LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 9)

The episode starts with sachin beating the guards red and blue and asking the who are you why are you following
Guards:we are just following you by the oder given by our boss
sachin:who is your boss
Sachin:Rahul goenka?

SACHIN ENTERED GOENKA HOUES IN ANGER what the hell you pepole are thinking about me if you hide icannt find anything
Rahul:(confused) what happened beta in mind has he found i am his dad
sachin:plz dont act why are guards following me?
all goenkas felt a relif

shlok:beta actualy you helped us in recuing kajal what if the persons who kidnap kajal track you its just for your safety
sachin:i am a cid officer and i can take care of myself and plz plz keep your blo*dy guards out my sight i dont want anybody to follow me sachin left there after sachin left rahul gives the money for the guards for the treatment they told him about sachin having icecream in rain hearing this rahul went to his room and looks at annaya photo and said i thought sachin is like me but he is a combination you and me

Rahul:are you mad annaya who will have icecream in this rain?

Annaya:i will have
rahul:i will not take you the hospital if you got fever tomorrow
annaya:i will not get fever
rahul:lets see
annaya:lets see


Rahul:you didn’t get fever that day i still remeber that tomorrow i am going to our daughter sasural houes first time i am going to meet our daughter i am so excited
scene shift to oberio mansion
sachin brings sahil to oberio mansion rudra who is the garden comes there seeing sahil he pick sahil in his arms and gives a hifi to him how are you my buddy?
sahil:i am fine

pinky scolds anika which was seen by rahul

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