Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 1

Hi guys I am back with 1st chappy of this ff thanku all for ur support

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So let’s move to the story:

A man was seen sitting in his car driving but suddenly the car stopped nd came out of the car

(M for Man)

M-Now what happened to this car I should check…….oh God!puncture these things have to happened with me nd on this time now how I will go to hospital……if I will call another car it will take time i have to go in a taxi


Guess the man ofcourse u gussed right he is our Kabir Kapoor


At an unknown place:

A girl was seen murmmering

(G for girl)

G-wow 1st day at hospital nd my lucky car is out for washing don’t dad knows that I don’t go any where without my car ok now relax Sanchi u should take a taxi (yaa guys she is Sanchi)

Now let’s see what Kabir is doing:

Poor Kabir he is finding a taxi nd no taxi is going to stop

Kabir-there it is……..ummm hello can u take me to Savitri Devi college nd hospital

Taxi driver-yaa sure sir sit

Before Kabir sits in the taxi  Sanchi came nd was about to sit but before that hit herself with taxi on head nd all her stuff which was in the purse fall in taxi she collected her stuff

Kabir-oh hello miss why r u sitting in this taxi

Sanchi looked at him nd replied-bcz I have to go somewhere now happy now let me go

Kabir-I saw this taxi first even ask driver but u….u don’t even ask the driver so basically I am going to sit in this taxi

Sanchi has no answer  After thinking alot Sanchi turns to the driver nd-Sanchi (over acting)-Bhayia I am getting late won’t u drop a sweet cute girl see my face won’t u saw innocence in my eyes


Kabir interrupted-first of all stop this acting nd second let me go third u r not at all innocent

Sanchi-see mister…..

Kabir again interrupted-stop nd leave

Sanchi-fine I am going after all which idiot will want to be here

Nd leaves Kabir thinks-So much attitude I hope the interns who r coming today don’t have that attitude nd sat in the car he saw a phone take it nd goes into a flashback:

While Sanchi was collecting her stuff she forgot to take phone

End of flash back:

Kabir-Oh so this is the phone of Miss Pek Pek (Sanchi)

Kabir goes behind her


To be continued……

that’s all for today I can’t write more bcz I am too tired nd no precap bcz my mind always change

Bye take care all


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