LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 8)


Guys if you guesed it as shivya your right he is shivay
Shivay:Hai shail
sahil:hai sso
shivya:so finaly your exam got overed your coming home
sahil:ya we have started now
shivya:ok come soon your patner in crime rudra is waiting for you see you soon
saying this he gives the photo anika and says i have a meeting i have to go saying this he kisses her forehead and goes
anika:come soon sahil bye
sahil:bye bhaiya they are asking me to come soon
sachin:uhh going come soon is not my habit
sahil: mine to saying this the brother did a hifi

sachin notice 2 person following them he ignored it and take sahil with him they saw a park on the went inside and played there they photos sachinbagain notice the same 2 person there and left place with sahil suddenly it is started to rain
sachin:sahil do you remeber what we had in last rain?
sahil:ice creammm
sachin:there is an icecream palour i will get icecream for us what icecream you want?
sahil:mmh choclate cone
sachin bought the icecreams and they 2 enjoy it by getting weting in the rain
sahil:bhai what will sso will do when he comes to know that we both ate icecrem in rain?
sachin:huhh may be we should hide this from if we gets to know he wont allow me to pick you next time
sahil:ya right lets keep it us secret
sachin sees the same 2 person follwing them and immediatly left the place
the guards missied sachin and wonder where he would have gone suddenly sachin punch of the guard and started beat them and ask who are they why are they both following him


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