love don’t need introduction OS Part 2


hi I’m IREENA as u all told me to complete it n make it as a happy ending so for them who commented I’m doing actually it was not a part of my os bit for u all I’m wroting this

Sanky’s POV

ohh god ahe loves me really i can’t believe this ahe also loved me n ahe wants to be with me forever if ahe lives wait wait “if she lives”no no nothing will happen to her i cant lose her no i cant i should find her out but how

as he was talking to himself some one shouts his name from backside

Man:hey sanky where are u lost

S:he turns n said Raj (his friend)

R:yess lets leave

S:no i cant

R:what happen sanky he tells him every thing

raj gets shock n says

R:u both love eachother without knowing

S: i want to gind about her

R:do u really dont know anything about her


R:ur impossible lets ask about her

they goes to everyone n tries to get her information but nothing found just then a man told them all the injureds are talen to CITY Hospital they ruahes to the hoapital
n goes to reception

S:mam do u have any info about taday’s incident happened at the bridge

Re:oh I’m sorry sir but i didn’t know but sir all the patient are kept in the general ward


they went their but didn’t find her sanky bent on his knees raj consoles her but of no use jist then someone called him he turns


M:I’m swara’s father so u came to meet her

S:how is she n how do u know me

K:she told me when she was half conscious she told me that u will come i was confused bit when i saw u i understood n she was right

S:can i meer her


they leave to ICU

shona’s dad ask sanky to go inside
he goes n sees swara lying on the bed he airs beside her

S:swara open ur eyes plz u cant leve me like this u have to come back saying this he starts crying
then he feels a hand on her hand he looks up n saw swara was smiling at him

Sw:hey why r u crying

S: u made me cry can’t u take care of ur self

Sw:why should i when ur there for me

S:shut up now take rest

Sw:wht no i want to tlk to u

S:ok but first asleep


S:no but wut u have to meana u have to

Sw:okk but u be here dont go anywhere


swara sleep holding his hand

Sw:peomise me u will be like this only

S:but on one condirion


S:: u should be with me forever

Sw: no but i wont

S:really then i should leave

Sw:no no i was just joking

S:me too n they both laugh


a girl of 16 yrs closed the diary n days”wow so cute but who are they lets ask mom n dad”

she goes downstairs n greets tjeir patents tells them about the story n ask them who were they her parents look at each other n smiles n says it’s the story of their friend

G:wow they are so cute couple mom did they got marrird

“ya”said her mom. “n they also had a daughter like u “said her dad

G:oh wow use apne parents pe kitna proud ho raha hoga na

her patents smiles n says ya ya now go n get ready girl leaves

her father came to his mother n says “should i tell her who are they



n both smiles

in upstairs the girl saw this n smiles n thinks “they thought if they will not tell me to kya mujhe pata nahi chalega kya yeh dono yehi hain”n leaves


plz comment n sorry for mistakes

Credit to: IREENA

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