking so now let’s attack onto the story?

We saw/read that place got on fire bcz of Aliya and Kabir and Sanchi became unconscious then  Sanchi gets her conscious but Kabir didn’t Doctor said he will wake up in 1/2 hours

Today’s chap:

1 hour passed:

Kusum was still there waiting for him to wake up……soon a wide smile made it’s way to Kusum’s face when Kabir opened his eyes
Kusum called others and everyone came at once

Raj helped him to sit

He saw Sanchi and sighed in relief that she was completely fine

Kusum kissed his forehead

Kusum:thank God u opened ur eyes I was so scared

Kabir:what mom I am perfectly fine

Raj:We can see how much fine u r

Kabir:bhai…………..hey wait wait how that place caught into the fire?

Aliya became tensed

Aliya (in mind):oh God what if someone had seen me Kabir will never be mine

Dia:may be it happened by mistake


Sunil:ok so now we should go to our homes everyone must be tired


They all left to their homes and in all that Sanchi was not able to talk to Kabir so she thought to talk to him after he reaches his home

When all reach their homes……Sanchi was in her room and thinking what to do

Sanchi:should I call him what he had already slept I’ll msg him if he replied then I’ll call him

On phone:

Sanchi messaged him

Sanchi (on msg):Kabir r u asleep plz reply

Kabir read her msg and laughed

Kabir (on msg):no I am asleep I can’t reply

Sanchi (on msg):is this time of jokes Kabir

Kabir (on msg):r u serious if I had already slept then how will I be able to reply?

Sanchi (on msg):ok ok I am calling u now

She called him and he picked it at once

Sanchi (on call):r u alright

Kabirto  (on call):yeah what will happen to me

Sanchi (on call):Kabir why u came in that fire bcz of me

Kabir (on call):Ahh…….bcz……..

Sanchi (on call):bcz……..

Kabir (on call):bczzzzzzz……..I am a doctor na

She rolled her eyes on his this statement

Someone called Sanchi

Sanchi (on call):ok now bye and take care of urself ok

Kabir (on call):as u say ma’am

Sanchi (on call):ok good night

Kabir (on call):good night sweet heart

Sanchi (on call):what

Kabir (on call):ahhh..good night

Kabir cut the call

Both smiled broadly


Aliya was drinking wine suddenly she throws the glass which was in her hand

Aliya (shouted):no Kabir is mine only mine…..any Sanchi can’t come in between us……I won’t……I won’t let Sanchi to take my Kabir……he is mine…..

She thought something

Aliya:I promise Sanchi tomorrow will be ur last day…..last day so countdown begins u tried to snatch my Kabir from me na now just wait and watch how I’ll snatch ur life

Aliya smirked

Next morning:

Kabir was feeling restless like something bad   gonna happen but was unable to understand what so he ignores it and continued his work

After sometime

He thought to roam around the hospital so he went

When he was passing by children’s ward he saw Sanchi playing with the kids…….she was looking very beautiful today and he was lost in her

Sanchi saw this and blushed

Child 1:di why ur cheeks turned red?

Child 2:and why r u smiling di?

Sanchi:nothing kids now go it’s time to rest so go and take rest

Children:ok didi

Kabir also came out of his dream land he smiled to himself and went

Aliya saw this from a corner and fumes

Then Sanchi went into cafeteria and ordered a coffee

Aliya sighed the waiter and he nodded
He added powder in coffee which was poison and gave it to Sanchi

She was about to drink it but a nurse called her for emergency and she went keeping the coffee mug aside

Aliya saw this and fumes again

Aliya:ur luck is with u Sanchi or else till now u’d have not been alive

Hope u all like it??

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